Official 1.2 Update Issues on Console: Patch Update Thread #3

Discussion in 'Console' started by 505Games, May 8, 2014.

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  1. 505Games

    505Games 505Games

    Hi Everyone!

    To keep everyone posted on the patch status:

    We have encountered 2 bugs in the patch at the last inch of the last mile this week. These issues have been confirmed as what's called a "non-issue" but unfortunately we are unable to make the submission window this week. However, since those issues were the only remaining holds, we are all set to go back into certification/submission towards the end of next week (the next available window).

    We should have patch notes for you all to dig through next week and there will be a new post made with that info here in the community.

    Thanks for being patient! :)
  2. Ajaxezz

    Ajaxezz Angel Statue

    Awesome news! I really appreciate keeping us informed and doing the best you can to make sure we get the best update for my favorite game....
  3. Shazak

    Shazak Angel Statue

    Veeeeerrry good news! Terraria is also my favorite game on my PS Vita (I could never get into it on PC). I can't wait to cruise through the patch notes! Do you have any news on Pixel Piracy on Mobiles/PS Vita?
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  4. TerraFE7

    TerraFE7 Green Slime

    Thank you very much.
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  5. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    Appreciate the update - unexpected things happen sometimes...but the transparency is great.

    For those pondering their reactions - remember the weatherman. ;)
  6. lesnor

    lesnor Demon Eye

    That sucks man
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  7. Spectre1

    Spectre1 Mouse

    5th and awesome thanks 505 much appreciated
  8. nNoble44

    nNoble44 Angel Statue

    As much of a bummer this is, it's awesome that you keep us updated so we're not just hanging around twiddling our thumbs lol. Thanks for the update! Totally understandable!
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  9. Cephalectomy

    Cephalectomy Mouse

    Wow.... So we have to wait more than a week still.... "honestly more than 2 weeks...." come the eff on now this is ridiculous.
  10. Mataeus

    Mataeus Mouse

    Happy to wait :)
  11. ZeroJinKui

    ZeroJinKui Snatcher

    i will gladly wait if it means you guys can get the game working as intended.
  12. Thibbs

    Thibbs Mouse

    Let's hope the patch is approved first time, otherwise it will be another month waiting...
  13. PrivateMufasa

    PrivateMufasa Zombie

    Not going to lie, I am a little disappointed it's going to take until next week before you can submit it for certification again but these things happen, not everything goes according to plan. I know your doing your best. Thank you for the update, appreciate you keeping us in the loop rather then out in the cold. Good job 505, as always :)
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  14. Whatofit PS3

    Whatofit PS3 Corruptor

    Good another week before 505 deletes more of our worlds.
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  15. PrivateMufasa

    PrivateMufasa Zombie

    Deletes more worlds? What are you talking about? This is a patch to potentially fix the broken worlds and hopefully, if not all of the bugs that came out with the 1.2 release. It's not an update, it's a PATCH.
  16. Chaos_Lord

    Chaos_Lord Giant Worm

    At least it's getting closer to when the patch finally arrives even if it's a bit delayed. While I wait for it to finally arrive, now that I got Ocram's Trophy (The last boss trophy until the patch arrives so I can get the following remaining ones: Wall of Flesh, Plantera, Pumpking, and Mourning Wood) I can try to get the Nectar item from Queen Bee while I make a temporary housing for the Steampunker in the Frost Armor world so I can get the Purple Solution for my new Clentiminator. Once the patch arrives, I'm going to make a world that's half corruption, half crimson, with the Hallow being on the Floating Islands only. ;)
  17. coned

    coned Cursed Man

    i get the appreciation of keeping us informed, it's nice they are letting us know whats happening. BUT! this is def not "good/awesome" news. what's good about another couple weeks of basically unplayable terraria?! again it's nice that we're "in the know" but this is so far from GOOD news. :|
  18. Stikasasn

    Stikasasn Cursed Man

    Hey, did you fix the all NPC's dialogs to reflect the changes in the game? I noticed the guide told me to do things that are done differently now. I can't remember exactly what it was now, sorry.
  19. stevensonS89

    stevensonS89 Snatcher

    So hold up.. let me see if I understand this correctly... It can't be submitted till next week, which means they're gonna test it and then maybe it will be ready the week after that? Sorry, guess that info didn't make complete sense to me.

    Anyway thanks for keeping us updated and doing your best to fix all the glitches and bugs to the best of your ability. While its a little disappointing it sounds like it'll be a while yet, I'm fine with that. I just hope the patch works as intended and fixes most of the issues.
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  20. Good job guys!! :D
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