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Discussion in 'Console' started by 505Games, Mar 18, 2013.

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  1. 505Games

    505Games 505Games

    Hi everyone,

    To start the week - we're kicking off the producer Q&A!

    Dig out your questions - you have just 24 hours to submit them directly to the producer of the console version of Terraria.

    This thread will be locked at 12:00 GMT/7:00 EDT on Tuesday 19th March, the questions will then be sent over to the producer and answers will be posted on Wednesday.

    We will do our absolute most to ensure as many questions are answered. To help us get through the questions, please just use this thread for submitting your questions and not for discussion.

    The status of the release date is that we are in the submission process with Sony and Microsoft, and although we can't give you an exact release date until we are out of the process, we hope it will be very soon. As soon as we can update you with more info, we will, and you'll be among the first people to know.

    Thanks everyone - looking forward to receiving your questions.


    Please see my posts linked below for some guidelines on what you should and should not post in this thread. Cheers!

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  2. PowerCosmic

    PowerCosmic Werewolf

    What's the grand total of changes being made to the console port from the current PC version? As in; number of new enemies, items, gameplay changes, etc - all together?
  3. DrStix

    DrStix Green Slime

    When will Terraria be available for mac?
  4. Simon Pertikov

    Simon Pertikov Cursed Man

    This has already been attempted and it didn't turn out well refer to Redigits thread for PC update news, he said a mac port might come n future but it isn't being worked on currently.
  5. benjabby

    benjabby Cave Bat

    Will all changes added to the console ports be added to the PC version? (apologies if this has already been answered)
  6. ashfs454

    ashfs454 Green Slime

    Will it be availible for the ps vita or cross platform?
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  7. Kaorul

    Kaorul Green Slime

    I know terraria will be released on PSN, but will i be able to download and play it on the PS Vita?
  8. Simon Pertikov

    Simon Pertikov Cursed Man

  9. ~Stormcrow~

    ~Stormcrow~ Green Slime

    Will the resolution be decreased for Terraria to run on consoles? Some of the preview videos contain zoomed in views with larger scale, not sure if that is final gameplay or just marketing. Thanks for the clarification.
  10. hothitsu

    hothitsu Green Slime

    What were the biggest hurdles when bringing Terraria over to the consoles?
    What is your favourite weapon in the game?:)
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  11. Young_ELk

    Young_ELk Green Slime

    What's the most innovative change you've made to the game?
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  12. Gamekrayz

    Gamekrayz Green Slime

    Can the purchasers of the console version of Terraria expect future updates/expansions to the game adding new content after the initial release? If yes, will these updates/expansions be free of charge, or require additional transactions?
  13. alibulala

    alibulala Squirrel

    will you ever add fire that actualy burns wood and destroies buildings and materials that are flamabel, ''like in minecraft'' ?????? :)
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  14. Outsdr

    Outsdr Green Slime

    What is the best way to make suggestions or requests for items or game changes (I'd love to see colored glass blocks!)?

    Is there any hope for a colorblind option for the game?
  15. Glutenfree1

    Glutenfree1 Green Slime

    Why would you suddenly stop making an amazing game? Also if we link our terraria account, can we get it for free on the console?
  16. OsirusRising

    OsirusRising Green Slime

    When will it be out on Xbox?
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  17. BNPeanuts

    BNPeanuts Green Slime

    Is a PSVita version coming? (Crossplay and online would be a bonus)
  18. Dutchbest

    Dutchbest Green Slime

    Will there be more biomes? and will there be a larger dungeon with more enemys?
  19. WhoAreYou

    WhoAreYou Green Slime

    Why does Terraria suck and why is Minecraft better in every single way?
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  20. Dutchbest

    Dutchbest Green Slime

    Will the enemy spawn rate be decreased? and Will there be a mode like peacefull and that you can change the difficulty in one click?
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