PvP 2Dforts! Interim Building Contests! (24/7 Public Server, PvP, Build, Exploration, Ranking)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Servers' started by Alerek, Nov 2, 2013.

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  1. iMoro

    iMoro Snatcher

    wow 2much posts this lags me so much i think TO will explode
  2. drewman

    drewman Snatcher

    I'm making a band with 2dforts players, so far its Parry on keyboard, Varler on the bass and Thing drumming, who else should play?
  3. Trucider

    Trucider Giant Worm

    As if Terraria wasn't broken already. These patches are amusing.
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  4. Varler

    Varler Flying Fish

    Bro on vocals.
  5. Thing

    Thing Hell Bat

    Johuan on the triangle.
  6. DasKabuscus

    DasKabuscus Floaty Gross

    Dyna on the harmonica.
  7. Chicken Pie

    Chicken Pie Crimera

    Chicken Pie on the mayonnaise! ...It is an instrument, right?
  8. Minion

    Minion Penguin

    Dibs on backup vocals. It'll mainly consist of me screaming FUCK over and over again, but that's the general point.

    That's called the rag, CP.
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  9. Red Wave

    Red Wave Crimera

    Basic summary of Terraria 1.2.2: Welp, there goes PvP.

    Razorpine is basically a non-bouncy Crystal Storm, Chain Gun is S.D.M.G. but faster, and the Blizzard Staff is OP in open areas. Plus, Blizzard Staff you can not only spam but you can aim ANYWHERE.
  10. drewman

    drewman Snatcher

    ok so far we have
    me on keys
    varler on bass
    thing on drums
    bro on vocals
    johuan on triangle
    dyna on harmonica
    chicken pie on "the rag"
    and minon on backup vocals
  11. Danorpx

    Danorpx Voodoo Demon

    They're for the Frostmoon, that's why they're that OP.
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  12. DasKabuscus

    DasKabuscus Floaty Gross

    Bare in mind that:

    1. These weapons weren't mean't to be PvP balanced. The Terraria PvP community is a very small one, and Red isn't going to drastically change the game just to conform to our wants.
    2. A PvP-balancing update was promised in the future. Whether or not Red will be doing that update is the question, but our lives will certainly get easier then.
    3. Even with all of these over-powered weapons, a lot of people are still struggling to complete the event that the weapons originate from. Additionally, the weapons in future updates are going to make our current weapons seem very underwhelming in comparison.
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  13. Trucider

    Trucider Giant Worm

    Please link me to the source where a PvP patch is promised.

    But eh, Terraria is dead regardless.
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  14. hellow27

    hellow27 Eskimo Zombie

    YES FINALLY VINDICATION!!!!! Thanks Trucider for helping me fix my UUID glitch! I can join once more!! I will immediately begin rangering ALL the people!! with PvP on...Also, what's the rank to build right now? I noticed plorts are remarkably easier to get, you seem to need less of them, and killing mobs is now a option to rank up within a reasonable amount of time, which is nice because organised matches are still a bit glitchy and incomplete at this point it seems...
    Terraria endured almost 2 years with no hope of an update, and with red announceing a sequal and tAPI blowing tConfig out of the water, it will likely continue to persist longer then it did with tConfig, which could have kept it going for >= 4 more months at least by itself...

    Edit: On trying to login it said my UUID didn't match my char, time to start farming plorts again...
  15. DarkSide

    DarkSide Yellow Slime

    That may be, but you forgot one vital detail... Starbound. When the beta's over/the game becomes more stable, Starbound will kick Terraria's ass to the end of time and back. Sure, endgame Starbound's boring right now (2-shotting most things on T10 planets with a hammer), but I have faith in the devs. It'll get better as time goes on.

    Why am I not surprised? I quit Terraria a nice while ago, and am not planning on getting back into it. This was one of the main reasons why I stopped... but I've already reached endgame SB, so now there's nothing going on... (If Tiy could hurry up with another boss addition, at least there would be something to do.)
  16. hellow27

    hellow27 Eskimo Zombie

    Yeah endgame starbound sucks, I actually went back to terraria because at least PvP is fun and the weapons are all unique, starbounds random generation can't make unique weapons, just ones with different textures and stats, making it a hollow, uninteresting feature. Also, have you noticed how every update "breaks" PvP, and then eventually people pull their heads out of their asses, and learn how to counter the new stuff, and it ends up balanced again. Additionally, starbound has currently 1/15th the audience terraria does, but it seems like every single one decided to make a pointless stupid mod because that's all I can find on the mod forums there, at least tConfig had a bit of a skill barrier to stop most of the stupid mods...
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  17. Danorpx

    Danorpx Voodoo Demon

    You told me that there would be one haha.
    You guys are already waiting for another patch, I wonder how much until you get bored. :p
  18. DarkSide

    DarkSide Yellow Slime

    Starbound's still in Beta, I wouldn't make assumptions like that right now. There might be something along the lines of mix-match kinda deal somewhere along the line. No guarantees, though. And, really, Terraria's weapons are nothing special, either (static weapons). But I'm talking about the GAMEPLAY, the CORE of FUNNESS in a game. I don't give a crap about graphics... as long as there are work-able graphics, anyway.
    You think I haven't noticed that? Sure, there are counters for them, but that's usually gonna be another OP weapon. And, honestly, nobody likes getting 2-3shotted/spammed in the face by weapons that use no skill. If you've been in PvP as long as I have, you would know how I (And many others) feel.
    I tried some modifications, but that was ages ago. Never really liked them. That's why I never mentioned it.
  19. DasKabuscus

    DasKabuscus Floaty Gross

    So, Terraria is "dead". Starbound is much like Terraria in the sense that even with the levels of randomization that Starbound has over Terraria, eventually it too will get boring and "die". This is the nature of games, and it is nigh-unavoidable. Only very rarely do you come across a game that can retain its entertainment value time and time again. This isn't a complete farewell to Terraria, however, because when Starbound "dies", where will we go? Hopefully Terraria will have changed enough and will be fresh enough to where it'll be just like the beginning of 1.1 again, where everyone was freaking out and constantly on the server.

    From my experience in watching people play Starbound (haven't gotten it yet because I'm a scrub), it seems like that the early-game is very similar to Terraria's early-game where you're just hunting for ores and materials and you can't really explore anything dangerous, and man is that fucking boring. Haven't watched any late-game stuff yet, but hopefully it'll be a lot more exciting.
    I recall that YOU were the one that asked Redigit if a patch to balance PvP was planned, and he confirmed that it was going to happen.
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  20. DarkSide

    DarkSide Yellow Slime

    Isn't E-game in most (if not all) games like this boring? That's the one thing you cannot avoid: the slow, boring process of E-game. Early tiers in Starbound are much like those in Terraria, armors and all that, and painfully slow. Then it gets faster later on.

    Late-game Starbound, however, is FAR different than Terraria's. For one, there's still the opportunity to find some neat new weaponry (and I'm talking after acquiring the highest-tiered stuff), Terraria, not so much. PvP's a different story, however. Late-game in Terraria has very shit PvP. Honestly, 2-4shotting someone's infuriating/annoying as hell. However, late-game Starbound (as of S1Beta) allows you to 1-shot someone. Seriously. Even in Impervium armor one could not block a 1-hit kill (Maybe with shields, but that's besides the point.) And some weapons can damage players outside of PvP. Apparently you need more than 500 HP and defense to stop an impervium hammer, with 4000Dmg/swing (Enough for a "wat."). Then again, it's still beta, gotta expect things like that. It'll be fixed... PvE's fine though (even though you 1-2shot mobs with that Impervium hammer of yours)...

    ...Did I just ramble my head off? ...Yep, I did.
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