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  1. Alerek

    Alerek Arapaima


    • The universe beyond 2Dforts! has been discovered!
    2Dforts! Universe Initial Map (open)
    • New Plortsmouth has been raided by the Space Pirate Brigade and now lies in ruins...
    • A group of people who managed to escape before the attack have returned, and established a new colony better suited for the recently discovered universe! They brought along a few of the old arenas from v15, as well as some of the fun distractions it held.
    • Among this group we found a new resident plugin developer, Snirk, who is making fun, new things, exclusive to 2Dforts!
    • Telepads have been built to better facilitate travel to different sectors; However, they use up most of the world's energy, and as such, "/warp", "/tp", etc no longer function properly.
    What the Telepads look like~ (open)
    • Across the universe, there are 3 main space stations; Sigma (Σ), Delta (Δ), & Omega (Ω). The Sigma sector stores fun things, and other non-pvp oriented stuff. Delta is intended for player housing development. Omega contains arenas, and other pvp games.
    Space Station Reference (open)
    • An Item Depot has been built and is fully stocked with the majority of items found in Terraria.
    • The settlers also brought along Pac-Map, by H[R]G! It's currently set up for Capture-The-Gem. Use /pacmap to see the CTG rules list!
    • Formerly Town2, TownDeux has been semi-reconstructed! This player built & operated town can be accessed via a telepad located in the initial dungeon decent.
    • A new rank is now attainable, 2D-Hero! Heroes are able to draw upon their own energy reserves to /warp throughout the universe!
    • Many behind-the-scenes technical advancements have been made. As such, things work a but more as intended then in previous releases.

    Tournament Info (open)

    Tournament Rules / Information (open)

    • The tournament will be held single-elimination style, with eight teams of four players each.
    • Standard Class Wars rules apply (See signs in CW Lobby for details.)
    • All participants should familiarize themselves with the rules prior to the tournament date.
    • Everyone on a given team must be present for that team to compete.
    • Teams names / Team rosters & the bracket match-ups will be revealed one week prior to the tournament.
    • If you are signed up for the tournament and cannot compete, please notify Al or Chicken asap.
    • Plort prize packages will be awarded to the top 3 teams. Prizes will be determined & posted at a later date.

    Tournament Bracket (open)


    Teams & Players (open)

    Please let me know what you would like to name your teams, and I will note them in this list.
    • Warriors of the Void - Tomi, Jack, John, Delta Ray
    • The Void - Chicken Pie, Red Wave, Kabuscus, Crazyyy, The/Guy
    • Mage Rage - GEQ, Snakerism, Fire Mage, Stereo
    • Bloodbath and Beyond - Stephen, Muramasa , Varler, The Doctor
    • Demonic Potatoes - Jrmcjr, Andytheta, Darkside, Quartz
    • Knuckle-Dragging Chuckle-Fucks - Lucifer, Nannerpus, Squishie, Aelwin
    • Project Winner - Dany, Project Sharp, Ethan, Paul
    • 2D-Terrarians - Cake, Multi, Thing, Antonio

    Additional Players (For fill-ins & extra teams) (open)


    Tourney Date Vote Results (open)


    2Dforts! Universe Pre-FAQ (open)

    Q: Can I be a moderator?
    A: The moderator application can be found here.

    Q: Where is the old map?
    A: Somewhere else, where it belongs. It was horrifically corrupted, some parts of which are totally unrecoverable. The new map is free of those issues, and not only allows us to finally update software, but ensures we'll be able to continually, as new software is released.

    Q: Why didn't my PvP arena make it into the new map?
    A: It may have been corrupt, it might have been built too late...There are various reasons. I may still add in arenas from v15 (where possible,) but I cannot make any promises, as a lot of things being "stuck" in the old map are beyond my control.

    Q: Why can't I /warp anymore?
    A: /warp, /tp, and /tppos are being used far too frequently, and in many cases, abused to hell & back. By removing /tp, and moving /warp to the highest ranks (and donors,) I will be able to ensure they are used very infrequently, and for legitimate purposes. This will save the servers CPU's insane amounts of work, and things will run smoother for everyone.

    Q: What happened to the plort shops?
    A: They were rendered obsolete, mainly by the Item Depot.

    Q: Al, you've always harped on not begging for items, not spawning items for people, and playing the game to get your own stuff, legitimately. What gives with the Item Depot?
    A: We're at a crossroads. Many people are leaving Terraria, due to the announcement that it basically won't be updated anymore. At this point, I feel like I can safely say that most of the people who will be playing the game, and more relevant, playing on 2Dforts!, have played through single player several times, and experienced most of what Terraria has to offer. We have always been here to focus on the possibilities with Player-v-Player combat. Removing the need to exit the game, or leave the server to re-equip by whatever means you choose will save everyone time, and get them into the matches quicker.

    Q: Why can't I join with (insert item name here)?
    A: Old-school item bans are back, and will prevent you from joining if your character is currently in possession of an item found on the banned item list. You will need to remove or bank the items in question to join the server.

    Q: A planetoid map? Seriously?
    A: Yep. I've always been a huge fan of Bezerker66's (>.< my bad lol) Berserker66's Omnitool, but wanted to do something more than just a world full of planetoids. v16 has the best of both worlds, and a fun, unique new feel to it that none of the previous 2Dforts! releases have accomplished.

    Q: What was fixed/broken with the update?
    A: Our testing indicated we should have far less issues with PvP plort gains, and the amounts per pvp kill have been adjusted. Continued refinement of PvP plort amounts may occur. The ability for players to pay each other plorts is temporarily disabled, and giving plorts will require both an admin, and a damned good reason for the transfer.

    Non-Q: This is dumb dude, seriously. I quit.
    Response: Have fun!

    2Dforts! Universe Banned Item List (open)

    • Flamethrower, Rainbow Rod, Star Cannon - PvP balancing.
    • Mana Flower, & All 4 Mana Potion flavors - Testing out Mage balancing.
    • Hallowed Repeater & Megashark - Ranger balancing.
    • Archery, Gravitation, Invisibility, Obsidian Skin, Water Walking potions - More PvP balancing.
    • Light Disc - Still more balancing, to prevent exploits.
    • Things that move liquid - Protection.
    • Things that make other things go boom - More protection.
    • Things that spawn monsters - Prevent plort farming. We are mainly a PvP Server!!!
    • Guide Voodoo Doll - To keep him safe <3
    Banned Buffs (Having these active will disable your character, right-click the buff to remove it.)
    • Invisibility
    • Gravitation
    • Mana Regeneration
    • Pet Rabbit

    2Dforts! proudly hosts with Tshock, C³ mod, EPRS, among M A N Y other plugins!

    Promote 2Dforts! (If you want to! Add the code in the box to your sig, or...wherever!)

    Previous Threads:

    100% of donations go to Server Hardware Upgrades!
    Contributors of $10 or more rank up twice as fast, have many extra commands, reserved slot access, and more!
  2. Squishie

    Squishie World Feeder



    Available Classes:

    Mage Archetype:

    Fire Mage - Low mana, uses Flower of Fire, Glass Cannon, nuff said
    Arcane Mage - Average mana, uses Magic Missile, Great for mid-field support and sniping at long range
    Aqua Mage - Lots of mana, uses Aqua Scepter, Front-lines fighter with great juggling abilities
    Astromancer - Gobs of mana, uses Starfury and Star Cloak, Mid-field Battlemage with a nasty cosmic kickback
    Cursed Mage - Low mana, uses Cursed Flames - Defensive style mage that can set enemies ablaze with bouncing fireballs
    Demonic Mage - Average mana, uses Demon Scythe - Great for base protection and clearing entire rooms due to the scythe's multi-hit abilities.

    Warrior Archetype:

    Assassin - Uses Grappling Hook, Poison Knives and Spiky Balls - Great mid-range fighter that can leave nasty presents behind.
    Ninja - Uses Muramasa, Shuriken and Movement boosting accessories - Highly agile melee fighter with minor ranged abilities.
    Templar - Uses Dark Lance and Cobalt Shield, high health - Unstoppable force AND Unmovable object rolled into one!
    Berserker - Uses Blade of Grass, no armor, high health - A nasty, regenerating, angry sword-swinging madman.
    Jedi - Uses Phaseblade and Water Bolt - Solid melee skills with the combination of Water Bolt makes for a capable defender.
    Crusader - Uses Light's Bane and Blue Moon, high health - Heavily armored assault unit. Kicks ass, doesn't take names.

    Ranger Archetype:

    Gunslinger - Uses Flintlock Pistol and Meteor Shot - Gives the definition of 'trick shot' new meaning.
    Piercing Archer - Uses Demon Bow and Unholy Arrows - Back-lines defender capable of taking out multiple targets at once.
    Heavy Gunner - Uses Minishark and LOTS of ammo - Harassing support unit capable of providing plenty of cover fire.
    Sniper - Uses Musket and Cursed Bullets - No armor but who can argue with that Tux? Shoot to kill baby!
    Shotgunner - Uses Shotgun - Has a shotgun. Shotguns spread bullets. Bullets hurt like a bitch. Win.
    Molten Archer - Uses Molten Fury and Wooden Arrows - Slightly higher overall damage than the Piercing Archer, but without the multiple hits. Also burns things.

    Specialty Archetype:

    Boomerang Dude - Uses Enchanted Boomerang - This class will likely be changed to something else.
    Necromancer - Uses Bones, lots of bones - Great lob-style projectile for picking off hiding players.
    Alchemist - Uses Unholy Water and Featherfall Potions - Sprays the arena with a near-endless supply of nasty goo.
    Bombardier - Uses Harpoon and a few Grenades - Another lob-style weapon with serious punch. The grenades are handy for taking out enclosed areas.
    The Wall - Uses Golden Hammer - Swings his mighty hammer just like Thor himself! Well... not quite but he sure tries!
    Starbomber - Uses no offensive weaponry, just a Star Cloak - Quickly coined the "Troll Class" this unique setup can only deal damage when taking damage.

    The Miner:

    This class is somewhat unique. Each team is -REQUIRED- to have one miner. Said player needs to be of rank Loyalist or higher in order to remove the ebonstone in the enemy's base. Upon completing a match, the miners are each awarded 2000 Plort for participating.


    Mining Garb, Nightmare Pickaxe, Grenades and Health Potions


    2: Head to the Telepad and warp into the waiting room. This is necessary to get a proper headcount so the teams are even. A 1 player disadvantage will cost the match easily.
    3: Each team is -REQUIRED- to have a Miner. I cannot stress this enough. No miner = No game.
    5: After the headcount is done players will be allowed into the class selection room. Inside are all the previously listed classes in labeled chests. Miners collect the shadow chest on the bottom row, non-miners can choose any chest they wish. The wooden chest contains social headgear for those that wish to use it. -In the (somewhat common) event of the host forgetting to restore the Ebonstone rooms, you may return to your class chest and refill any used ammo to it's original amount. This is honor system so don't overstock.-
    7: Upon selecting your class of choice, proceed to the telepads and line up again in your re-spawning room. Set the spawn point, ensure you are on the proper team and enable pvp.
    8: After a quick ready-check by the host, you will be released into the arena for battle!
    9: The overall objective is to deplete the enemy's ebonstone reserves to 0. This task falls upon the miner, so protect him/her with your life! Fight for victory!

    -Re-placing blocks by the miner is an immediate forfeit of the match-

    I'll be updating this post and placing minigame information, special events, mimic bonanzas and all sorts of other cool shit here as time progresses.

    I'll leave a list of shit I need to document:

    Hellfire Arena - Project completed! Now time for screenshots!
    Terrariakart PvP Race - Needs angry slappy regions of death.

    Defend The Fortress - Just needs screenshots
    Libra Wars -
    Monster Madness
    Bans, tempbans and appeal process.
    Ban Tally

    Quotes From Snirk The Modinator

  3. Mythril Guy

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    Loving the look
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  4. MultiHeartGold

    MultiHeartGold Eskimo Zombie

    Meh, I was the first non-Admin there, I think. Anyways, hello people.
  5. Graypaw995

    Graypaw995 Piranha

    I like how I said I would await the release of this map, and it gets released right AFTER I post.

    But, anyway, map looks very cool! Cant wait to explore it all!

    EDIT: Wait, the Water Bolt is banned? Its not in the banned items list. I think you should add it there if the item ban is meant for it.
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  6. Yats

    Yats Cursed Man

    Yats is really happy with the upgrade :D
  7. xDecarnax

    xDecarnax Green Slime

    I think its awesome but i cant play D: I got kick banned for misbehavior but i didnt do anything wrong D: can someone please fix that id really appreciate it :3 plus i miss you guys already <3
  8. Speed

    Speed Bunny

    I just needed to post on the first page.

    8th post!
  9. Siwisby

    Siwisby Eskimo Zombie

    And right now I can't join.
  10. Mythril Guy

    Mythril Guy Bone Serpent

    Cool, hope to see this working in action soon!
  11. MultiHeartGold

    MultiHeartGold Eskimo Zombie

    1 300 000 plorts until 2D-Hero. I really wish I'd be the first 2D-Hero but Im sure that Stereo will get that first, unless Speed donates. Btw Speed. Donate and you'll need 500k for a rank up. If you REALLY donate and get donor shiz, I will fucking give you 200k.
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  12. ethancrook99

    ethancrook99 Slimed Zombie

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  13. Dragonized

    Dragonized Illuminant Slime


    Sadly I'll need to figure out the problem (again) that's stopping me from playing Terraria.

    Must read:
    For all of those with the server's siggy, make sure to update the code with the one on this thread.
    Here, it's okay, I put the code for ya.
    Copy it into your sig settings, 2D-Fortians!
  14. Mythril Guy

    Mythril Guy Bone Serpent

    sucks, what where you doing at the time you were 'kicked banned'
  15. Thing

    Thing Hell Bat

    Can a mod/admin Please unban me? =(
  16. Baratabt

    Baratabt Green Slime

    love the depot *-*
  17. IGN Omnii

    IGN Omnii Green Slime

    thing got banned already? BAD THING :mad: jk

    I love the new warp system but i miss tping :confused:

    and multi, I amgoing to try so very hard to be the first 2d hero

    My Plorts Amount: HIDDEN (except to those who can see it
  18. Thing

    Thing Hell Bat

    Well it was i was pissing off snirk alittle xD
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  19. Thing

    Thing Hell Bat

    Can someone tell me what are the new commands for legends?
  20. Fire_Archer

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    I am really liking this revision, probably the most work gone into a revision to date.
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