PvP 2Dforts! v17 (PvP/Exploration/Build/Ranking) 24/7 Public Server

Discussion in 'Dedicated Servers' started by Alerek, Jan 4, 2013.

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  1. Alerek

    Alerek Arapaima



    Server Map (open)

    • 2Dforts! v17 is finally live!
    • V17 is the result of loads of time, effort, and love from some of the best builders in the community!
    • All of the main areas are located in the central floating island Castle Town! There, you can find all of the NPCs, telepad hub, and the usual amenities.
    • We have a FANTASTIC new Item Depot that sports a much nicer layout, offering up many more items, including some commonly requested prefix'd gear for PvP characters.
    • Duel Master, a LOVELY new hosted-game mode brought to us by Varler, where up to 16 players (in hardcore characters) duke it out, and earn gear upgrades as they move along in the game. There are four different, and very nice arenas to kill your way through to becoming the Duel Master!!
    • Class Wars has received a MAJOR overhaul, with a very beautiful new team setup room, revised classes, and 4 new "Juggernaut" classes, for some shiny new variants on the classic CW gameplay.
    • Gold Rush is a new spin on the CW class formula, where players mine up, and try to fill up their spoils wall before the other team! (More on this later, as this arena still could use a bit of work ;) )
    • Some of the lovely artwork, fun buildings, and a few other game modes have been brought over from V16.
    • Be sure to check http://www.2dforts.com for regular updates about the goings-on in 2Dforts!
    A request for the Mods & Admins (open)
    Please avoid the following for v17:
    • Telepads to or from player housing.
    • Killzones, of any nature (diemob is fine ^-^)
    • Editing the main island region.

    2Dforts! proudly hosts with the latest & greatest from Tshock, and many talented plugin designers! Many thanks to Olink, Snirk, & Scavenger for their support with custom plugins to make 2Dforts! better than ever!
    Previous 2Dforts! Threads:
    Help out 2Dforts!
    Donors of $10 receive Donor benefits such as reduced rank up costs, extra commands, and more!​
    Donors of $15+ receive a custom rank (which cannot rank up) with their choice of a chat prefix, and chat color, in addition to the Donor command list!​
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  2. Squishie

    Squishie World Feeder



    Don't build fugly 2-tile-wide hellevators around the world. Perpetrators will be removed from the server and their fucking ugly shit will be filled in. Seriously, I've been on a crazy ban streak lately. You are but a +1 to my tally. If you like the server, use a provided hellevator or incorporate one into your house. If it reaches the surface, it will be destroyed.

    Don't build ugly, useless shit on the server and promptly abandon it. I've been in contact with a certain someone who can make regular trips to the server and forcibly remove ugly/useless creations with prejudice.
  3. Minion

    Minion Penguin

    Also will add some stuff here later as well.
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  4. Dynatrix2

    Dynatrix2 Demon Eye

  5. Cloud175

    Cloud175 Demon Eye

    Just passing through..
  6. Chicken Pie

    Chicken Pie Crimera

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  7. Varler

    Varler Flying Fish

    I suppose that I should join this mosh pit of posts. Happy V17 everyone!

    Just a little heads up though: I'll be quite inactive for the next six weeks starting Monday. The FIRST Robotics Competition calls. So I'll make the most of these next three days with you guys! :D

    Gonna make this my Imgur/Photobucket place

    Suika ISP.png
    Mario ISP.png
    Charmander ISP.png
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  8. Thing

    Thing Hell Bat

    Congratulations on v17 guys!! Each version increased more and more players! (According to all the 2dforts threads.) Now, next goal is to get v18!! Awesome to see alerek continuing with the server. Well, good luck, y'all!
  9. Alec2

    Alec2 Demon Eye

    Had to post on the first page. Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. :D
    Also, Santa forgot me. :confused:
    Thing, check the ranks, too. Specifically Thing, but other people can as well. :p
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  10. Thing

    Thing Hell Bat

    Just checked..
    Nice.. Would have gotten half way there or where you are right now = D.

    Explored the warps. How come the hall of legends didnt make it? I like the afk zone and npc town.
  11. Dragonized

    Dragonized Illuminant Slime

    Please, children, let's make this fresh new thread ragequit-12-yr-old-drama-bullshit proof! We don't need that in here.

    If this server did not have any of the inbred noob weapons banned, it would be BOMBARDED with folks. Seriously, unban the fucking Rainbow Rod and you'll get waves of people coming in, I can promise you that much.

    As for v18, I'm afraid the next version will be back to 1. Think about it. ;)
  12. Red Wave

    Red Wave Crimera

    I got on the first page. Go V17, and I'm glad I'm not post 13.
  13. PixelAngel

    PixelAngel Zombie

    Wooooo! first page! and i saw luci saying something about new weps or something is it true?
    btw UNLUCKY 13!!!
  14. Alerek

    Alerek Arapaima

    Still the same game, just a new & prettyful world to play in <3

    I'm still working on updating the site & other things, so there's bound to be missing / incomplete info somewhere~ I'll work on that off & on throughout the day~ Dying to play a game or something :3
  15. iMoro

    iMoro Snatcher

    Yoooo, V17 Fawk yeah Woup Woup 2DForts is back madafakars JDASKDJAKDJASKDA

  16. TheStereo84

    TheStereo84 Herpling

    Yay, 1st page. v17 baby!!

    EDIT: Why am I on the Naughty list :confused:
  17. Snirk Immington

    Snirk Immington Arapaima

    This post is reserved for me to tell newcomers about plugins I'll be making.
    At the moment, here are some things you should know that aren't mentioned in the OP:
    • Modmins (admins/moderators/people with brackets [ ] in their prefixes) can rename players if need be, you can get your name back with /revertname
    • Sometimes during PvP a player will become "bugged" - this is a problem with the Terriara server. Being bugged will make you invisible to other players, so if people call you out for being invisible, type "/bug".
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  18. DarkSide

    DarkSide Yellow Slime

    FINALLY! v17! Been waiting for this!:)
    Oh, and, barely made it on the first page.:p
  19. Project Sharp

    Project Sharp Slimed Zombie

    Once I got to spleep this happens?! Now the real question,Who were the space pirates?
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  20. FireMage

    FireMage Snow Flinx

    Yay v17!!
    I got lost in the castle like 30 times.Its pretty big.
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