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Discussion in 'Server Archive' started by ZedFlanders, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. ZedFlanders

    ZedFlanders Cursed Man

    4 player Co-op server.

    Looking for 3 players who want to play Co-op.
    I will host a server
    We will explore together in the evenings (but the server will probably be online 24/7 so you can build anytime you want)
    We start a new world with new characters and work together as friends
    We share our loot with each other so everyone is equal.

    The requirements:
    Speak English
    Over 20 years!
    I'm from Sweden so it would be good if you have the same timezone as me (CET) and can play in the evenings.

    I will post in the forum before starting, and we start playing on Friday night

    Post your application with the following:

    Terraria playtime:
    A few words to describe yourself:
  2. hellkitty18

    hellkitty18 Green Slime

    Name: Jeremy
    Age: 13
    Country: Australia
    Terraria playtime: alot
    Skype: NOT TELLING... but if I have to tell me
    A few words to describe yourself: I am better than you
  3. kiskiriskis

    kiskiriskis Green Slime

    over 20 ? jesus
  4. Subzero

    Subzero Penguin

    Over 20? Do you really expect to find someone who wants to play on your server that is over 20, who isn't lying?

    20 is a ridiculous amount to require. you should lower it.
  5. Linte

    Linte Green Slime

    Name: Bjoern, ingame I guess "Linte" or "Knewarz"

    Age: 22

    Country: Germany (so the issue with the CET should be alright)

    Terraria playtime: At the moment 50 hours. But most of this time is from before the actual 1.1 version.

    Skype: No Skype yet, only a program called "Mumble". If you want, I create a skypeaccount, but Im not really used to speak english tough...your choice. :)

    A few words to describe yourself: Uhmmm...dunno what to say. Guess im a average Terrariaplayer, even after 50 hours, mostly spend with exploring and building. I really like the "everyone is equal", I've seen some nasty things like stealing and griefing on others servers. Spent quite much time in the single player, but it start to get boring and lonely. :D


    *Edit: @Subzero - Is it really this hard to find players at a certain age (20+) here in this forum?
  6. Subzero

    Subzero Penguin

    If they're not lying, yes. ;D
  7. Silvarie

    Silvarie Squirrel

    It sure is giving his thread plenty of publicity though. I just want to play with others who have mics to be honest, call me lazy, but I find it easier and sometimes even more fun when you can speak thoughts rather than typing them out as a Wraith rips apart your life force. ._.
  8. Janslag

    Janslag Squirrel

    Name: Jan
    Age: 21
    Country: Colombia
    Terraria playtime: im sure im over 200 hours
    Skype: jan.slagter3
    A few words to describe yourself: idk just hepful i guess been wanting a decent server to come up where i can play with decent people
  9. hellkitty18

    hellkitty18 Green Slime

    I mean 31
  10. ZedFlanders

    ZedFlanders Cursed Man

    I am still taking applications!

    Server will start at 6:00 PM (18:00)

  11. Tthing

    Tthing Voodoo Demon

    Country:BOOM VILLE (i dont like to show my location
    Terraria playtime:100 hours
    A few words to describe yourself:Im a Builder , Pvp-er , and i like to play games
  12. ZedFlanders

    ZedFlanders Cursed Man

    The server is up an i've sent u guys a PM

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