A game that is like Terraria

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Keyofdoor, May 1, 2011.

  1. Keyofdoor Piranha

    It is called Miners Disturbance and the mining sytem is like that in Terraria but it is not very sandboxish
  2. Sheith Green Slime

    You just reminded me.. Terraria feels as though it was Spelunky and Cortex Command's lovechild.
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  3. BigD Green Slime

    No one ever remembers Diggles. /sigh
  4. Icepick Green Slime

    Yes! Spelunky! I really want them to do the rope stuff from Spelunky, but I doubt they will... : /
  5. Sheith Green Slime

    Why bother with rope when you have grappling hooks? ;)
  6. KXI System Green Slime

    The only thing like miner disturbance is that you can see through walls and the water physics, nothing else.

    And no one remembers Dig Dug?
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  7. SoulFireLich Green Slime

    Spelunky is so rad. Could never kill the last boss.
  8. Sheith Green Slime

    Sadly, I could never get past the forest area.. I die too much due to obsessively trying to gather every open-aired resource I can find.
  9. SFJake Cursed Skull

    Spelunky? Sure.

    Cortex Command? Uuuhh.. well, I don't see the similarities, and CC is so ridiculously flawed and boring...
  10. GreyIBlackJay Green Slime

    Same here. OCD-like urges of mine. Wooooooo.
  11. Tybirion Blazing Wheel

    oh god these games shot up the victim count of OCD...me included XD
  12. Sheith Green Slime

    The similarities in CC are pretty much the fog of war, splatter of defeated enemies, destructible environment, etc.
  13. GreyIBlackJay Green Slime

    Completionist and symmetry-related OCD for me. All my constructions are symmetrical. At least horizontally or vertically, in some form.
  14. GreyIBlackJay Green Slime

    And the graphics, somewhat. CC has a bit more detail in its graphics. Higher DPI and such.
  15. Ianman Piranha

    Boulder Dash! w00t

    Or am I just really old?
  16. Maksago Dark Caster

    I hate Miner Disturbance. I played it for 10 minutes and it just bored me to death.
  17. Hunter Green Slime

    Clonk is sort of like Terraria, should check it out, it's quite fun.
  18. paulsoaresjr Green Slime

    I do. :) Yes, I'm that old. :p
  19. LastMartini Cursed Man

    Oh I so miss my local arcade. :(
  20. Icepick Green Slime

    So I can lower myself down a frickin ledge AND have a persistant path back up.

    I do agree that the grappling hook is vastly superior, though.

    Really!? I love that game. Maybe you aren't doing it right.

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