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  1. Meal Ticket

    Meal Ticket Green Slime

    TLDR: I have a base with a spot for everything I collect, and I'd love suggestions on making it better.

    NOTE: This was the first post about this while it was in 'beta'. The more updated post is here: http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/the-vault-with-download-warning-big-image.40145/

    Don't you hate the endless "I need to make some health potions.... now where did I put those mushrooms?" After looking through a bunch of chests to find them, you realize that you also need some bottles...

    For my home base, I did something about it. Every kind of item has a spot and the spot is marked. There are 6 chests for most of the interesting items and 3 chests for each of the basic brick types.

    Starting at the top:
    • Building Materials (Wooden B)
      • Doors, Chests, Tables, Chairs, etc.
    • Accessories (Water A)
      • Anything that goes in the Accessories Slot
    • SociaLs (Glass L)
      • Anything that goes in the Social slot
    • Axes and Hammers (Gold X)
    • Unclassified (Green U)
      • Angel Statues so far...
    • Items (Red Brick I)
      • These are items that are held like the breathing tube, mirrors, etc.
    • Armors (Silver Brick A)
    • Caster Items (Blue C)
      • Anything that uses mana
    • Gems (Silver Diamond)
    • Environment Based Drops (Green Square [Suggestions on another shape?]
      • Acorns, Cobwebs, Flowers, etc.
    • Mob Based Basic Drops (Blue Gel)
      • Gels, Lenses, etc.
    • Copper Ore (Line of Copper Ore)
    • Silver Ore (Line of Silver Ore)
    • Flails (Blue F)
    • Thrown Items (Pink T)
      • Shuriken, Boomerangs, etc.
    • Guns and Ammo (Green G)
    • Iron Ore (Line of Iron Ore)
    • Swords (Copper Brick S)
    • Bows and Arrows (Gold Brick B)
    • Explosives (Hellstone E)
    • Mushrooms (Blue Mushroom)
    • Health & Mana Potions (Red Heart)
    • Stars (Gold Star)
    • Meteorite (Line of Meteorite Ore)
    • Obsidian (Line of Obsidian Ore)
    • Demonite (Line of Demonite Ore)
    • Hellstone (Line of Hellstone Ore)
    • Basic Blocks ( One block each of Dirt, Mud, Clay, Sand, Stone, Wood, Glass, Pink, Blue, Green and Ash)
    It's REALLY nice to pop back into the base and KNOWwhere something is. I also built in a bit of room to grow as I can add in a another chest for most items if I need more than 6 chests.

    Below the main storage area is my crafting station, a bed so I could reset my spawn to inside the building, and a 'safe' to hold my coins. It's nice to have the coins right next to all the merchants which are located in the 'apartments' below.

    I'm not sure why I encased the spawn point in lava. I was thinking of making some kind of trap but then decided that would be kind of silly.

    That said, the structure itself is kind of boring (a big box and it doesn't even have a roof yet), so I'm looking for some suggestions to encase it. My plan is for this to be my 'permanent' home base. I'm thinking of calling it 'The Vault'.

    Note that I built my mushroom farms long before I did the mushroom test. The very top row of the blue mushroom farm doesn't actually grow mushrooms as they only start to grow at 4 feet below the surface and that row is at 2 feet below the surface. The mushroom farms actually go quite a bit to the right of the picture. Yes, I used seeds to turn that row blue just so things would 'look good'.

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  2. Lantistos

    Lantistos Green Slime

    thats nice.. great work. i wish my room was that tidy lol
  3. Allie

    Allie Green Slime

    I have to build this!
  4. Zeozen

    Zeozen Squirrel

    Woooee! And I thought I was organized... Colorcoding and everything :p Good job!
  5. Colbinile

    Colbinile Green Slime

    You think you could put a download for this map?
  6. DragonRegen

    DragonRegen Green Slime

    @Meal Ticket Very nice and organized apartment. ^^ But you lack something, I giggled at the coin's department. If you ask nicely, I would tell you. ;)
  7. Chinzo

    Chinzo Green Slime

    Oh damn... and I thought my stuff are sorted xD
  8. Goblin Punk

    Goblin Punk Green Slime

    Top notch work there that is down right amazing.
  9. Meal Ticket

    Meal Ticket Green Slime

    I'm making a few changes and then I'm going to make an 'empty' version and let people use it. It will be a few more days before I'm ready to put it out there.

    @DragonRegen: The coin chest is a visual thing, not any type of real attempt to 'protect' the coins. But that said, I'll ask nicely to see what you would say....
  10. Kelik

    Kelik Cave Bat

    im totally copying this... or at least grabbing inspiration to incorporate something like this into my floating castle. btw i see no piggybank or obsidian farm... maybe thats what dragonregen meant?
  11. Meal Ticket

    Meal Ticket Green Slime

    Working on the obsidian farm right now. I guess I could put a piggy bank in the 'safe' spot.
  12. Meal Ticket

    Meal Ticket Green Slime

    Also going to put a corrupted biome and a jungle biome in. The hellevator already exists.
  13. replense

    replense Green Slime

    its awesome and all, but i have a question. how do you open the chest for the coins? lul
  14. Meal Ticket

    Meal Ticket Green Slime

    You just stand near it and you can reach it. You don't even have to open the 'door' on the east side of the chest in the hallway. You an even open it from the floor above the chest.
  15. EPPES

    EPPES Green Slime

    If i may add something to your point Meal Ticket: you can reach/open chests within a range of 3 blocks, so your character can be away in a 4 width/hight block range

    And by the way: I really like your sorted building :). I got inspired by it and tried some on my own, ty
  16. replense

    replense Green Slime

    oh, i see hahah.
  17. Dudd

    Dudd Green Slime

    Really nice, but I'm not a fan of big and complex structures like that, I love to make simple wood houses and all :­P.
  18. Corbald

    Corbald Green Slime

    Only a couple of suggestions..
    1) Expand the heck outta your potions room, in preparation for 1.0.5.
    2) You can replace your tiny tree farm with a Jungle version. A thin layer of lava will 'auto-harvest' the spawned trees for you. Providing infinite wood.
  19. Meal Ticket

    Meal Ticket Green Slime

  20. roaringjohn

    roaringjohn Green Slime

    put hellstone with lava on it for the roof(so enemies MIGHT get hurt)

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