A Pokemon Mod is NOT out of the question.

Discussion in 'Working in Progress Mods' started by guyguyga, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. guyguyga

    guyguyga Slimed Zombie

    People have been wanting a pokemon mod. Well, making an EXACT version is crazy, but if you cut a few features, then it's easy as pie. BUT IT WILL BE TEDIOUS!

    Pokemon only have one attack.
    My capture system is different.
    You can't name them.

    Could be farmed(summon a pokemon, then give the item to another person.)

    The lazy way to do this is just make normal npc pokemon, and when they die, just set their loot to 50%(or your preferences) chance to create an item version of the pokemon.

    Then, just craft the pokemon with a pokeball of your choice(which will either have its own crafting recipe or just be bought from an npc vendor.)

    After that, the pokemon will be edited based on what pokeball it is in.

    If you want to, you can add poke-items that give you buffs.

    The coding is simple, for the all you need to do is make an item check for the holder so that the pokemun disappears if you use an item while the pokemon is active, thus simulating a "return."

    P.S. If you're making an npc pet instead of a projectile, then the "capture" thing will not work.

    And that is it! All the pokemon stuff is now added! If you want to, you can add a rideable bike, which requires its own coding.

    This seems very simple, but when you have to do this with All the pokemon, (and many variations of them depending on how many pokeballs there are.) this is almost crazy, even with all the cutbacks.

    -If I ever feel like it, I'll MAYBE make this. It just takes alot of work due to the INSANE amount of pokemon.

    If you want to, leave a comment about your opinion about this.
  2. Titot

    Titot Slimed Zombie

    I think in a mod to have moar npcs with you, like the bunny. I like the bunny, but a bird, or a zombie will be good :D

    Completing: I don't want the NPCs attack, is just a company to follow you and this shit :)
  3. guyguyga

    guyguyga Slimed Zombie

    So, you want vanity pets? I guess there could be 2 versions: an aggressive pack and a passive pack. Anyways, I'm working on something else at the moment.
  4. Titot

    Titot Slimed Zombie

    yea yea, vanity pets will be fun :D
  5. Empio

    Empio Blazing Wheel

    I laugh at how simple you think it would be. If it is as easy as you say, go ahead and code it yourself.
  6. Titot

    Titot Slimed Zombie

    Just take the bunny code, edit some things, change the image, and it's working?
    If i'm wrong you can call me an asshole
  7. guyguyga

    guyguyga Slimed Zombie

    Actually, I believe that if I attempted to do this, it would take about a few years just for all the items, not to mention the .cs file scripting. The workload would be tremendous, not to mention the stress one would put on himself. I said that it wouldn't be out of the question. I never said anything about it even being remotely easy.

    I'm not gonna change my mind about the simplicity of it, though.

    My original post is accurate in describing my way of thinking towards a Pokemon project, and the Pokemon themselves would just be copying and pasting the code of a melee pet and and a ranged pet and changing each and every one of their projectiles.

    I'm not sure if your post is directed at me or him, but it did hurt my feeling a bit, considering the fact that we've known each other for a long time.

    It's basically it, but instead of a bunny, it would be a non vanity pet. Some will melee and some will shoot projectiles.
  8. Empio

    Empio Blazing Wheel

    I've personally worked on a Pokemon mod project before (for a guy who had no idea of scope).

    Capturing was done by having the pokeballs actually deal damage, if the ball killed the NPC, it would be captured inside the item.

    Just getting the system to work somewhat correct took forever. Coding all the NPC AIs would take a lot longer than that.

    My point is that considering the time it would take to complete such a mod, makes it out of the question.
  9. Titot

    Titot Slimed Zombie

    Hey, is possible a floathing sword following you and attacking?
  10. guyguyga

    guyguyga Slimed Zombie

    Oh, no. I don't know how to do that. As described in my first post, the dead pokemon would drop an item of itself when killed.(by anything.) Then you would craft it with a pokeball to make the summoning item. (not exactly pokemon, but it works. )
    As you can see, adding that as loot is extremely easy, especially since there is no conditions on what weapons are needed.

    Yes. You can make it with scripting. Yoraizor made plenty of them.
    Mine are a bit more primitive.
    They just follow you, they use the fairy's animations, and they only shoot one type of projectile.

    I don't know how to make my own animations and therefore still rely on defaults.

    The melee one is worse. It only uses the bunny animations, and it can do...wait for it...nothing whatsoever.
  11. Squirreldaze

    Squirreldaze Green Slime

    so how long do you think something like this would take if you only worked with the first gen pokemon?
  12. guyguyga

    guyguyga Slimed Zombie

    With all the items, npcs, pokeballs, pokemon, tiles, coding, buffs, and debuffs, and my IB homework, I'm thinking...4 years. Give or take a few years, and that's ONLY because I already have the AI codes for melee and ranged pokemon. If you only want a specific pokemon and the pokeball to summon it, I'm thinking...15-30 minutes or less depending on the animations.
  13. NightFantom

    NightFantom Angel Statue

    Actually doing 150 pokemon isn't that much more than doing 2 pokemon, if you design your classes well (no C# experience, but a lot with other programming languages such as C++ and python and php). Assuming C# has inheritance, you could make a pokemon base class, which includes all of the things pokemon need to do (getting caught by a ball, following you like a bunny pet when summoned, returning to the ball, ...) and then make 2 / 150 / 500+ pokemon that are just objects from the base class.

    For making them attack, 17(?) sprites will be enough, one per type for the ranged attacks. Melee attacks can just be tackle => creature bumps forward and back again. A type string in the object would define its ranged attack projectile. If it's flying this can be made clear with a boolean in the object, all things the base pokemon class would be able to judge from some identity strings and booleans, leaving the creation of the pokemon themselves as "easy", and, more importantly, able to be done by anyone with a bit of time, making it easy to distribute (or even automate based off of bulbapedia perhaps).
  14. Empio

    Empio Blazing Wheel

    Consider that you would need attack and movement animations for 150 pokemon, sprites for every type of attack.

    A shit pokemon mod won't take too long (rather scarce for content and simple programming). A proper pokemon mod however, would take a ridiculous amount of time. I really don't think Terraria is worth the trouble.
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  15. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    Despite agreeing with your words , please don't resurrect threads from oblivion , its not socially accepted to do so - especially when the thread has not much point anymore.

    Side note - C# has inheritance , however everything you mentioned to code would still take an obnoxious amount of time - as Empio perfectly explained.
  16. NightFantom

    NightFantom Angel Statue

    Yeah, sorry about the necrobump, it's just that my own thread from which this one is a spin-off got bumped recently and only then did I notice this thread. As for the attack/movement sprites, you can just use the ones from mystery dungeon, no? The amount of coding time required would be like any other serious mod that implements a creature with new mechanics. If that's obnoxiously much, then so it will be for this one.

    Again, I agree that it's (nearly) impossible to code every attack for every pokemon, but I believe this (a melee and a generic type-based ranged attack) is very possible with only a small amount of work per pokemon, by having the differences being negligible (only the name, sprite and ranged attack (based on type) would be different, possibly the movement AI if it's a flying pokemon), making them essentially 600x the same mob.

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