A way to increase Accessory slots.

Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by Marioface5, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. Marioface5 Green Slime

    Five accessory slots really isn't enough for some people, and I am one of those people. So I was thinking, what would be a good way for players to be able to increase their amount of accessory slots? And then it hit me! After getting 400 Health and 200 Mana, Life Crystals and Mana Crystals become useless. So, what if an Accessory Crystal could be crafted using a certain amount of Health Crystals and Mana Crystals together? Each Accessory Crystal could increase the mount of Accessory slots, up to a certain number. Just an idea.
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  2. I like the idea, I thought of that my self too, when I'm swapping out skull for hermes boots, and other things. It probably should be pretty hard to get though, life and mana crystal are pretty easy after awhile.
  3. Marioface5 Green Slime

    Yeah, it needs to be a challenge to obtain. Maybe the method of obtaining it should involve 1.1 content?
  4. willkerll Green Slime

    I agree this sounds like a good idea
  5. Par4d0x Dark Caster

    This is a good idea. I wouldn't have to worry about switching between Flippers and Hermes Boots. But it would make the game too easy :( I really like this idea but I'm afraid people might complain about how easy it would be... I do want this to be in the game though :D
    EDIT: Maybe instead of extra accessory slots, there should be two different tiers of accessories. this way you'll have more accessory slots while still, kinda maintaining balance:D What do you think?
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  6. RandomFox Dark Caster

    I agree, or maybe they could have difficult to accomplish quests sort of like borderlands where your character is rewarded the extra space? They did say they were going to add quests later on.
  7. willkerll Green Slime

    Yea that could work too, the claptrap quests those were always fun
  8. Marioface5 Green Slime

    Accessory tiers are a great idea! So long as they don't end up limiting choices more, that is. (eg: a movement tier with only 3 slots, which would be more limiting for movement than 5 general slots)
  9. geeneeyes Green Slime

    Never get to use the Depth meter and clock and so many nice accessories.
    My top 5 are Shiny Red Balloon, Cloud in Bottle, Hermes Boots, Lucky Horseshoe, Band of Regeneration/Cobalt Shield
  10. RandomFox Dark Caster

    Maybe they could just add 5 more, but for basic ones that don't impact the game too much. Like obsidian skull, depth meter, watch etc. For passive accessories.

    Then on top of that I'd like to see them add more slots for useful accessories ^^
  11. Stray_Mongrel Green Slime

    100th thread on this exact subject. Why not post this stuff on the already existing 99 other threads about this?
  12. Mr.Person Moth

    Really good idea, I support it by 99.99 % =)
  13. Merch Fire Imp

    We need this in the game, I thought asscessory slots should be increased too.
  14. Mr.Person Moth

    True =)
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  15. Merch Fire Imp

    Be careful about 1 word post, you could get an infraction, just saying. But anyways i liked your post. Also this should be in the game, just reminding everybody... :confused:
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  16. Mr.Person Moth

    True. Nah just kidding, alright thanks :D And yes. This shold be in the game.

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