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Discussion in 'PC' started by Serris, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. Serris Green Slime

    i'm kind of curious what reforges you guys use on your accessories? i've been snooping around on the reforges page on the wiki, but i can't shake the feeling that the armor reforges are superior to the rest :S with an adamantite melee set, and reforging most of my accessories to armor, i get up to 60+ armor. and i still need to reforge my angel wings until they give me the extra armor :S

    15-20 armor on your accessories seems to be disturbingly beneficial. i got the goblin tinkerer before beating the WoF, and reforging the accessories and ironskin made his laser eyes deal 1 dmg :S
  2. MarthX Hell Bat

    Defense definitely seems like the best modifier.

    A few points of extra damage barely matters when all hardmode enemies have 200+ HP.

    Melee increase speed is negligible

    lol movement speed.

    +100 mana isn't going help much for mages. It's much better for them to raise their pitiful defense. Mana Flower makes running out of mana a non issue.

    +20 defense makes a world of difference with how hard enemies hit.
  3. Serris Green Slime

    kinda curious: do mana potions have a cooldown like health potions? not that it would make that much difference, 20 armor is indeed better then 100 mana.
  4. MarthX Hell Bat

    Mana potions have no cooldown.
  5. Pentarctagon Green Slime

    Depends on if you are gonna pvp or pve. In pvp all damage is doubled, so your gonna die so fast your def won't matter a huge deal so damage is the way to go. In pve (especially soloing bosses) the extra defense is amazingly better than extra damage, since you take less damage -> live longer -> drink more potions -> amplifies the affect of the armor.
  6. Become Green Slime

    Personally i went +100 mana on mine but an considering making more money to go +20 defence as im having trouble with The Twins :(
  7. AlphaWhelp Cursed Skull

    I went damage all the way for two of my characters, and melee speed for another. I have never found that any situation where I died that a few extra points of defense would have helped anything.
  8. Become Green Slime

    No Alpha but me being 100% mage with Hallowed Armour my defence is around 30... if i went and got +20 defence that's an amazing 66% increase in defence which is always going to help at the biggest bosses.
  9. AlphaWhelp Cursed Skull

    I also have a mage character, and extra defense is I've found is meaningless, dead enemies cause no damage.
  10. Pentarctagon Green Slime

    I dunno, it takes so long to kill these new bosses...
  11. AlphaWhelp Cursed Skull

    Every time I've tried to use magic versus the new bosses it has ended horribly, I've had much better results with Megashark and Flamethrower. I use Melee to kill the Destroyer to get the megashark.
  12. Pentarctagon Green Slime

    I've actually managed to solo the twins and the destroyer (with the whole cube strategy thing) with crystal storm and the clairvoyance buff. Having trouble with skeletron prime though.
  13. Become Green Slime

    Skeletron prime is easiest imo... just fight it as skeletron with more hp and a few more arms.

    Destroyer i use the Laser Rifle with my 400man and potions to literally shoot it to death and the Twins i haven't managed to defeat yet without dying then one of them running off and only have 1/2 twins to defeat to get the message :(
  14. Pentarctagon Green Slime

    pre 1.1 I would have trouble against normal skeletron using jungle armor + full endgame spells, so its more that I just suck against him. I have trouble keeping track of all the arms :confused:
  15. Become Green Slime

    Ahh i can pretty much solo skeletron with silver or gold armour with a decent ranged weapon at hand... the trick is simply dodging his arms.

    Also for Prime i'd get the angel wings as the flying gives the extra dimension of movement around his arms... its all about practice really.
  16. AlphaWhelp Cursed Skull

    for skeletron prime the first thing you should do is kill the claw hand, that thing does a lot of damage and its very hard to dodge, the other arms are pretty easy to dodge and even if they hit you it's not that much damage.
  17. Become Green Slime

    you find his claw difficult? i get hit < 10 times during the whole fight and all hands are standing when his head goes down... Angel wings ftw i guess.
  18. CubeLegTome Hell Bat

    Defence is great if you find you get hit a lot. Otherwise take raw + damage to make boss fights quicker.
  19. Become Green Slime

    Yeh i need defence for the Twins but apart from that i need damage... half and half much?
  20. Pentarctagon Green Slime

    almost won, got him to 6k hp and all arms dead, then day came and he headrolled me :(
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