Adamantite textures not working

Discussion in 'Released Texture Packs' started by TerrariaFaithful, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. TerrariaFaithful

    TerrariaFaithful Cursed Man

    I re-colored a few pieces of armor and enemies but the Adamantite armor doesn't change. All the changes I've done are in the same folder (images2) and I see the other sprites are changed in game using TTP.exe, just not the Adamantite stuff. What could I have messed up on?
  2. Shade_qq

    Shade_qq Bunny

    Did you change the actual "animation" sprite, and not the icon? The animation sprite should have many parts to it, and it should be spread over three files. (Legs, Chest, Helmet.)
  3. TerrariaFaithful

    TerrariaFaithful Cursed Man

    Yeaa those icons aren't changed in the inventory either. I changed the armor_arm/chest/legs/head or whatever they're called and for the weapons/drill/chainsaw I made sure to change the icons as well as the projectiles also. Nothing's different than usual.

    I changed and tested the legs of the molten armor and those are showing up in-game.

    At first I assumed it might because because of the effect you get when wearing full Adamantite armor but nothing changed when wearing one piece at a time either.
  4. DarkCore1967

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    send them to me i can help
  5. TerrariaFaithful

    TerrariaFaithful Cursed Man

    How do I send them to you.

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