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    Latest Update 4/11/2014: 1.1v Prepare to Die Edition
    Download link here:

    This mod is entirely playable even if you have the latest 1.2.1.+ Terraria update. They can't be played at the same time, however, just to clarify. You'll be using a program called Game Launcher to play the mod with pre-1.2 Terraria.

    Just follow the instructions below and you'll be able to play with tConfig mods or regular Terraria.
    Game Install Instructions (open)


    1. Install the latest Terraria Game Launcher into the default directory (Included but may be out of date when you read this. DOWNLOAD THE LATEST GL HERE. Note, each time Terraria updates, go there to get the latest GL.)

    2. Open Game Launcher, click on "Downgrade Patches" and then select "Install Terraria 1.1.2".

    3. When that's done, close Game Launcher and install tConfig (included in download). The install directory should default to the newly created Terraria 112 folder within your Terraria directory, as shown here: Steam\SteamApps\common\Terraria\Older Versions\Terraria 112

    4. After installing Tconfig, go to "C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds\tConfig" and place the mapName.wld files you want to play into the tconfig folder. If the folder does not exist yet, you should create it.

    5. Then go to: 'My Documents\My Games\Terraria and create a new folder called "ModPacks"

    6. Place the Dark Souls.obj file into the "ModPacks" folder. I also highly recommend using the AutoSave Players mod and the Recipe Book mod (found in the Optional Mods folder).

    7. To install the Custom Music Soundtrack, go to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Terraria\Older Versions\Terraria 112\Content
    Then place the included "Wave Bank.xwb" file in this folder, which will replace the default Terraria music.

    8. Run Terraria from Steam as you usually would. It will pop up with the Terraria Game Launcher GUI, and from there select the TConfig version. To play normal Terraria with the new updates, select Terraria 1.2.(whatever).

    9. At the Main Menu screen, click TConfig settings, and you'll see the mods you added. Click the Dark Souls Mod to cycle through the various versions. Turn on the other mods you installed. Then hit Reload Mods. Anytime you turn a mod off or on, you should hit reload mods for the changes to take effect.

    10. Final success! Now play the game and enjoy!

    **If you get an error when trying to run tConfig that says "Please launch the game from your steam client," close Steam. Then find the Steam.exe. Right click for Properties, then click Compatibility, then click the checkmark box for "Run this program as an administrator." Hit apply. Opening tConfig from the Game Launcher should work now.

    If you have any other issues with installing, please post your issue in this thread and look for solutions towards the end of the thread.



    You will need to reinstall Game Launcher and then tConfig using the updated versions included in the download folder. Then follow steps 2-3 above.

    If Terraria updates, you'll need to go to the Game Launcher thread to get the updated version.


    A quick guide to the different mod versions:
    Story of Red Cloud is for playing with the Story of Red Cloud map.

    Sandbox Edition is for playing with any randomly generated world or the included Sandbox maps. To use your Red Cloud character on a normal world, just switch the mod to the Sandbox version.

    Use the MSD/MP versions for Multiplayer or if you don't want to risk losing your Dark Souls on death. MSD stands for Minus Soul Drop.

    Change Log (open)

    Prepare to Die Edition

    Install Folder
    Updated Game Launcher.
    Updated install instructions.
    Switched mod installer.exe's to their .obj versions (you will now need to manually place the mods into the ModPacks directory).

    Install Folder
    Updated installation instructions and included the latest Game Launcher and tConfig. Game Launcher and tConfig are now much easier to install thanks to Eikester.

    To get tConfig mods working after the Terraria (Halloween) update, simply install the latest Game Launcher included in this download folder.

    For new installs, follow the instructions in the _Game Install Instructions.txt.

    Install Folder
    Updated installation instructions (1.1q instructions missed a step that will cause an error when installing tConfig).


    Added Ring of Clarity, made from the Poisonbite and Bloodbite Rings and 30k Dark Souls - it prevents confusion, gravitation, bleeding and poisoning, +4 life regen.

    Reduced the Dark Souls cost of the entire Band of Cosmic Power upgrade path, initiated with the Band of Regeneration and Band of Starpower and 3k souls.

    The Wyvern Mage now drops the Poisonbite and Bloodbite rings. It also summons Barrow Wights instead of Cursed Skulls.

    The Dragon Horn and Dragoon Gear will now activate more easily (double damage when falling).

    Made the Esuna Tome easier to craft (10k less souls, -2 guardian souls and no war elixirs.) It now needs: 1 Spell Tome,1 Guardian Soul,10 Healing Elixir,70000 Dark Soul

    Reduced the health of the Twins by 5k each, reduced damage, and added 1k Dark Souls drop.

    Dark Knights should no longer spawn in your village with NPCs nearby. I also reduced their firing speed.

    Reduced spawning of Warlocks slightly.

    Reduced Zombie Worm head damage.

    Dungeon Mages now only spawn before HM.

    Reduced the health of Serris' first form and increased it slightly for the second form.

    The Crazed Purple Crush projectile no longer confuses (used by Fire Fiend Marilith and other enemies). Instead it poisons you, prevents regeneration, and cripples you for 10 seconds (reduced flight ability). :) Seems like a fair trade-off right? 2 of the debuffs have more than one counter though.

    Increased the health of some mages.

    Increased difficulty of Attraidies' first and second forms (health and damage boosts, plus some added debuffs). To compensate with the 2nd form, I also made the boss and boss minions teleport farther away from the player, reduced the Chaos spawns slightly and reduced the health of Disciple of Attraidies, which now drops 3 Healing Elixirs on death.

    Necromancers, elementals and several other enemies are now immune to lava and can jump on lava.

    Gazing Shield is easier to craft. This is a must for all melee warriors.

    Added a tip for the Covenant of Artorias ring so its more clear that you need to remove the ring to escape the Abyss (perpetual blood moon).


    Install Folder

    Included the latest Game Launcher, which is necessary to install to use this mod and tConfig side-by-side with the latest Terarria 1.2 update made by Relogic.

    Updated installation instructions for those installing tConfig for the first time (post 1.2) or for those who had installed tConfig before but have since updated to 1.2.

    Please post any issues you have with installation in the main game thread:


    The Witchking now drops the Covenant of Artorias (it can still be bought from the Shaman Elder and crafted too).

    Increased the spawn rate of all Super Hardmode enemies, especially during bloodmoons (the Abyss) and at night.

    Increased the difficulty slightly of several enemies and bosses.

    Increased the spawn rate of several HM and pre HM enemies.

    Made some rare enemies (mini-bosses) less hard and increased their spawn rate.

    Added a note about the Bloodred Moss Clump so players know it is essential to hold on to to cure yourself of poisoning.

    The Shaman Elder will now spawn sooner after defeating Attraidies, as long as one NPC is nearby and you haven't yet defeated the Witchking.

    Increased soul cost of Supersonic Wings.

    Decreased knockback on Unicorn and mummies.

    Increased spawn of Red Cloud Hunter and difficulty.

    Reduced confused effects of the Hypnotic Disrupter projectile (used by several enemies).

    Reduced knockback of the Oolacile Demon.

    Increased spawning of Basalisk Shifters.

    Added Assassin of Attraidies to HM.

    Reduced damage of Valkyrie spear.



    Updated all mods to tConfig v35.3a. You will need to install the latest tConfig (included).

    Fixed the three phoenix boss summoning items (Fiery, Watery and Grassy Egg). They are no longer consumed on use, which was a temporary bug introduced a couple updates ago.

    Buffed Dworc Voodoomaster and Basalisk Walker slightly to compensate for their lower health and defense.

    Reduced price of Forgotten Kaiser Knuckles and Forgotten Metal Knuckles (increased damage of the latter).

    Most of Solaire's items are now cheaper to buy. He also sells throwing axes, which can be upgraded into a great melee weapon.

    Increased the soul crafting cost of the extremely overpowered Celestriad. Craft this if you're ready to end the game in a very silly way.

    Increased the mana used by Starfall to 800.


    The Story of Red Cloud: Fixed a path that leads out of the new Meteorite Dungeon Slogra arena. It wasn't possible to go past before without the Shiny Red Balloon you get from the secret Earth temple. Now you can go this route with only the double jump ability. I also made the Skeletron arena a little less crazy with the skeleton summon statues. I improved the loot of a locked chest in the corruption temple and a couple other chests. Plus some other small things.


    Installer file for the mod is included correctly (in 1.1n only the .obj file was included)


    The Tinkerer's Workshop is now sold by the Archeologist as well as the Goblin Tinkerer.

    Increased the health and damage of the Shadow Dragon.

    Attraidies' final form also spawns the Shadow Dragon at various times.

    3 vanilla enemy lasers have received a damage buff, which has increased the difficulty of the Wall of Flesh, The Twins, the Destroyer, and Skeletron Prime.

    Mushrooms, Glowing Mushrooms and Goldfish no longer trigger potion sickness when used. (No more accidently eating one of these and dying because you meant to use a healing potion but one of these slipped into your inventory. :) To compensate, mushrooms and glowing mushrooms heal slightly less.

    Bloodred Moss Clump now heals 25 HP.

    Increased the difficulty of the Slogra and Gaibon boss fight.

    Increased spawn chance of Tetsujin in the SHM meteorite biome and from 7-9/10ths width of the map in the sky (more at night, more during blood moons).

    The Story of Red Cloud: Added a lot more housing under the village. Added the Tinkerer's Workshop to the village and in a couple other places. Added a couple more small shortcuts in the beginning area. Added a couple more torches to illuminate things you might not normally see depending on your lighting settings. Added a clue-sign in the Merchant's house. Finally decided to add a demon altar below the village.


    Increased the length of time between teleporting for all mage-type enemies (a highly requested feature).

    MP: Some mage enemies will no longer teleport to other players if they are far enough away.

    Slighly nerfed Dungeon Mage and Attraidies Illusion while increasing soul drops.

    Reduced the frequency that Ghost of the Forgotten Knights throw spears.

    Reduced buy cost of Forgotten Long Sword.

    Improved Rune Blade with +1 damage, faster use speed and auto-swing. Also reduced its reforge cost.

    Old Long Bow can auto-fire.

    Added a tool tip to the Bloodred Moss Clump explaining this items usefulness in the dungeon.

    Improved Iron Shield and its upgrades slightly + reduced Iron Shield crafting cost. They can also be more easily reforged.

    Improved Ancient Golden armor set. It now has benefits for all classes, similar to the Hero armor sets.

    Ancient Golden armor helmet can be upgraded, with nice improvements to all stats.

    Sandbox: Skeletron Prime aka Gravelord Nito now drops a set of Jungle armor plus an extra 500 dark souls.

    Jungle Wyvern now drops a set of Necro armor plus 2000 more Dark Souls.

    Fixed Hydris Necromancer despawning too quickly if you get too far away from him.

    Added Shell Armor from Omnir's mod (remixed as a ranged upgrade to the Necro armor set). Yayyy..

    Rebalanced Molten Armor set upgrades (melee and magic specialization). They are both now roughly equal but different, and more powerful. Both cost 9000 souls.

    Added Ancient Dwarven Armor with an upgrade path both from Omnir's Mod. It's a custom melee set that you get from upgrading silver armor, +3 gold bars and 1500 souls.

    Nerfed Old Double Axe swing speed.

    Added Shadow Ninja set, a HM end-game tier set that is an upgrade of the Black Belt Gi set (needs 3 soul of fright and 40k souls). It also has a SHM upgrade.

    Fixed Longinus and it's upgrade not doing double damage when falling. Though I reduced it to 1.5x damage in this update. Removed toolTip that says it randomly heals for now.

    Removed 3 second "Curse" (can't use items) from Anti-Gravity Blast attack used by Attraidies and others.

    Increased difficulty of Attraidies.

    Slight nerf to Star Fall.

    Slightly buffed Ancient Dragon Lance.

    Added IcyPRO's Minilands v4 - Iced! to the Sandbox Edition Maps folder. This is IcyPRO's updated minilands map, which has many new enhancements. With only 2 demon altars and everything taking place on mini-islands, this should prove to be quite a unique challenge. :) Leave your impressions, comments and more here: Goes without saying, a let's play of this map with the dark souls mod would be super cool to see.

    Story of Red Cloud: Added gold bars to the first dungeon to craft the upgraded silver armor. Added 2 signs. Added a torch to make gold armor easier to find. Added small short-cut near town well.



    Reduced soul cost of Slime Talisman from 1000 souls to 200 souls.

    Ancient Great Bow now auto-fires.

    MP: Fixed spawning of Hellkite Dragon, Seath the Scaleless and the Jungle Wyvern using their respective summoning item.

    Raised mana cost of Ice Tome 1 by 2 mana (it was pretty OP and still is awesome now - as good as the Bolt tomes).

    Increased difficulty slightly of Slogra and Gaibon.

    Increased difficulty and spawn rate slightly of Basalisk Walkers in the meteor biome at day and at night.

    MP: Fixed Giga Drill sprite not appearing correctly to other players.

    Increased soul cost of Forgotten Axe and Forgotten Great Axe.

    Fixed The Unknowable's tool tip about breathing underwater.

    Fixed Cruel Arrow error message and increased the arrow's speed and number of unique enemies it does 8x damage against.


    The Story of Red Cloud: Added water walking potions to the Eye boss battle in the secret Earth temple. Removed 30 Gravity Potions from Meteor Temple so players can't cheese the Slogra fight. You can now find jungle armor hidden in the meteor temple. Added a sign near eye battle for clarity. Added flippers to the end of the secret earth temple. Added 30 Regen potions to secret Hermes Boots location. Added more goodies to several other chests near the early game plus some other tweaks.



    MP: Sprites that didn't appear correctly to other players fixed: Longinus, Celestial Lance, Ancient Blood Lance, Frost Wand I & II. Please report others when you discover them.

    MP: Curse Buildup and Powerful Curse Buildup now work in MP. Yayy.

    MP: Slogra's spear throws correctly.

    MP: Gaibon now spawns with Slogra properly. (To make this work, Gaibon can now pass through tiles.)

    MP: Charge attack of Slogra, Dark Cloud, and Witchking now work.

    Sandbox: Dungeon Mage has 50% chance to drop a feather, which can be used to craft the Jungle Feather.

    Sandbox: Skeletron aka Gravelord Nito now drops 2 pairs of Spectre Boots.

    Raised threshold on curse buildup to 50.

    Both curse buildups also now do not reset, so you can only lose HP once while the current debuff is active.

    Fixed Ancient Blood Lance tool tip. (Removed suggestion that it drains enemy life with a buff. It doesn't.)

    Fixed reforge cost of Shadow Cloak armor (upraded Shadow set).

    Fixed Blood Moons not occuring naturally (for real this time).

    Raised chance to get Barrow Blade from Barrow Wight and Barrow Wight Nemesis from 12 to 20%.

    Removed Red Cloup MP map because it was out-dated and unnecessary. However if anyone reports spawning issues from using the same bed let me know.

    Download Folder
    Added "Dark Souls Boss Progression Guide" to sandbox maps folder, which lists all of the bosses in the mod.




    Powerful Cursed Buildup now has a 300 point cool down period after getting cursed before it resets back to 0. At the point of reset, the effects of the curse trigger 2 positive buffs.
    Expanded spawning of Undead Caster to the sky and underground corruption at night (semi-rare).
    Gave Undead Caster more drops, so defeating this enemy will always be beneficial.
    The Tibian Mage sells Spell Tomes as soon as she arrives (very important in the sandbox modes to create some early game magic weapons).
    Decreased spawning of Barrow Wight Nemesis but increased it during blood moons.
    Bloodred Mossclump can be sold for 15 silver.
    Fixed Flippers not being buyable from the Dwarf. The item was misnamed.
    Valkyrie no longer drops Forgotten Long Sword.
    Adjusted several magic weapons to be auto-use and lowered mana cost slightly of some magic weapons. Also reduced soul cost of Bolt and Ice 2 tomes.
    Reduced size of Old Double Axe.
    Halved the cost of Mana Potions and increased max stack to 500.
    Made Lesser Mana Potions easier to craft in quantities of 10.



    MP: All 6 wyvern bosses are now MP compatible. (Before only the head would spawn). Big thanks to Grox the Great!
    MP: Fixed The Hunter's crash error.
    MP: Fixed an error with the Shadow Mage.
    Sandbox Edition: Certain enemies now have a chance to drop most boss summoning items before SHM.
    Sandbox Edition: Crafting cost of all boss summoning items have been significantly reduced. With the exception of the first vanilla boss, they also all
    require Shadow Scales so that you can use this item to check recipes with the guide. SHM summoners all use 1 Soul of Attraidies.
    Reduced defense of Dark Knights from 100 to 30.
    Cursed Buildup now has a 60 point cool down period after getting cursed before it resets back to 0. At the point of reset, the effects of the curse
    trigger 2 positive buffs.
    The Hunter, The Sorrow and The Rage must now be fought in the Underworld, the Ocean and the jungle respectively (same as Red Cloud, now it is enforced
    more so for the Sandbox versions).
    Increased spawning of hell SHM enemies that drop humanity (especially at ends of world), plus Abysswalker in the jungle.
    Blood Moons are possible naturally again, while the Covanent of Artorias, when unequipped, now has blood moons despawn naturally (takes longer).
    Mana Crystals are now crafted with 2 fallen stars and 1000 Dark Souls at Demon Altars.
    Rebuffed Power Nu Armor. It now has 1/5th chance of healing with melee strikes instead of 1/10.
    Added Hellkite Stone to summon Hellkite Dragons at will.
    The Ancient Jungle Wyvern now has a 100% chance to drop 2-9 of every gem in the game, plus 300 Dark Souls.
    It is now possible to survive a direct hit from an Assassin. They also spawn slightly more.
    Dark Elf Mages won't spawn near friendly NPCs and cannot teleport as close to the player.
    Piggy Bank now costs 10 silver and can be bought from the Tibian Mage.
    Safes now cost 60 silver and are sold by the Tibian Archer.
    Reduced cost of Forgotten Ice Rod, Old Long Bow, Poisoned Knife, Royal Throwing Spears, Throwing Spears, Throwing Axes and Forgotten Thunder Rod.
    Increased spawning of Dunlending, Tibian Valkyrie and Tibian Amazon slightly.
    Adjusted soul cost of Copper Ring.
    Tibian Archer now sells wooden arrows and lesser healing potions.
    Increased speed of Diamond Pickaxe.
    The Flippers, Fairy Bell, Silk and Lesser Healing Potions can now be bought from the Dwarf, plus the Diving Helmet and Sticky Bombs after defeating the
    Eater of Worlds.
    Sticky Bombs only cost 5 copper when bought from the Dwarf!
    Blue Hero's Set now requires 5 Mythril Bars in light of the above change and to polish the sandbox version.
    Fixed Small Jungle Plants preventing some walls from being destroyed in the Red Cloud versions.
    Witchking drop of Golden Hairpin raised to 8% and guardian soul to 15%.
    Reduced health of Dworc Voodoo master and increased spawn rate. Also increased potion drop rate.
    All Healing and Restoration Potions can now stack to 500.
    Bloodred Moss Clump now heals +10 HP.
    Increased spawning of Man Hunters and reduced health.
    Common potions like Battle, Mana Regen, Life Regen, Ironskin and others drop from several mod enemies.
    More Dark Souls drop from the Eater of Worlds after the 1st defeat as well as Shadow Scale and Demonite Ore.
    Fixed misspelling of Wandering Travler.
    Reduced defense of The Hungry (appendage of Wall of Flesh) and increased its soul drop to 200.
    Dworc Voodoomasters, Undead Casters and Dungeon Mages have a chance to drop Spell Tomes.


    Small update to Elfheim map by the map creator.

    Batched in Green Cat's Autosave Players mod in the Optional Mods folder. Big thanks to Green Cat for this inclusion.
    Check out Green Cat's thread for instructions on how to use his mod here: He
    also has some other awesome mods you can discover in his signature.
    Autosave Players is highly useful for MP to guard against player data loss from unexpected crashes.




    Nerfed damage and knockback of Diamond Pickaxe. You'll get this item when creating a new character with either of the Dark Souls Sandbox Editions loaded.

    Necromancer Elemental no longer drops Forgotten Ice Bow as I forgot I changed it to a end-game SHM weapon.

    Thorn Decapitator can now be auto-swung.

    Nerfed the debuffs of Shadow Orb, used primarily by Attraidies. Curse Buildup and Fracturing Armor only have a 1 in 8 chance and the rest are 1 in 2.

    Rebalanced Fire Spirit Tomes. They no longer pass through walls and fitting with the fire theme, cannot be shot underwater. They can now do critical hits however and have a high chance to light enemies on fire.

    Download Folder
    Added Yorai's MP-only Serverside Saving & Commands (SSS) mod to the Optional Mods Folder. Highly recommended for use with Multiplayer, in case of unexpected crashes or disconnects.
    You can manually force a save with /save when needed, in addition to other great features.
    Link to official mod thread here:

    Added Anomaly0.01's amazing custom sandbox adventure map "Elfheim: An Exploration Map" to the Sandbox Maps folder. This is a MUST-PLAY with the Dark Souls (Sandbox Edition) mod turned on! It is truly a wonderful map with incredible art direction on-par with the style and quality of The Story of Red Cloud map (if no one minds me saying so). :) The map uses an open, no rules sand-box format and everything in the Dark Souls mod is accessible. Give it a try and share your impressions. A let's play of this map/mod combo would also be excellent. Go here to visit the map's official thread:

    Removed Map "Valley of Lord Gwyn" because it had become outdated compared to the changes made to Valley of Defilment and the updated version essentially provided a merged experience making this map obsolete.

    To Yorai for the inclusion of his Serverside Saving & Commands (SSS) mod. Check out his other awesome mods via the link above.

    To Anomaly0.01 for the inclusion of his amazing custom adventure map "Elfheim."




    Fixed Oswald of Carim - You couldn't talk to him before due to lacking the townNPC=True variable.

    In the Sandbox versions, when creating a new character, you now start out with better starting gear. :)

    Added Wand of Darkness II and Wand of Fire II.

    Added upgrade path for Fire Spirit Tome with 4 levels in total.

    Improved Ice 2 Tome.

    Increased spawning of infantry level dworcs with a slight spawn boost to voodoomasters and headhunters.

    Made dworcs unable to drown.

    Demonite Bars and Shadow Armor are craftable at Demon Altars now.

    Made Attraidies Relics stackable up to 100.

    Jungle enemies are now vulnerable to fire.

    Removed mana potions from crafting recipe of Greater Restoration Potion.

    Gave autoReuse ability to Antimat Rifle, Sniper Rifle and Focussed Energy Beam.

    Gave Light Cube effect to the Dragoon Cloak.

    Story of Red Cloud: Added "Travel to the Ends of the World Underground" side-quest. The challenge is to travel from the Western Ocean, enter through the sea floor, and travel all the way to the Underwater Observatory without going above ground. :)

    Added A gate to open for your horse near the starting point so you can travel from the village to the jungle with a horse if you're using Flashkirby's Horses and Mounts Mod.

    Added tip in the Read Me file: *Some friendly NPCS will often sell new items after defeating certain bosses...
    Added Dark Souls 1.1 graphic to the Sandbox folder.




    MP! -- Fixed bug that caused Dark Souls to take several seconds after dropping from enemies before you could grab them.

    MP! -- Fixed lag of Dark Souls (they were teleporting before sometimes).

    Fixed 'bug' that caused you to lose your defense when touching hellstone brick even with the FireWalk ability (Obsidian Shield for instance).

    Ancient Demons don't cause a error message when killed (had missing gore files).

    Ragnarok can no longer be crafted. It now has a 2% chance to drop from Ancient Demons of the Abyss.

    Fixed reforge price of Bone Blade.

    Changed crafting recipes of several weapons formerly made with the Excalibur. Now only Atma and Ultima are created from it.

    Raised soul requirement of Power NU armor to be in the same tier as the other 4 end-game armors.

    Added Cloud in a Bottle to the secret Earth Temple (actually added it in 1.1f but forgot to mention in the changelog).

    Devil's Scythe now goes through walls but has limited range (2.1 seconds).

    The Story of Red Cloud: Removed a wall near a heart just past the EoC arena. You can now access the shortcut.

    The Story of Red Cloud MP: Fixed the above and added cloud in a bottle to the secret Eartht temple. The map is still out-dated compared to 1.1f so I'm considering scrapping this. The SP map is pretty much compatible anyway.



    Fixed Multiplayer soul duplication glitch when giving other players souls. Thanks Yorai!

    Fixed Multiplayer bug that caused enemies to drop 2-3 sets of souls instead of 1. Thanks again to Yorai!

    Fixed Dark Souls occasionally disappearing from your inventory when reloading your game (was due to some old code which has since been implemented into tConfig proper).

    Sandbox and Red Cloud MSD/MP versions both now allow you to place souls in chests.

    Added Recipe Book mod to the Optional Mods folder. Highly recommended for convenience.

    Slogra (boss version) should always spawn Gaibon now.

    You can no longer destroy chests in the Story of Red Cloud versions (fixes/prevents a chest duplication bug). Chests can still be placed and more have been made available in the village.

    Bug fix: The Sweaty Cyclops Forge, Gold Coin Pile and Recipe Book can now be placed in the Red Cloud versions.

    Reduced Silence debuff of the Wyvern Mage.

    Made the Ancient easier to craft.

    Fixed the Meteor Tome crafting requirement (now correctly needs Meteor Shower item).

    Nerfed/balanced Gazing, Beholder, Beholder II and Enchanted Beholder II shields. (Melee should hopefully never be so OP you can just stand and swing)

    Changed the boss that drops the Wings.

    Lowered mana use for the Ice rod and lowered its cost.

    Increased spawning of Tetsujin near meteorite and in the sky (the most from 7-9/10ths width and more on the edges of the world at night and during bloodmoons).

    Nerfed Vampire Blade.

    Nerfed Power NU Armor further.

    Nerfed Masamune.

    Nerfed Starfall further.

    The Diving Helm can be placed in your accessories slot so you don't break your set bonus.

    Fixed Mechanic items in the Sandbox version (Wire, Wire Cutters, Wrench).

    Buffed Skeletron Prime (aka The Machine).

    Buffed The Blight.

    Buffed Dark Cloud.

    Buffed Chaos.

    Buffed Gwyn.

    Curse Buildup and Powerful Curse Build Up now trigger some positive buffs when cursed, associated with being cursed.

    Slight nerf to Cooked Chickens (25 less healing and drop rate reduced from skeletons). Although, Undead Casters, Valkyrie and a couple others now have a 5% chance to drop them.

    Reduced spawning of Barrow Wight and increased drop chance of Barrow Blade.

    Increased spawning of Hellkite Dragon, especially on the edge of the world to the West, in the sky and at night, especially during bloodmoons and before defeating Artorias.

    Fixed spikes and hellstone not doing full damage all throughout the game, as originally intended from an update a while back.

    Increased spawning of the Witchking further. Spawns more everywhere at night, but spawns most freqently in the dungeon or above the surface during blood moons until you kill Artorias, and after.

    Increased spawning of Crystal Knights in the Eastern Ocean and in Hallow, especially during blood moons.

    Reduced random spawning of Fire Fiend Marilith.

    Battle and Swiftness Potions now stack to 100, as do Bowls of Soup and Ale.

    Added a couple new original debuffs: Broken Spirit and Crippled.

    Hellkite and Seath now vulnerable to Wyrnkiller.

    Fixed Ancient Demon drop error.

    Added clue about what to do when defeating Attraidies.

    Gazing, Beholder, Beholder II and Enchanted Beholder II shields can no longer be stacked with each other or themselves.

    Dusk Crown Ring and Healing Dusk Crown Ring can't be stacked.

    Increased crafting requirement of Ragnarok.

    Changed some toolTips for summoning items in the Sandbox mode.

    The main hardmode enemies drop 2x Crests for MP and also for 3 sandbox summoning recipes.

    Removed Phoenix Down from the game as it stopped working and I don't know how (and don't want to get hung up trying) to fix it.

    Added "The End" game mode. A nice little treat after you beat the game. Just walk around the world to see. Killing Attraidies again will re-trigger SHM.

    The sun and moon change while the portal to The Abyss is open (aka Super Hardmode). Thanks to Zoodletech for the sprites.

    Reduced spawning of Dark Elf Mage.

    Increased spawning of Guardian Corruptor.

    Removed tooltip from Thorn Decapitator since it doesn't do poison damage currently. Will fix later.

    Nerfed Jungle Wyvern boss.

    Valley of Defilement: Has been fixed by altering the cavern depth lower so the sky is present.

    Valley of Defilement: Added some major new landmasses in the sky. Added background walls to cover up the straight line. Also added more large open caverns.

    Valley of Defilement: Changed spawn position of Old Man.

    Story of Red Cloud: Added more chests in the village and added the Cloud in a Bottle to an early part of the secret Earth Temple. Also made one section of the secret dungeon slightly easier.

    To Grable for the inclusion of his Recipe Book mod in the Optional Mods folder.
    Link to his mod thread here:

    To Yorai for fixing 3 bugs, 2 of them MP related.

    To Grox The Great for helping to troubleshoot some bug issues and help implement some custom textures and a feature of "The End."

    To the Avalon mod team for code that allows select accessories not to be stacked.



    Ancient Demons of the Abyss no longer spawn before SHM. Their minimum TP (teleport) distance to the player has also been increased.
    Ancient Demons of the Abyss and Serpents of the Abyss drop more Humanity.
    Increased spawning of Oswald of Carim in SHM.
    Raised Curse Buildup threshold from 20 to 30.
    Nerfed the way OP Power NU armor. Life steals 1/4th the damage instead of 1/2.
    Nerfed Basalisk Walkers further, increased soul drop and reduced their spawn rates significantly before defeating Skeletron.
    Nerfed Tibian Valkyrie, Hellbat, Chaos Elemental, Illuminant Bat and Oolacile Demon.
    Reduced spawn rate of Red Cloud Hunters before HM (acts as a rare mini-boss).

    Red Cloud Map SP
    Added 3 SP world files. You can use these so you can do a playthrough of the map with each class (ranged, melee, magic) at the same time. You can also use it to try out a new map update without messing with your old save file. For instance, if you started a playthrough on 1.1e using save file 1, when map 1.1f etc comes out you could use save file 2.
    Re-implemented Temple of the Machine changes as the changes I made in 1.1d apparently got wiped somehow. :/
    The two previously inaccessible life crystals in the Meteorite Dungeon can now be attained.
    Added a heart crystal to secret dungeon near Earth Temple.

    Valley of Defilement Map
    Removed strange orange squares from the desert that turn into tombstones and shark fins when hit. ;p
    Added several more large caverns and many more tunnels and paths underground.



    NOTE: Updated the mod to tConfig version 35.1a. This is an essential update.
    Please update tConfig and the mod. (35.1 fixes a bug introduced in 35.0 that would cause the Dark Souls mod to crash.)


    Reduced the mobs that will spawn during your fight with Gravelord Nito (Skeletron).

    Increased the drop rate of an important item that drops from the Witchking to 100%.

    Made the Mana Flower more easily craftable but mana potions are more expensive to buy.

    Buffed the Freezethrower and Old Morning Star.

    Nerfed Atma and Ultima weapon.

    Nerfed Starfall and made it a SHM weapon.

    Added Witchking Scroll, attainable from Oswald or the Shaman Elder.

    Made Oswald of Carim spawn more in deserts and snow areas.

    Increased spawning of Hellkite Dragons in SHM.

    Dworc Voodoomaster, Dworc Voodoo Shaman, Abysswalker and Warlock are now partially visible when activating their invisibility cloak, and can be seen with the Hunter potion.

    Fixed Solaire's shop (he sold too many things past the default 20).

    The Dwarf now sells 6 weapons (previously sold by Solaire) after you defeat The Sorrow and The Destroyer.

    Crystal Knights and Clowns' projectiles no longer destroy tiles.

    Serris now drops a few things on defeat.

    Boosted difficulty of Attraidies as it was reported he was too easy. My apologies. :)

    Fixed tooltip that said Dragoon Gear/Boots isn't compatible with wings. They actually are. Just forgot to edit the tooltip after I changed that.

    Fixed Poisonbite, Bloodbite, Poisonblood, Wolf and Gray Wolf Ring (wasn't applying buff immunities).

    Reduced bonus souls dropped from Slogra (boss).

    Dark Mirror has 50% chance to drop from Witchking.

    Reduced crafting cost of Greater Magic Mirror and Village Mirror to a mirror and 100 souls.

    Beholder Shield is now crafted using the Gazing Shield.

    Fixed Warlock error message.

    Made Voodoo dworc's more 'interesting' soul-drop wise.

    Sandbox specific changes:
    Fixed the crafting requirements of hardmode bars of ore, the ivy whip, the Adamantite Forge and the Mana Flower.

    Mana potions are slightly more expensive to buy from the Archaeologist.

    Red Cloud SP Map:
    Fixed the Slogra boss arena exploit.

    Added a Titanite sealed shortcut from the Great Chasm to the underworld and the Forgotten City. Useful if you want to go straight to hardmode on a new map.

    Altered the Temple of the Machine in a significant way.




    Updated the mod to tConfig v35.0 with included exe.

    Nerfed Ancient Demon, Dworc Voodoomaster, Basalisk Walker, Dunlending and Necromancer. Added Dworc Voodoo Shaman (Hardmode).

    Fixed Crimson Potion which is sometimes dropped by Dunlending.

    Reduced buy and sell price of the Piggy Bank and Safe, and adjusted value of other items for sale by NPCs.

    All ammo has a max stack of 2000, by request.

    Keep the feedback coming. Thanks!

    Red Cloud Map SP
    Added more housing for NPCs to the village (you can do this manually on a previous world using the wood in the tool house).

    Added a 1 minute shortcut from Hell into the Volcano dungeon (accessible if you explored the Volcano dungeon previously). Note, this pathway is still accessible in previous 1.1 releases, it's just a little less obvious).

    Made several jumps in the first Earth temple easier and fixed a jump to a new room that was missing.

    Added a new room near the village.

    Added a couple blind drops near the 1st dungeon.

    Added a secret discovery that allows level skipping near the corruption temple accessible from the early game, but it's going to take some mountain exploring to find. ;)

    Added a small shortcut from your save point near the 1st boss arena to the secret dungeon entrance, which has a demon altar.



    Fixed issues caused by override problems. Nerfed 3 enemies and updated spawn conditions. Adjusted buy amounts for items sold by Solaire. Reduced gold found in the Red Cloud map to compensate. Reduced the mod versions from six to four. MSD (Minus Soul Drop) and MP (Multiplayer) are now the same version and labeled as such. Fixed missing item sold by Solaire. Added Yorai's Dual Wielding back in. Use Yorai's for an easier difficulty and MiraiMai's for a harder difficulty.



    Fixed some Sandbox mod stuff I overlooked that needed overrides. Also fixed a small bug that was causing The Story of Red Cloud mod to not function properly.



    Multiplayer version added (beta) (!!!). :eek: Expect some bugs though.

    Over 210 new items - about 120 from Omnir's mod, 30 from Blahblahbal's Avalon mod, a couple dozen from me and the rest from various places.

    67+ new NPCs (!?!?) including 11 new bosses and 8 friendly NPCs.

    Retired Yorai's Dual Wielding mod for various reasons (including it no longer works with the newest tConfig with no plans to be updated).

    Added MiraiMai's Dual Wielding mod (formerly named Mainslot-0). MiraiMai's take on dual wielding allows you to right click to use the item in Mainslot 0,
    but you can only right or only left click at the same time.

    Retired the use of multiple difficulties (Easy, Hard and Evil).

    Merged the Red Cloud mod and the Dark Souls "sandbox, digging allowed" version into a single mod, switchable in tConfig Settings.

    Slight damage buff for all Cobalt, Mythril and Adamantite upgraded melee weapons.

    Made all potions have max stacks of 100.

    Slight nerf to Power NU Armor.

    Buff to all spear-type weapons, with a nerf to the Ancient Dragon Lance.

    Made drills and some vanilla items that are discovered in chests or dropped from bosses virtually uncraftable (in the story version). Also made ore collected from gates unusable until you're able to reach the Western-most part of the world.

    Fixed a very old 'bug' that prevented Ice and Bolt Tomes from applying damage bonuses.

    Many refinements and tweaks, too numerous to count.

    Please submit suggestions for changes here:

    Added 1 new hidden mini-dungeon with boss arena in the desert and 2 secret biome areas in the Western part of the world. You'll need to discover these areas to fight three of the secret post-Attraidies bosses.

    Added a new boss arena in the Meteorite Dungeon with an alternate path.

    Added a couple more signs with clues and tips.

    Added more hidden chests with platinum coins and other goods.

    Added an Adamantite Forge in the Western-most part of the world.

    Made the Underground Desert dungeon a little harder.

    Lots of other small things I can't remember now. ;)

    Added a MP version of the map with double beds in all save points and double items when appropriate (but not everywhere). Occasional asymetric gameplay is intentional. :)

    Added two new Sandbox maps: Valley of Defilement and Valley of Lord Gwyn. These two maps are the same except Defilement will be noticably 'darker,' literally and figuratively, and also harder. ;)
    These two maps are meant to be played with the Dark Souls: Sandbox Edition.

    Added IcyPRO's Minilands Hardcore! Dark Souls Edition (His map plus more demon altars and some additional crafting items for playing with the Dark Souls: Sandbox Edition mod).

    To Wooren for re-spriting part of the Lord Gwyn boss and several items.
    To Omnir for helping with coding issues and all the great new content used.
    To the Avalon team for content and Blahblahbal for coding help.
    To Flashkirby99 for content from his Weapons mod and eye glow code.
    To Yorai as always for helping me out when I'm in a jam.
    To Zero-Exodus for several sprites.
    To Zoodletech for more content.
    To Scooterboot and W1k for Serris boss.
    To Whale Cancer for sprites.
    To Ace the Best for some sprites.
    To Sapharan for some content from the Legend of Sapharan mod.
    To Heartstone25for Covenant of Artorias blood moon code and help.
    To Solenix for some Vertigo Elemental content.
    To MiraiMai for the inclusion of the Dual Wielding mod (aka Mainslot-0).
    To Grox the Great for coding help.
    ----- (Was taken down because it had a tconfig bug) Changes included in 1.1
    Got rid of the Super Easy difficulty mode and made the Easy difficulty not have souls drop on death. All enemies and bosses are easier than normal.
    Made Wand of Frost require 100 crystal shards to craft.
    Updated the mod to tConfig v29.9.
    Added Red Cloud Hunter and adjusted spawn rate of Man Hunter and stats.
    Added Barrow Wight, Dworc Fleshhunter, Dworc Venomsniper, and Dworc Voodoomaster enemies, plus Old Poisoned Dagger and Reforged Poisoned Dagger from Omnir's Mod.
    Added 5 seconds to Wall Tome.

    Removed Mana Flowers from game because the item is too OP.
    Fixed lever and gate in secret dungeon connected to the Earth Temple. Added a sign indicating that the Eye can be fought in the secret dungeon. Made the secret dungeon harder, using traps. Made some jumps easier. Made secret Hermes Boots a little harder to get. Added simple but new biome area near jungle.

    Updated all mods to tConfig v29.3. 3 New Difficulty Modes for the Red Cloud and Dark Souls (digging allowed) versions. Normal, Hard and Evil D all have "No souls drop on death" variations, with everything else staying the same. All of the difficulty modes are now contained within a single mod, respectively (thanks to Surfpup for this tConfig feature).

    To change your difficulty, go to tConfig Settings and click the mod name to cycle through the different options and click reload mods when you get to the difficulty you want to use.

    I changed the final surprise boss fight drop (boss credit: Draykon) with some difficulty tweaks (and charge attack) so the boss fight should feel fresh. If you can manage to beat it, it drops a pretty sweet item (although it only works to its full potential if you switch to the Dark Souls digging allowed version of the mod).

    I made a fairly significant re-balancing and tweaking of the final boss, Attraidies. The difficulty overall has been increased on all difficulties, while the boss now has 2 extra random summons that will add more dynamic unpredictability to each fight. Harder difficulties drop more souls (a feature unique to the last fight). And, thanks to Yorai's help, the boss now automatically plays the correct boss music (a nod to the final fight in Ocarina of Time, for those keeping score).

    One other bit of trivia: this fight was inspired by the Four Kings in Dark Souls. So keeping Attraidies' summoned illusions under control will be key to winning this fight. Hope you enjoy the changes. Let me know how it goes! One thing I recommend for fun: when you summon the boss, try jumping off the platform and fighting him mid-air and then all over the map, to the East or West. It makes for a pretty epic battle!

    -Much needed nerf to Bolt Tome 4 via increased mana cost. Only Mage-focused classes will be able to wield it.
    -Healing Elixir now heals confused debuff.
    -Seath (aka Skeletron) is now harder on Normal through Evil modes.
    -Fixed Miakoda and R2D2 pet bug errors that occured with newer tConfig versions.
    -Undead Caster (the dreaded mage in the 1st dungeon) now spawns slightly less, gives 5 more souls, has a rare chance to drop either the Wand of Fire or Wand of Darkness, and has slightly less health and knockback.
    -Added Omnir's dash attack to the Krakken (Water Fiend Spirit).
    -The two early game armors are slightly easier to craft (leather armor and red mage set).
    -The soul reaper is now easier to craft.
    -Buffed the damage of the Ultima Weapon and allowed the blade to turn when you turn while holding attack.
    -Made the Phoenix Down easier to craft (1 feather, 1 heart crystal, 100 dark souls).
    -Made Wand of Fire (early magic weapon) easier to craft.
    -Increased damage of Water Spirit Tome
    -Power Armor NU (end-game upgrade from Shadow Armor and 5 soul of Might) has been buffed with increased life regeneration and healing abilities etc, and the tool tip no longer keeps this armor's abilities a secret.
    -Removed Mana Flower skill from the Ankor Wat armor (end-game magic class).
    -Buffed the Muramassa and the Murassame
    -Beholder Shield reduces magic and ranged damage more plus greater mana cost
    -Removed Attraidies 3 second silence ability as it made it too difficult to beat him playing as a melee class (every boss should be defeatable with a melee focused class btw, using the melee shields).
    -Nerfed the Goblin Sorcerer.
    -Increased the difficulty of the Jungle Wyvern.
    -Undead Caster has 1/10th chance to drop an "Attraidies Relic" which lets you summon a powerful foe that drops 500 souls. Item is consumed on use.

    -Added a secret alternate dungeon via a secret passageway in the Earth Temple. Allows level skip and offers unique rewards, but should prove to be a formidable challenge.
    -I added a full text walkthrough of the game on the main Terraria Online thread and the curse page.
    -Lots of small changes to what can be found in certain chests.
    -Buffed Wand of Fire, Wand of Darkness, Bolt Tome 1 & 2 and and Ice Tome 1 & 2.
    -Fixed the knockback issue on the Bolt Tomes and also reduced the knockback on skeletons and zombies.
    -More polish on the 2nd dungeon (including opening up a new pathway and making the platforming in the beginning a little easier).
    -The early mountain platforming near the village has been made easier.
    -Added a hidden item (in a new area within the places accessable from the start) that will allow you to bypass the first dungeon entirely if you wish. But that also means heading into the 2nd dungeon vastly under-armed, so it should add another fun "choose your own adventure" type choice, while making all the hearts in the jungle more useful.
    -Added some of the items and armor you get from the village plus an orb of light into the beginning of the 1st dungeon so players can immediately dive into the 1st dungeon (skipping the village) if they so choose. (I'm also hoping this will make any future let's plays more dynamic to watch and less linear).
    -A heart was removed from the 1st and 2nd dungeon also so you might actually be able to use some of the hearts you find in the jungle. That will also make exploring the 2nd half of the corruption temple more useful.
    -I added a sign in the 2nd dungeon to make it clear the choice the player has (either exploring the 2nd half of the dungeon for the shadow armor, hearts and other treasure or heading to the jungle to the East).
    -Bumped up the difficulty of the jungle temple a bit to increase the risk/reward/choice between exploring the 2nd dungeon more to get stronger or braving the jungle without these preparations. (An upgraded gold or shadow armor is recommended.)
    -I made 3 separate copies of the world file so you essentially have 3 different 'save' files (A new character for each world file so you can play through the game as different classes at the same time).
    -One of the two secret abilities of the corrupt tooth can now be discovered from a sign.
    -There is an additional magic mirror to be found in the corruption temple slightly off the main path.
    -Added extra signs with tips.
    -Made several jumps in the Earth temple and Corruption temple easier.

    -Made several small changes to the Sand Box Adventure map (updated to 1.0.9). I removed the water from the starting area and from half of the ocean in the middle of the map, and added a large dam. Other changes include more gold keys since gold keys don't drop that often from slimes now. Opened up several more underground tunnels near the beginning of the game. Added more early game items to get you off to a quicker start below the spawn point, including silk and leather for crafting the early game armor upgrades. Also added a couple more magic mirrors and diving helmets. Expanded the jungle in a second area and added more demon altars about the world.

    If you are playing with the Dark Souls (Digging Allowed) version of the mod, I highly recommend using this map.
    Added Sandbox Mod version using Normal D but souls don't drop on death. Increased the difficulty of some bosses on Normal, Hard and Evil modes. Reduced the difficulty of the final boss on Evil mode. Added a few "sequence-breaking" changes to the map, so that game progression is more linear where it should be. Updated the mod to tConfig v27.1, which includes the source files for those than want to recompile the mod for future updates or want to edit the mod for their own enjoyment. Other minor changes, including some item placement changes or additions in a couple spots, and opened up the first EoW arena. Also removed a couple hearts from the first two dungeons. Moved the 2 additional magic mirrors to different locations so they are not immediately available. Added the newest Dual Wielding mod which is crash-bug free. Hurray! Made spikes and hellstone brick do the same amount of damage as you gain more defense (thanks Yorai) so the 6th and final dungeon provides the intended difficulty. Added the Piggy Bank to most Save Points so that you have both the Piggy Bank and Safe to use for storage at most Save Points. Reduced the number of Greater Healing Potions across the map. Sharks no longer drop the Coral Sword in Hard and Evil D. Be sure to update to the latest tconfig (included).
    A crash bug was introduced in tconfig 23.7, so this update downgrades the mods to the included tConfg version 23.5a, which no one has had any issues with. This version also includes a .wld file version of the map, instead of the .zip, as converting it to tconfig's format seemed to be causing a world duplication issue and/or the game was not saving some people's map progress (blown up walls, stuff placed in chests etc). The downside is, the 'game enforcing' mod code that keeps you from breaking or placing blocks will not be initialized until you save and reload the game once. However, these changes should solve the 2 problems introduced since v1.0.8.5 when I batched in tconfig 23.7, which means this *should* be an entirely crash free/stable mod release, and if that remains true I'm going to let this remain the "finished" build of the game. A 1.1 update with new mod content may be released in the future, but that will likely come sometime in the fall. Also, I boosted the difficulty of Skeletron on Evil D. Cheers!
    Fixed last remaining rule breaking possibilities: Silver, Cobalt, Mythril and Adamantite ore can no longer be bombed and require the correct pick strength to break. Active stone gates are permanently impervious. Added Man Hunter NPC. Fixed Cruel Arrow not doing damage and improved its abilities. Added Artemis Bow, Lionheart Gunblade (a drop from the Wyvern Mage), Sniper Rifle and a unique set of Crystal Armor (an upgrade from the Cobalt melee set). Thanks to Omnir for these content additions, with some tweaks for this mod. Boosted The Rage difficulty on Normal D and above. Added in some slightly weaker debuffs to the Super Easy and Easy modes along with the Bloodred Moss Clump antidote. Changes affect the mods only.
    Fixed weird issue with the Story or Red Cloud world file duplicating after saving, quitting and reloading. Batched in the newest tconfig 23.7 and updated all the mods accordingly (it's real easy to install - just use the new install file and it will overwrite everything it needs to). Fixed small crafting upgrade tooltip for the Wand of Frost. Thanks to Yorai, added some code that allows your larger ammo stacks to be placed in chests or safes (previously they would be reduced to 250 when you saved and reloaded). This code also fixes a major bug that occurred in the multiplayer BETA we're working on, which means a MP version may see the light of day after all. It still needs more boss testing however. Stay tuned.
    Updated the 'Can't destroy blocks' code so that the Lich King arena can be entered and jungle grass is easier to destroy. Added the Gazing Shield, a shield for melee fighters that is a tier lower than the Beholder shield. Added more magic NPCs that are affected by the Rune Blade's damage bonus. Slightly nerfed Wyvern Mage and Marillith on Normal D and below. Also updated Wyrnkiller blade and Sun blade. Reduced random spawn rate of Attraidies and Mindflayer Illusion. Made Mindflayer Illusion (which can randomly spawn on bloodmoons in Hard Mode) not a boss so it will drop souls every time on defeat. Removed titanite and active stone blcok code from Dark Souls Mod - Evil D so silver and active stone block can be mined as normal.
    Increased drop rate of Bloodred Moss Clump.

    Created Healing Elixr, which is dropped by Attraidies Illusions and sometimes by the Dungeon Mage.

    Added exception for Jungle Grass so it can be blown up in certain areas it couldn't and needed to in the previous version.

    Made the Water Spirit Tome more difficult to craft.

    Added some hidden shadow armor to the Corruption Temple and a few more water walking and regen potions to the 2nd Eater of Worlds arena.

    Dungeon Mage and Attraidies Illusions drop golden keys in the sandbox version.
    Red Cloud: Removed the 2 tile exceptions and replaced it with code that makes an exception for the explosives instead (if that didn't make sense don't worry about it - haha). Also added can-place exceptions for candles and signs, and can-destroy exceptions for signs and wood platforms so that should hopefully do it. Also added an extra tooltip to Suspicious Looking Eye indicating the boss must be summoned during the night.
    Red Cloud: Added exceptions for 2 tiles so that explosives in one dungeon will blow up their intended blocks.
    Sandbox: Added a couple more tunnels. Fixed GPS duplicates. Removed Dryad. Made some houses need fixing before they're livable. Crafting Wizard Hat makes one instead of 5.

    Major New Features:
    (1) Added "SUPER EASY" difficulty mode.
    This is the same as Easy mode except souls are not dropped on death, souls can be put in safes (although you won't need to), enemies drop 40% more Dark Souls than normal, the main shield and its upgrades has no movement penalty, and Obsidian Skin Potions can be crafted with Dark Souls. As with Easy mode and Normal mode, Dark Souls can be viewed by the Guide's Crafting Wiki.

    (2) Added "EVIL" Difficulty Mode.
    All enemies and bosses do more damage, have less knockback, or more health. Sometimes all of the above. This is a difficulty of pure insanity. But it's not too far from Hard mode, and I believe it is still reasonably fair. In either case, I would love to get feedback on this mode from anyone brave enough to try it. It turns Terraria into a true survival-horror experience. ;)

    (3) Added "SANDBOX EDITION" of the Red Cloud/Dark Souls Mod, in Normal, Hard and Evil difficulties (still single-player only for now).
    For this edition, crafting recipes for some items have been adjusted (such as summoning items), and other map-specific aspects have been changed to fit the open sand-box format. Included is a "Dark Souls Adventure Map" - which is a large randomly generated world that has been enhanced with some fun environment changes, all of my favorite set pieces from the adventure map, 2 extra randomly generated dungeons, LOTS more organic tunnels, extra demon altars placed about, and a few additions to the randomly spawned chests to fit the map. It also has a very basic back-story that is completely unexplained, but it will bring a fresh feel to the adventure. Also, because there are no signs in this map, players can consult the Guide's Wiki for Dark Souls crafting options in all difficulties. In this respect, it is exactly like the classic Terraria experience. No tutorial, no explanations for anything. You must figure out what is going on and what to do and what bosses you can summon via exploration and experimentation. Most importantly, as you'd expect, there are NO rules. Some Let's Plays of this mode would also be super fun to watch. And good luck!

    (4) Thanks to Surfpup, the last remaining traditional rule from the Game Rules has been removed (no removing or placing blocks) - it will not be possible to mine anything you're not supposed to anymore! And you won't be able to place blocks either! Hurrah! (This means you can't build houses anymore but it didn't seem like people were doing this anyway). In fact, that about does it for the voluntary game rules, so much so that I changed the "Game Rules" to "Game Manual" as the text now focuses mainly on what you CAN do, since folks are pretty used to voluntary rules with Custom Terraria maps. Now, if you can do it, it's okay to do it. If you can get there, it's okay to get there. :)
    Sand and all types of furniture or objects remain breakable and placeable, however.

    (5) Several smaller changes in this update worth knowing about if you've already started playing:
    • YOU NEED TO INSTALL tCONFIG 23.5 for the new mods to load.
    • Gave the Pwnhammer pickaxe power. Players should now use this to open the Cobalt Gates after beating the Wall of Flesh.
    • Fixed Attraidies Illusion infinite spawning glitch that occured in Hard D only.
    • Dark Souls can be viewed by the Guide's Wiki in (New) Super Easy mode, Easy Mode, and Normal Mode (however you should avoid this whenever possible to retain the mystery and surprise of later-game items).
    • Removed feather fall debuff from The Oracle projectile in Normal and Hard D's.
    • Improved the AI of all the enemies that use the Death/Attraidies AI (thanks Yorai!).
    • Added a twin of the Attraidies Illusion, with different projectiles.
    • Fixed Arrow of Bard not doing damage
    • Nerfed Chaos ball projectile damage that Undead Caster and other mages shoot
    • Added in the two NPCs missing from Easy mode.
    • Changed crafting recipe of Greater Wizard Hat to include Sorcerer Emblem
    • Gave a boost to the early-game Wand of Darkness. Fixed knockback of Possessed Armor NPC. Reduced random spawning of Attraidies/Illusions during blood moons. Fixed Titan Grapple crafting text.
    • Added clues to the Crests that didn't have them yet. Made many small improvements to the map, including more signs to offer direction and made some key areas harder to miss. Fixed all possible areas where sand collapse should not occur.
    Fixed Wyverns not dropping souls after defeating the Wyvern Mage
    Jungle Wyvern and Demon Spirits no longer drop the Molten Pickaxe. You must defeat the Wall of Flesh and craft the dropped Pwnhammer into the Molten Pickaxe to progress. Fixed Souls of Sight bug that caused them to act like Dark Souls. Dark Souls can now be viewed in the Guide's crafting Wiki. Dark Souls still cannot be viewed by the guide but this may change later. A small amount of Dark Souls drop from the Eater of Worlds on subsequent deaths. King Slime drops 500 dark souls on each defeat in addition to its first-time drop. Fixed Bow of Earendil and gave it a boost. Now does more damage and knockback, aims precisely, and has auto-use, but no longer pierces through walls. Gave the Corrupted Tooth another secret ability. Gave the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring 3 defense. Added some ocean biome enemies to all deep waters on Hard D. Fixed Bloodred Moss Clump so they can no longer be crafted with stone block. Fixed NPC spawn house for Orgon the demolitionist. Added sign in Eater of World's second arena indicating you can beat the two EoW's separately if you fail to defeat them together the first time. Also added bombs to starting area so you can immediately go to the Earth Temple via the tunnel entrance. Changes mostly affect the mod.
    Update only affects Normal D Mod: Shadow Mages and Crazed Demon Spirits don't appear until after you defeat The Sorrow, toning down the difficulty of the underworld immediately after The Wall of Flesh battle and briefly before and after The Rage fight. Also nerfed the Poisoned Flammes projectile shot by the Jungle Wyvern which reduced the broken armor debuff from 10 to 3 seconds. Also reduced damage of Undead Caster projectile.
    Fixed Slime King dropping souls of sight. Reduced shadow scales needed for Shadow Armor. Fixed Easy mode not dropping souls (unless this was a player error due to having multiple Red Cloud mods loaded at once - make sure you only have one difficulty ON at once and hit reload mods after every change.) Tried to fix prefix bug that is preventing mod items from being able to be reforged with a defense bonus (says defense but doesn't add it) - adding this to list of known bugs. Will update if a fix is discovered. Added a couple more signs to the map and an alternate entrance to the Shadow Temple. Added secret item to Easy mode. Small recipe fix to Beholder shield on Hard D.

    Significant game-play update. I was able to remove a "voluntary" rule from the Game Rules via a mod update. Thanks to Yoraizor, bosses can
    no longer be farmed and will only drop souls once, as intended. Also many players found that they could easily subvert the soul-dropping/losing mechanic by putting them in safes. Again thanks to Yoraizor this has been fixed. With these two game-play fixes, the difficulty of the game is as it was originally intended (boss farming really broke the balance of the crafting recipes), and soul saving, when given the option is just too tempting to pass up. But in the original Dark Souls experience you always had souls on the line unless you had just spent them, which is what made that game such a thrill. That said, there are still many tricks and techniques one can use to almost ensure you never lose a large amount of souls - if you're careful and use all your abilities to their full. No hints though. I've yet to hear anyone on the T.O. thread mention these tips either so there's still much to discover.

    Also, as popularly requested, I nerfed the difficulty of the Phoenixes and boosted the difficulty of the final boss and optional bosses and some pre-hard mode bosses on Normal D. (Thanks to Phlebas - I was able to add debuffs to some enemy projectiles - yay!). Also increased difficulty of Hard D (more punishing debuffs, more damage and life etc). I fixed the Intrepid Sword bug (completely). Fixed two progression exploits in the map. Added an uprade for the Soul Repeaper. Added a shield for melee players. Switched the Heaven Sword to a melee damage bonus and the other throwing sword to ranged. Nerfed Bolt and Ice tomes. Added 2 end-game spears from Omnir's mod. Added one secret item that will help with the added difficulty of not being able to break the rules (you need a bar of ore to craft it). And lots of other small tweaks.

    Here is one hint: play with auto-pause ON. This will allow you to pause during fights, crafting and reading signs, and allows you to choose your moves carefully, check boss health and rethink your setup if you're about to die.

    Note: there are now more differences between the difficulty modes. Normal and Hard have a couple new mobs and the secret item. But, EASY will still allow you to put your souls in safes and provides an extra 30% soul drop rate.
    >>> Update mainly affects the mod. As with previous updates, don't update your map until your next play-through.

    tConfig 23.3 is now batched with the install files of the main download. Please use the lastest version. Mod update fixes a glitch with some projectile sprites in all Red Cloud difficulties. Also increased difficulty of the final boss. Made tweaks to random spawning of final boss (it is now an illusion and doesn't drop final boss drops and drops less souls). Use Cosmic Watch to avoid these fights if you like. Boosted the 2 new throwing swords. Moved a chest in first dungeon and moved the nearby dungeon zone farther back so it's less likely dungeon guardian will come after you. Also added warning sign.
    >>>Update mainly for the mod only. Don't use the latest map until your next play-through. The 2 map changes were very minor.

    Hard Mode difficulty added (aka New Game Plus - recommended only after beating the game on Normal for an extra challenge. Do not attempt lightly ;). Wall of Flesh difficulty optimized relative to fights before it. Added upgrade path for Band of Cosmic Power and Frost Wand. Added 2 new end-game weapons from Zoodletec's latest mod. Slight nerfs to Dark Cloak, Flamess of the Night and a few other items. Divine Spark is now a boss drop. Titan Grapple and Mjolnir boosted/souls needed reduced. Reduced chance of random spawning for 2 bosses. Several small touches to ensure important signs are read. Made it impossible to head farther West too soon in the game progression. Added path between 2 dungeons so that it is eventually possible to travel from one end of the map to the other without ever reaching the surface (just for fun). Optimized fight with The Rage. Boosted Hunter and Water Fiend difficulty.Titanite can no longer be bombed. A few other small fixes.
    >>>Changes affect Mod & Map (Do not update your map if you've already started playing. Only update the latest mod patch and use the latest map version on your next play-through).

    Wall of Flesh AI bug fixed. He won't tongue you anymore, but the downside is it has all its normal stats so it's significantly easier. This seems like a fair tradeoff considering the glichiness has just been a lot worse than it was during my testing. (I beat him 6 times in a row with him not tonguing me repeatedly or hardly at all when I finished working on him.)The molten pickaxe will now be dropped by the Jungle Wyvern and Demon Spirits have a 1/10 chance of dropping it.
    >>>Mod update only.

    Retains Shadow Key fix. This makes the worm food non consumable and makes all the summoning items max stack=1 and adds tool tips for these items saying they're non-consumable. Changed the Ancient Warhammer recipe to need The Breaker instead of War Axe of the Night. Increased mana cost for Divine Spark. Upped difficulty of Death.
    >>>Mod update only.

    Added shadow key fix. Toned down the spawning of Parasitic Worms.
    >>>Affects Map and Mod.

    The Forgotten City boss and the Hallowed Caverns boss difficulty has been increased slightly to fit into the progression better.
    Slight difficulty boost to a couple other bosses in the later game.
    Added tool tips to several vanilla armors so players know that they can be upgraded to better armors.
    >>>Changes only affect the Red Cloud mod files.

    The Story of Red Cloud is a massive full game Zelda/Dark Souls inspired adventure built inside the world of Terraria. It will take players through 14 dungeons spread across an expansive and inter-connected world, encompassing an estimated 15 to 30+ hr experience that will offer enough to do and see to enjoy more than one playthrough.

    Go here to download latest version:

    (Check the Read Me before playing and the Change Log for updates. Everything needed to play is included. See the Game Install Instructions for details on installing the mod, the custom soundtrack and the map.

    Official Mod & Map Wiki (Please help contribute to it!)

    (This Wiki was made possible thanks to SourceToWiki by Najko)

    Mod Stats
    Npcs 131
    Items 507
    Buffs 29
    Armor sets 28

    Trailer by Tim aka "Diggaroo."

    Teaser trailer by Zebri

    Let's Play of New 1.0.9 Content by Gwyned42

    Let's Play by Ryan Ep 1

    See Preview Screens (open)

    The Corruption.JPG

    The Unadin Inn.JPG

    Chest Under the Waters.png

    Ancient Hyroglyphics.JPG

    Slime King.JPG

    Swimming Under the sea.JPG

    Temple Sacrifice.JPG





    This is the starting moment in Valley of Defilement.


    Track-Listing for the Custom Soundtrack - BE SURE TO INSTALL THIS IT WILL BE WORTH IT!!! (open)

    Compiled and audio-mixed by Tim Hjersted
    All Reorchestrated songs are by Z.R.E.O.
    Credits are otherwise noted by ().

    1. night time/ Skyward Sword - Separation / Skyward Sword - Sealed Temple (Nintendo)

    2. dungeon/evil/underworld/metor/ Ocarina of Time - Spirit Temple Reorchestrated / Majora's Mask - Stone Tower Temple Reorchestrated

    3. daytime/ A Link to the Past - Dark Overworld Theme Reorchestrated / The Minish Cap - Mt. Crenel Reorchestrated

    4. boss 1/ Ocarina of Time - Battle Reorchestrated

    5. title/ Princess Mononoke - Legend of Ashitaka (Joe Hisaishi)

    6. jungle/ Ocarina of Time - Fire Temple Reorchestrated

    7. corruption/ Princess Mononoke - The Battle Drums (Joe Hisaishi)

    8. hallow/ Skyward Sword - Skyview Temple Reorchestrated

    9. underground corruption/ Twilight Princess - Arbiters Grounds (Nintendo)

    10. underground hallow/ The Minish Cap - Temple of Droplets Reorchestrated / Ocarina of Time - Water Temple Reorchestrated / Oracle of Ages - Nayru's Song Reorchestrated

    11. boss 2 / wall of flesh/ Ocarina of Time - Ganon Battle Theme Reorchestrated

    12. underground/ Ocarina of Time - Forest Temple Reorchestrated

    13. boss 3/ A Link to the Past - Boss Battle Reorchestrated

    Mixed in as transitions:

    Ocarina of Time - Ganon's Castle Underground (Nintendo)
    Cave Ambience (Jross aka Xeltic89)
    Frog Chorus (Echoes of Nature album by American Wilds)
    Deep Woods (Echoes of Nature album by American Wilds)
    Crickets (Echoes of Nature album by American Wilds)

    Here is a run-down of the top features:
    • Dark Souls Game Mechanic
    • Single-player and multiplayer compatible
    • 14 uniquely themed Dungeon areas spread between both normal and hard modes
    • 29 bosses (all 7 vanilla plus 22 mod bosses)
    • Custom Soundtrack inspired by Princess Mononoke & Zelda
    • Over 600 new mod items, weapons, and armors from a dozen of the best mods from the community, plus tons of new items unique to this mod
    • Heavy remixing of community contributed mod content, including new bosses, mobs and gear
    • Game requires a quick installation of tConfig and Game Launcher (files included)
    • A unique story that's descriptive but not too heavy on text
    • A strong emphasis on visual immersion and a logical connection between areas similar to Dark Soul's world layout.
    • Map created entirely from scratch using Tedit 3, down to individual tree placements and hill curves
    • Souls drop (classic Dark Souls experience) and souls don't drop versions of the game.
    • Sandbox Mode with 3 enhanced randomly generated maps (No rules, no story, digging allowed, classic Terraria gameplay)
    • Depending on what you choose to do and how you spend your souls, every play-through will be different.
    • 10+ months in development
    • The most downloaded custom map/mod combination in Terraria history (it's been downloaded over 70,000 times).
    • Glowing 10/10 reviews (see posts all over this thread).
    Let's Plays of this map
    (I'll watch every one and post a link of it here -This is the best part for me.)
    Remixes using this map and/or mod (with credits and a link back to this thread)

    Ryan aka rwm8558
    EndzeitkindLP (German)
    Thordan Ssoa
    Twilight Pianist
    TheAlchemistHome* (Awesome and glowing review of the game)



    Terraria Mega-Mod ‘The Story Of Red Cloud’ Updates & Expands Review by John B

    Game Credits (open)

    Tim Hjersted / Everything! Ahhh!

    Custom Soundtrack (It's highly recommended everyone install this; it completes the experience):
    Tim Hjersted / Compiled & mixed
    Zreo / The Legend of Zelda re-Orchestrated
    Joe Hisaishi / Princess Mononoke

    Tim Hjersted / Dark Souls concept + Tons of new content + Mod Remixing & Compiling
    Yoraiz0r / Dark Souls + Dual Wielding + More Dark Souls
    Omnir / Omnir's Mod
    W1k / W1k's Mod
    Draykon / Dark Souls + Curtain of Bullets, Endgame
    Phlebas / Debuffs code
    Surfpup / No mining or placing tiles code
    Obsidian54 / Obsidian's Mod
    blahblahbal et al / Avalon Mod
    VortexJ / Unobtanium
    Zoodletec / Necro Pack
    Kujulo / Kujulo's Mod DLC
    Dogsonofawolf / NPCs
    Reborn Team / Reborn Mod
    FatObeseBird / League of Legends
    NerdyBoy, Reactorcore / Alchemistry
    PolarBMD / Terraria_
    Delra / Monster Hunter Mod
    KaneStaff / Zelda Mod
    FrosTr / FrosTr's Misc Pack
    Scooterboot9697 / Metroid Mod
    Pwnager / Empowered Endgame
    SuperWeegee1 / Dream (Also credit Dream Team)
    Mitchellex / Wululu
    Acheld / Phoenix Down & Bookmarks
    Ace the Best / Ace The Best's Final Fantasy Modification
    Wooren / Sprites
    Sapharan / Legend of Sapharan
    Heartstone25 / Covenant of Artorias blood moon code

    Map Trailers:
    Triangular Satellite

    Special thanks:
    Triangular Satellite
    Binary Construct

    Beta Testing Thanks:

    Extra Special thanks to:
    W1k - provided a TON of boss coding help and for all his mod contributions to the community
    Yoraizor - was extremely helpful, made the Soul Reaper code, helped with the dynamic Grav effect, translated Dark Souls idea for Draykon, generally helped with a ton of my newb questions.
    Draykon - coded the Dark Souls mechanic (in like 3 hours!), also provided a lot of help with bugs
    Omnir - for creating the most incredible mod, which probably makes up the majority of content used for this Dark Souls mod project

    This map & mod would never have seen release without the help of these guys.. as I probably would have had myself committed first ;p (trying to fix bugs with virtually no coding experience when I started)... Also... this mod MAKES the game.. and I can't offer a bigger thanks to all the hard work all of these guys above put into their creations.

    More Details on the Dark Souls Game Mechanic (open)


    Yes my friends, Dark Souls! I suspect this game needs no introduction. It is personally one of my top 5 games of all time. Nothing could beat the adrenaline rush of beating a tough-as-nails boss with pure skill and perfect concentration, the satisfaction of leveling up and becoming like a god after slogging through hell, and the terror felt seeking out 20,000 souls you've left on the battlefield. This game made you pay the f**k attention, and really care about not dying like no other game I've played. And what was the mechanic that made this addictive fun possible? The Dark Souls game mechanic.

    Collect souls from fallen creatures, use them to level up and craft new gear. Die once and you drop all your souls where you died and have one chance to recover them. Die again and they're gone for good.

    This magic sauce, thusly, has been ported to Terraria, and it works beautifully.


    Also like in Dark Souls, where you can only spend your souls at strategically placed campfires throughout the game, Dark Souls in Terraria can only be crafted at Demon Altars, which cannot be moved by the player. And I have placed these Demon Altars throughout the map in a way that should offer a similar feeling of tension and reward.


    The number of souls all enemies drop is based on their value param, so dropped souls scale with the difficulty of enemies.

    Lastly, since many have found the pre-hard mode bosses too easy since the last update, I've bumped up the difficulty of all the bosses and given small bumps to many of the enemies. This also balances out with the gear you can craft, which will often be leveled-up versions of discovered vanilla-game items. So crafting and upgrading your gear will be necessary to advance through the adventure.

    I have to give my biggest thanks to Draykon and Yoraizor, who were nice enough to respond to my request and make it a reality. But the thing that blew my mind was that they had a working version for me within 3 hours of my email. Crazy, just crazy.


    [End Wall of Text]

    Signature code (open)
    Go here. Click the Double A's icon in the top right corner and paste this into your signature:
    And it will look like this:

    Overworld Map (Full Spoiler) (open)

    1.1f map with glow effect

    1.08 map.

    Step by Step Walkthrough (open)

    This walkthrough contains major spoilers as far as telling you where to go and what to do. I don't recommend reading it unless you feel pretty lost, in which case you can read up to the point you are in the game so you can still enjoy the puzzles and discoveries to come later.

    The Story of Red Cloud Walkthrough

    Exit your grave. Go West and collect the gear you can find including some bombs and shine potions in the burned down village. Optionally, go back East and enter the flooded cave to find some things.

    Continue East until you get to the Earth temple's cave entrance. Use your bombs or pickaxe to continue into the 1st temple to get right into the action. Or go North up the hill to reach the village.

    In the village, grab some armor and drop down the village well. Go right to grab the Orb of Light. Then go left to get your first magic mirror. Use it to
    teleport to the surface. Or, enter the Earth temple via the bottom of the well.

    If you enter the dungeon from the well, head north up the main shaft to find a bed rest and your first demon alter to craft a Light Cube, a Greater Magic Mirror and a Soul Reaper when you can.

    Explore the first dungeon as thoroughly as you wish. To find the boss, head south down the main shaft to the bottom of the flooded room and head left, then up and left. Rest at the bed and continue left.

    To the left of the boss arena you'll find a demon alter to craft what you want from the 3,000 souls the Eye will drop.

    Then head up and to the left of the boss arena to find a short cut out of the dungeon.

    With the Hermes Boots in your possession, run to the West of the village via the long tunnel and jump over the ravine to enter the 2nd dungeon.

    Go all the way left, grab the key, then continue to follow the path left and down to find the Cloud in a Bottle. Use it in the room to get to the high platform where you'll find golden armor. Then flip the switch back at the bottom and head to the right and follow the path. Jump over the two shafts and head to the right and jump over the ravine to enter the corrupted forest to find the 2nd boss. This juncture is also where you will be able to return to the village tunnel and return home.

    Pro tip: use a water-walking potion to avoid getting massacred by the boss in this arena. After the 2nd boss, go up and to the left, cross over the ravine once more, then enter the first shaft you come to. Head all the way south into this shaft to find the 2nd Eater of Worlds encounter. Fight this boss so you can craft the Shadow armor and it's powerful soul-based upgrade. Or, after the 2nd boss, you can snake around the corrupted tunnels to get back to the corrupted forest where you can go North to get back to the village tunnel.

    At this point, you can head East, past your family's burned-down village and use your double-jump to get over the hill. Head East until you reach the Dryad's house entrance. Talk to her, then continue heading East. Explore the jungle tree-top village if you like. Then farther East, you have the option of entering the 3rd jungle temple via the golden temple shrine entrance, or continue East to the volcano, which is the entrance to an optional 4th dungeon, which has meteor gear and some other treasure.

    If you enter the volcano, eventually you will find a path on the left side of this dungeon that will lead into the jungle temple.

    In the jungle temple, explore this area until you reach Seath (pronounced Seeth). After defeating Seath and freeing Miakoda, jump off the cliff to the left to enter the Forgotten City.

    Explore the city as much as you like. Eventually to the West you'll discover a large room that houses your captive brother. Free him and then head to the next tower to the West to fight the forgotten city's guardian.

    Then head to the next tower to the left and head south to find the entrance to the Fire Temple.

    Explore this area and find the 4 switches you will need to switch to reach the Western-most part of the temple where you will find the alter to sacrifice the Guide voodoo doll.

    After defeating the Wall of Flesh in the Fire Temple, head all the way to the East from whereever you are in the Fire Temple zone to find a tunnel that leads to a shortcut that will take you back to the jungle temple. Heading from here to the right with the room with the 3 temple shrines, you can find a short-cut to the surface from above the 3 temple shrines.

    Or, from the left-most entrance to the Fire Temple, you can go North, climb the towers to find a short-cut to the Earth temple and a quick way back to the village.

    If you've found a second magic mirror and turned it into a village mirror of course you can use that to fast travel back to the village.

    Once you've reached the surface, head to the East past the volcano to find the Hallowed Caverns. Explore these caverns and continue to the deepest part of the caverns to find the entrance to The Rage boss fight arena.

    After this fight, head back to the surface and climb the mountain with your new drill to open the way to the Wyvern Mage's Mountain Fortress. Use the Ice Rod to cross the mountain valley. Here you will find some nice treasure and the Cloud in a Balloon.

    Fighting the Wyvern Mage is an optional boss fight and is not recommended until later in the game when you feel more powerful.

    Then head back down to the bottom of the mountain and head East to the Frozen Ocean. Break a hole in the ice and seek out the under-water research facility.

    Head south into the mythril tunnels and explore this area until you find a large ravine that goes very deep. There you will find the next boss you must defeat, The Sorrow.

    After you beat this boss, head to the surface and go all the way to the West. You will now be able to open Adamantite gates. You can either climb up above the village mountain or you can run through the village tunnel and briefly enter the corruption temple to find an adamantite gate that is a fast path to the desert.

    In the desert, look for a tiny house, this will later reveal the quickest route to the Shadow Temple.

    Go past the tiny house and enter the desert ruins. Look for a purple light. Below this you will find the entrance to the undergound desert ruins.

    Explore this area until you reach a glowing mushroom cavern. Head to the left to find the next boss you must defeat, The Hunter.

    After defeating the Hunter, explore the 2 gates which are sealed by Titanite (silver) ore. One of them will be a major plot point and will provide the needed clue to find your father's sword and armor.

    After retrieving your father's sword and armor, you can upgrade the armor into 3 powerful end-game armors, each dedicated to either melee, ranged or magic. By this point you can also fully upgrade the "Hero's" armor set to it's final form.

    From here, you can choose to fight The Twins that rest above the twin peaks of Arazium (in between the two mountain peaks to the West of the village).

    Or you can head back to the tiny house in the desert. The floor gate in the basement will now be open and will lead to the Shadow Temple entrance.

    Make your way through this dungeon. At some point during your path through this dungeon you will be able to craft an extremely fun end-game armor that you can upgrade from a shadow armor set.

    There is an optional boss fight mid-way through in the glowing mushroom cavern.

    Reaching the end of this long dungeon you will find The Destroyer.

    After defeating this boss, head to the bridge next to your family's destroyed village and jump into the waters to find the entrance to the last temple.

    Explore this dungeon and enjoy the glass-tube reference to Super Metroid. Shortly beyond this you will find the Machine. The last boss you must defeat.

    Above this boss arena you will find a short-cut to the Dryad's house and a path to the surface.

    With all 6 boss shards in your possession, take them to the Attraidies tower in the desert to the West and fly above the tower to find Attraidies boss arena.

    Use the light and dark shards to craft Attraidies' summoning cube.

    Fight Attraidies.

    Do not get destroyed.

    And congratulations, you just beat the game!

    If you thought this game was awesome please leave a comment on the Terraria Online thread:

    Or consider making a donation to


    Other Mods to Check Out (open)

    GreenCat77's XInput Mod - Play this map with an XBox 360 controller on the PC! :)
    Omnir's Nostalgia Mod - Where 65% of this mod originally came from. A must play!
    Tedit 3 - Not really a mod, but this is the program I used to make the Red Cloud map.
    Dogsonofawolf's Other Worlds Mod - Could be fun to try with the Sandbox version of the Dark Souls mod.
    Lucky Finish! Add a bit of luck to your playthrough (random chance for enemies to drop more souls and money).
    Hidden in Grass: Make your experience more like Zelda. Hearts, money and drops appear from cutting grass.

    All of the mods that were used to create this mod.
    More links to be added soon...

    Donate to Films For Action
    Enjoyed this map and want to say thanks? Think it was worth what you might pay for DLC or a normal game?
    You can donate to the non-profit alternative media organization I work for:

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    First. *cookie earned*

    Motherofgawd, finally, can't wait for the download link.
    Also, the credits. It kinda feels like a community mod/map. It's like you forced everyone into this with just a little effort from them, that's one of the most amazing thing I've seen around here from the time I joined the forum, damn 'grats for this. I'll surely help as much as I can with bug reports/fixes.

    EDIT : kinda late, you already put it up, LOL. I'll try it tomorrow as I don't have much time right now. I'll just start download and install it for now. Gettin' so excited at 4:21 AM is bad for my health, damnlol.
  3. Sj67

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    This compatible with other mods? .3.
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  4. Yoraiz0r

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    its a tConfig mod , so obviously it is compatible! :p
    by the way....I got just a slight momentum into working on dual wielding again... Any chance you have the source of the version you're using for this pack , Tim?
  5. Zoodletec

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    Woo yeah! I'll be trying this out today =] I have lots of things to do but progress be damned I'm playing this map instead.
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    I will play this. Now. And I might make a let's play...Meh...
  7. Stackerzgame

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    Glad too see you finally got this done! You put a damn lot of work in to it.
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  8. Tim Hjersted

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    Yep, I just loaded up the mod with a bunch of the mods that share the same content and it all looks to work just fine. Although I'd recommend just playing with the Red Cloud mod on your first play-through.
    I'm pretty sure the attached source is the one I included for the game. It's been pretty stable for me in game. It's only crashed on me a couple times over the last couple months while I was in the middle of playing. I've found it crashes the most often for me when I've alt-tabbed back to the desktop to work on something and I come back 15-30 minutes later and it's got the error crash screen. Good luck, sir!

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  9. W1K

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    Sure, the dual wield works fine enough, but crashes are still there. At least it's not like the last time I tried it (crash every 10 minutes). I reached hell and I just had like 4 random crashes (I play'd for like 8 hours or even more, LOL). By the way, I think the Forgotten City's boss is kinda too easy. It was surprisingly easy compared to Skeletron, I find some random mob there way harder then it. Dunno, might also be because I used Supersonic with a lot of buffs, but I really rarely got it by it. Also, I found Tim. I know what you did thar dud.
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  10. Tim Hjersted

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    Heh, well I'm always happy to make a boss harder. :) If other folks want to download the mod update it contains a more challenging version of the Forgotten City boss. Also, nice. As rare as Tim spawns I was wondering if someone would find him. ;p

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    Well it was hilarious. At first I was "Oh nice... Tim... wait, wtf?" then I was like "when the fuck will it die lol" and then two random Illusion (I think they're called something like that) spawned and what happened after is so messed up I don't even know what really was. Luckily I was able to kill them both along with Tim, only 1 gold, so much disappoint.
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    I tried using the terraria gamelauncher thing, but it's now mucked up my terraria and it won't let me play anything
    scrap that thing, it works, but will I be able to use my original Terraria characters and worlds?
    And sorry about that one too, I found out just loading the normal Terraria.exe on GameLauncher works. (facepalm)
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  13. Tim Hjersted

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    lol, awesome. Yea it can get a bit hairy down there in that area. :p Tim should have dropped about 1000 dark souls, which is unusually high compared to regular enemies. (The way the code works, the number of souls dropped is tied to an NPCs value, so all the values are set for the soul drop rather than the monies)
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  14. W1K

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    What's actually the problem?

    Got it, I didn't noticed the soul drop's number that much, too many npcs and projectiles around, LOL. By the way, fun fact, I play'd with only the main weapon (and a torch as secondary) for all the time untill I beat'd WoF. Now I freakin' burn my mouse buttons to spam projectiles from a dual Clockwork+Blaster combo as the hardmode npcs appearing down there are damn deadly. Too bad when I reached the exit of the hell, my game crashed, after like 10 minutes of random-killing-epically-overpowered-mobs. On the second try I just rushed and reached it in like a minute (Supersonic + 50% speed bonus ftw).
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  15. Ginganinjamatio

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    work like this?
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  16. Ginganinjamatio

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    at first, when I tried to use it, it said it couldn't use the map. then I noticed I forgot to install tConfig. (facepalm) then i couldn't find my original characters and worlds, because I didn't know you could use the original Terraria on GameLauncher anyway. (another facepalm). I am such an idiot. sorry for any inconvenience.
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    LOL no problem, just glad you fixed it.

    Mr. Tim, W1K at report again. I noticed the phoenix to be quite easier then I expected it to be (ya know, a boss initially balanced by HERO, ya know what it means). Thing is, it deals too low damages for that kind of gear. It mostly dealt me from 7 to 23 damage (other hardmode enemies dealt me more then 40) and it didn't seemed that hard to dodge (well, I wasn't able to notice the projectiles that much, they're pretty a mess to notice in all those particles). I would suggest to reduce the particle's amount (or make the projectiles more noticeable) and maybe increase the damages a bit. Also, increasing the healing amount would be nice, I bombed it with Clockwork-Flamarang combo continiously and even if I triggered the spirit mode a lot, it didn't changed the fight much at all. The player is supposed to prevent that from happening and always check the boss flame particle's size (ya know, larger are the particles, more close it is to turn into spirit). It would be nice to increase the heal a lot and explain what the spirit mode does on any sign (ya know, so ppl will not come out and say "uh dud how was I supposed to knuw dat").
    Report done, time to go back playing. I can't freakin' stop playing it LOL, i'm ejoying it too much.
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  18. Tycholarfero

    Tycholarfero Giant Worm

    May 26, 2011
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    This caused a great amount of excitement for me. Glad to see that this wonderful map has been finished, and now, if you excuse me, I'd like to take a few days off now to play this map. ;)
  19. Paranσid

    Paranσid [Insert Title Here]

    Sep 21, 2011
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    Interesting map, duel wield mod looks strange (Can't say that's your fault)

    Are we allowed to hijack everything? I've sort of been doing that...
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  20. CB54

    CB54 Eskimo Zombie

    May 28, 2011
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    Shame, Tconfig never works for me, so I can't play this. Ah well.
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