Pre 1.2 [Adv][Dark Souls Mod] The Story of Red Cloud

Discussion in 'Released Maps' started by Tim Hjersted, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. Nicktendo

    Nicktendo Bunny

    The Rage needs Fire blossoms, and Mind Flayer King needs crests. I don't know about terrain though.
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  2. ResidualToast

    ResidualToast Green Slime

    Three endgame questions: 1) I'm trying to find another star cloak for crafting purposes. I feel like I've found some and left them in chests in some dungeon, but maybe I've autosold them all or something. Anyone have any locations other than the
    spoiler (open)
    wizard's chest

    2) Someone mentioned an optional marilith? I thought i'd explored everywhere but don't think i fought that.

    3) For the final crafting, is there a stockpile of the 99 light/dark items you need? I would've thought it would be in the tower or something, but I'm not finding them, or do i need to grind them out?
  3. Tim Hjersted

    Tim Hjersted Swamp Thing

    Don't know about multiple star cloaks, honestly, other than the one from the beginning.

    Yep, there's 5 optional bosses. Marillth, Lich King, Death, Krakken, and the Wyvern Mage. Marillith is in the corruption.

    For the 99 light dark items, look at the clue on the crest of steal (from Skeletron Prime)
  4. kyle273

    kyle273 Green Slime

    Quick question:
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    In the Hunter Dungeon, are you supposed to find Obsidian Skin Potions? I feel like I cheated when I blew up both Titanite and a gate. The other ways were surrounded by lava.
  5. Tim Hjersted

    Tim Hjersted Swamp Thing

    To this day I still don't get how lava is getting down there and blocking your passage. Just doesn't make any sense to me where it's coming from. Also... how were you able to blow up silver/titanite and active stone gates? Did I break those in the last update? They should be unbombable/unminable until after you get the Hamdrax. :(
  6. Tim Hjersted

    Tim Hjersted Swamp Thing

    To this day I still don't get how lava is getting down there and blocking your passage. Just doesn't make any sense to me where it's coming from. Also... how were you able to blow up silver/titanite and active stone gates? Did I break those in the last update? They should be unbombable/unminable until after you get the Hamdrax. :(
  7. ResidualToast

    ResidualToast Green Slime

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    I only asked because the dragoon cloak seems to require two: one for one of the components and one for it's actual recipe.
  8. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    I think you can find another one close to the Wizard.
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  9. kyle273

    kyle273 Green Slime

    I think I know what's breaking your lava, as well as some other parts of the map. When Corruption and Hallow spawns, it changes some blocks to pearlstone and ebonstone (obviously). It ALSO converts some blocks to pearlsand and ebonsand. Perhaps the sand is pushing the lava down / letting it flow in?

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    This led to another blockage in the hunter caves, right after I reached the first safe house. The path had been blocked by sand that reached all the way up under the Dark Tower. Took a while to dig out!

    I used a stickybomb to blow up the gate. Perhaps I didn't update to the most recent version.
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    Anyway, I ended up finding some obsidian skin potions in the ocean village, and all is well. Thanks for this great mod! I'm so hooked.

    As far as bug questions,
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    is the lich bone dragon supposed to be a wandering boss? He showed up while I was making the way through the hunter caves.
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  10. Merah

    Merah Cursed Man

    With ancient gold armor and 400 hp, I still can't kill the Eater of Worlds on Evil mode. Kudos to the creator :D
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  11. kyle273

    kyle273 Green Slime

    By the way,
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    The diving helmet can still be crafted into a shadow key. Intentional?
  12. Tim Hjersted

    Tim Hjersted Swamp Thing

    Yep he's a rare spawn in corrupt HM.

    Glad to hear. :) Let me know when you're victorious.

    Mmm, sort of, left that in for people who *might* still be using map v 1.0, but I'm removing it in this version. Didn't really matter though as you get the key at that point anyways, roughly.

    In other news.. I created a Story of Red Cloud/Dark Souls Mod Wiki!

    Please feel free to add to it anything you like. Hints, tips, a chapter by chapter guide.. a Q&A.. whatever you think would be useful. I got up the basics.

    In further other news... the next mod update is uploading now.. a couple important game fixes and some new content additions to motivate and to thank ye for downloading the newest version. Something like that. :)
  13. Telia

    Telia Squirrel

    I'm just about to go after Attraides for my first time on Normal Difficulty, and I got a buncha things to chime in on and ask about. Firstly, it's that Hard and Evil modes are listed as 'New Game+' and 'New Game++'. New game+ usually implies that we can carry some stuff over on the same character, or is that not the case for this game? If so, what can we keep?

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    there's a spot in the earth temple, right before the eye that you can't jump out of normally because of water limiting your jump height. If you don't have a mirror, you gotta suicide via bomb to get out or just reload the map.
    There's also a place before the hunter, before you get to the big mushroom rooms, where it looks like sand falls from the ceiling and drains a buncha lava to block your path if you don't have any obsidian skin potions and/or red hero tunic by that point. Thankfully, I did.

    Thirdly, for some reason, gates (both special ores and switch blocks) are bombable, not sure if mineable, but I'm assuming it's because of whatever programming that makes only blocks that are 1 block wide destroyable. You might've fixed these in your latest update, so I'll have to play through hard on it to figure that out for sure.
  14. Raxxa

    Raxxa Green Slime

    awesome still waiting to play it tho want to go at it mp how is that coming along?
  15. rayman86

    rayman86 Eskimo Zombie

  16. Avatharian

    Avatharian Green Slime

    I seem to have skipped a bit somewhere along the line of gathering the 6 crests, and was wondering

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    Where do I find Elizabeth / When do I go get the Fathers Sword?
  17. David Pritchard

    David Pritchard Green Slime

    Your mod has brought me back from a several month break from Terraria - it's fantastic. I have one problem, and I'm not sure if it's been addressed already but the world state is reset on every subsequent playthrough. Is this a well-known problem or is there something I need to change? (Not yet used to using mods)

    I feel slightly cheeky for being able to reclaim souls from bosses that I need to beat again to progress farther (like WoF and Seath) but it's getting slightly irritating having all the switches reset and having to traverse the terrain again (even though I can now do it blindfolded - darned game crashes).
  18. Melum

    Melum Green Slime

    Hi, really love the mod. Question: found a harpoon after defeating a goblin army, is this "legit"? With the ranged combat bonus from studded leather, the damage is completely insane. Far in excess of any other available item, and with extreme speed and range.
  19. shadowkeith

    shadowkeith Slimed Zombie

    Just noticed that there is a lance betw/ ancient dragon and dragoon...the holy lance.
    Is it craftable?
    Edit: nvm, remembered it's a drop from one of the 4 lol
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  20. Merah

    Merah Cursed Man

    I have a bug to report. I placed my Ancient Brass Armor on a mannequin, and the first thing I noticed is that that I was unable to place the Ancient Brass Helmet on the mannequin. After trying this a few more times, I gave up, and then decided to put sunglasses on it instead. I logged out quite a time later, and then decided to come back. Upon my return, I found that the armor on my mannequin was gone, as well as the fact that before I broke the mannequin, all of the blocks of my house were see through save for the back wall. Once I broke the mannequin, everything went back to normal. This is using the Evil sandbox mode mod. I do not know if the other types of custom armor do this.

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