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  1. 11clock

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    Hello, I'm 11clock, a computer game designer. I gave myself a little break from the usual lines of code and made this custom map, A Boy and His Hook. I know, you've seen grapple parkour maps before, but I assure you that this map is no ordinary grapple parkour map. That's right, you won't be grappling onto single blocks! Isn't that exciting? :cool:

    In A Boy and His Hook, you play as a young boy who dropped his favorite toy, a hook attached to a chain, into the town well. The boy jumps down after it, but getting back up isn't as easy as jumping down.

    The first half of the map is parkour and some puzzle solving. When you reach the surface the map starts to feel more like an adventure than an obstacle course.

    The map is fairly short, about an hour long, but there's plenty to see and a lot of fun to be had. I've hidden 5 diamonds throughout the map. Some are obvious, others take some searching. Can you find them all?

    The single and multiplayer versions of the map are attached to this post. The multiplayer version supports up to 4 players.

    If you're a let's player, I don't mind at all if you make a let's play of it. In fact, I encourage you to make a let's play!

    -You have to play as the character(s) that the map comes with. They have the required starting gear.
    -You are not allowed to place or destroy ANYTHING (except for cobwebs).
    -Don't cheat unless you're stuck.
    -Only take your share (if you're playing the MP version).
    -Don't mess around with the NPC housing.
    -Read every sign you come across, and follow any instructions.

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  2. Tim Hjersted

    Tim Hjersted Swamp Thing

    Nice, the video is a great touch as it gives you a few hints related to the moves you'll be using (like double jump + grapple on the ceiling). Having seen that it gives a good idea how to approach the map. :)
  3. 11clock

    11clock Devourer

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  4. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Dungeon Spirit

    This looks sweet. I love grappling hooks. Sadly I'm too busy to play it.
  5. 11clock

    11clock Devourer

    I think I picked a bad time to release this map, since Story of Red Cloud is in the spotlight right now. Oh well, maybe later I'll expand the map a bit. There're plenty of room to add more content.
  6. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Dungeon Spirit

    Well people will need something new to play eventually.
  7. Overlite

    Overlite Green Slime

    nice map made, me rage somewhat though
  8. 11clock

    11clock Devourer

    Yeah it's pretty challenging, but I like having challenge in my creations. Just look at my computer games (linked in sig). :p
  9. orrick69

    orrick69 Squirrel

    going to try this :D
  10. BanishABC

    BanishABC Slimed Zombie

    Yeah I know!
  11. 11clock

    11clock Devourer

    I see wat u did ther, but I don't think it's really fair to call my games 'craps.' I usually work alone (since my bother stopped helping me), so you shouldn't expect anything amazing from my website. I'm also still learning, and I've improved greatly over the years. I'm planning on assembling a team soon so we can aim for something bigger.
  12. HaveDave

    HaveDave Giant Worm

    The map was fun, found the 5 diamonds too. Lol, the story line / Signs stopped right after [Spoiler Alert>] the dead adventurer's corpse sign and the next ones were just telling me what to do... except for the ending... Especially, you didn't place any signs for the pink brick cavern's story. I enjoy reading the story alot more than doing and figuring puzzles with parkour.
  13. 11clock

    11clock Devourer

    I'm glad that you liked it!

    I didn't place a lot of signs because I wanted to focus more on the adventuring and parkouring than the story, and I thought that most people would get bored from reading a bunch of signs.

    Maybe later I'll update the map with some more storytelling signs and some new areas. I can't promise anything, though. I've recently started a game development team and we are currently planning on a new, original title. This new game is planned to go commercial, so a lot of time will be spent on it. With this new project I won't have much time to work on anything else.
  14. MrGameNerd1998

    MrGameNerd1998 Green Slime

    Possibly my favorite map for Terraria. All the puzzles were well thought out and elaborate. And it also had that Nintendo-Hard difficulty that I love. Well done, 11!
  15. 11clock

    11clock Devourer

  16. Rydo131

    Rydo131 Demon Eye

    All 5 diamonds check
    EoW first time check
    Not die once Check
    Is it good I didn't die?

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