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  1. Zanshlou

    Zanshlou Eskimo Zombie

    Everyone remember my map Adventures of Copper & Iron - Heroes of Ayndr?
    No? Go play it!
    Yes? Good continue reading.

    Well production has finally started on the sequel map! Or should I say the prequel? Let me explain... Back when working on the third dungeon of Copper & Iron I invented the character King Gold. There was something I liked about the character so I decided that if/when I made a sequel it would follow his journey to a new world. And that's where the new map will begin, arriving via boat to a strange new land with your companions, the original Copper and Iron and the delightfully insane Grave Digger. I want the map to be more story driven then the previous one and have some dialog between the characters on some of the signs. Make the characters more then just class based roles you take up but give them some actual character like the heroes of RPGs or other adventure games.

    So what have we established so far? Well C&I2 will be for up to 4 players, but don't worry 2 people will still be able to get through it just fine, in fact like the previous map this map will involve teamwork. Previously the teamwork was limited to the fact that only a certain character could reach certain areas. Well with the addition of the wiring system so far I've been able to set up "puzzles" where one person controls active/inactive stone while the other navigates through it. You'll need teamwork, communication, and probably a degree of patience to get through.

    Of course each character will have a role.
    Roles (open)

    KG - Leader
    - Uses spears and boomerangs
    - Balanced melee fighter

    GD - Utility
    - Will be allowed to use picks/drills with certain restrictions
    - Weakest fighter but still important for his "utility" roles (someone will need flippers for the Ocean dungeon)

    C - Ranger
    - Uses mainly bows only receiving a shortsword to protect himself in melee
    - Move speed and jump height accessories will set him apart and help both in combat and with dungeons

    I - Tank
    - Gets broadswords
    - His high defense and Cobalt Shield make him the perfect wall to protect his allies.

    I'd give you more info but that's about all I have at the moment. Expect to see every biome, every boss, and a dungeon specific to each character. Also I hope to add in "DLC" of the map when I finish the main story that will add in other characters like a mage and gunner and extra dungeons for those characters as well. (But that won't be till a while after the initial map is released so don't get too excited about it.)

    This section basically contains the order I was planning on having the dungeons in. Partially this is to show that there has been SOME thought since my last update, but mostly this is to help out anyone who wants to help out with suggestions and submissions.
    Dungeon Progression (open)

    Level 0 - Boat - No boss

    Level 1 - Tree - King Slime

    Level 2 - Underground - No boss

    Level 3 - Cavern layer - Eye of Cthulhu

    Level 4 - Corruption - Eater of Worlds

    Level 5 - Ocean - No boss

    Level 6 - Jungle - Skeletron

    Level 7 - Dungeon - No boss

    Level 8 - Hell - Wall of Flesh
    Will probably set up the arena in a separate map to best utilize as much space of hell as needed for fighting the boss.

    Will probably also throw these dungeons into a separate world file so I can have the world be in hard mode already so I don't have to try and plan around the effects of what happens when killing the WoF.

    Level 9 - Corruption 2 - Destroyer

    Level 10 - Hallow - Twins

    Level 11 - Sky - Skeletron Prime

    These are dungeons where I'm not sure where I want to place them in the progression order.

    Level X - Copper's Dungeon - possible Goblin Invasion

    Level X - Iron's Dungeon, "Ragnarok" - No boss
    The shape of this dungeon is already planned out though the rooms still need to be filled with puzzles and such.

    Level X - King Gold's Dungeon, "Frost Palace" - possible Snowman Army

    Level X - Grave Digger's Dungeon, "The Academy" - No boss
    I actually had an idea for GD that there would be an "Academy" type place for miners, possible early access with ore blocks blocking off later areas of the level. You would have the ability to come back at different points in the game and get different gear to help out GD as he progresses up in pick/drill level. Because of this idea I may limit his dungeon rewards and put most of his gear progression as items you get from the Academy.

    Side Dungeons
    These will most likely all be late game but hopefully they'll be interesting enough to make the extra time going through them worth it.

    Excalibur's Cave
    So at some point Iron can acquire the legendary sword Excalibur. Me and my friend were talking about things we could do for the level where you get Excalibur based upon the character Excalibur from the anime Soul Eater. If you've never watched Soul Eater, let me put it this way... Think of the most annoying character you've ever seen in any show/game/whatever, now make him 100x more annoying, you now have Excalibur, easily my favorite character in that anime. Would I ever want to actually meet him? HELL NO but the character is interesting and hilarious and with how nonsensical his stories get it would be easy to write a dungeon for him.

    Piercing the Heavens
    Because I oh so love putting references to things I'm a fan of in my works (be it my comics or my adventure maps, seriously go read all the tombstones in the first Copper & Iron) I figured that a giant robot Gurren Lagann inspired dungeon would be the perfect place for the Grave Digger to acquire the Hamdrax.

    Ideally I will also have dungeons for the Hallowed Repeater and the Gungnir for Copper and King Gold but as of yet I have no ideas for them. If YOU have one well... There is that whole "Suggestions/Submissions" thing down below....

    Now the part you care about, screenshots and videos!
    screenshots (open)

    This was a preview image of the boat I built for the start of the map. It is highly unfinished in this picture but I'll try to get a new one up soon.

    As we work on the map I'll be recording our work and posting it to YouTube. These are those videos.
    production videos (open)

    Boat - N/A (I goofed and deleted all the footage that I recorded from when we worked on this part of the map)
    Dungeon 1 - Video is up!
    First town (name pending) - Video is up!
    First town part 2 - Video is up!

    I am officially open to suggestions and submissions since I'd like to see this project finished but due to a mental block and many distractions I haven't made any progress on my own.
    SO here's how you can help.

    Basically just ideas for concepts or characters encountered in the game.
    For example, "The corruption dungeon could be like the inside of a mountain and be jump puzzle focused"
    or, "In the dungeon biome dungeon you could have a character that is some kind of archeologist that's looking through the dungeon for ancient artifacts for a museum"
    or, "The *second, third, whatever* town you come across should be a *insert biome here* town"
    I mean this clearly aren't the best of my ideas but they work for examples.
    You could also give suggestions for what kind of dungeon each character's character specific dungeon will be. Iron I already plan on it being a ship where he acquires Adamant armor, and will probably have some sort of "Adamant Knight" or something as the NPC you encounter in his dungeon.

    If you have an idea for a puzzle, dungeon, or even just a building for one of the towns and feel like actually building it, please do so. If I like the design and can work it into the map I will gladly do so. Even if I don't use your design I may be able to alter it so it fits better with my plans for the map or maybe I'll get ideas from it.
    For dungeon designs, keep in mind that the Grave Digger will get the ability to dig through ore blocks equal to the level of his pick/drill and that side areas should be included that only he can give the party access to. Though since the idea for the map is 2 players minimum and one of those 2 may not choose Grave Digger they should only be side areas with extra potions or upgraded gear (like a "Legendary" sword instead of a non-reforged sword). Or maybe it could be an alternate path through the level that may be easier than the regular path but with less treasures. The exception of course would be Grave Digger's dungeon which would require him to be there.

    And of course, any and all suggestions and submissions will be credited to the person who made it, both in the thread and in game either at the dungeon or in a "credits" kind of area at the end.
  2. Lightningkid

    Lightningkid Cursed Skull

    hell yes! finally Copper and Iron map has a sequel! me and my friend played your game from the first time when you just gave out the map until fourth dungeon (or is it three? :3). *click the bookmark button*
  3. Zanshlou

    Zanshlou Eskimo Zombie

    Glad you're looking forward to it! =)
    Hopefully C&I2 will be bigger, better, and some other good third thing more than the first one!
    (Oh and it was three dungeons in the previous demo =) )
  4. Lightningkid

    Lightningkid Cursed Skull

    third? oh well. aaaaand I know that you don't need any help but if you need, I can help =D
  5. BingoWasHisNamo

    BingoWasHisNamo Penguin

    Well, he did say this:
  6. Zanshlou

    Zanshlou Eskimo Zombie

    Yeah if you notice there's a section about looking for builders in the first post here. Right now still kind of "winging it" with dungeon layouts but I want to make things more massive and interesting dungeons with precise layouts and will probably look for more help at that point.
  7. Lightningkid

    Lightningkid Cursed Skull

    so u need help? :3
  8. Zanshlou

    Zanshlou Eskimo Zombie

    Not yet but maybe later.
    Unless you want to do to scale pixel diagrams (1 paint pixel = 1 terraria block) of possible dungeon layouts. It's painful and time consuming that's for sure.
  9. Lightningkid

    Lightningkid Cursed Skull

    dungeon layout? you mean, you want to to make a dungeon?
  10. Zanshlou

    Zanshlou Eskimo Zombie

    A good example would be this diagram I made when working on my base for my home-world.
    Except you know for an adventure map future diagrams would be more... castle-y-ish
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  11. Lightningkid

    Lightningkid Cursed Skull

    great castle.
    uuh uuh question! question!
    1. is that gonna be circle circle like that?
    2. have you make this?
  12. Zanshlou

    Zanshlou Eskimo Zombie

    Yes, everything is pretty much exactly as you see it in the picutre. Every pixel = 1 block on the map so if one of the "domes" is 10 pixels wide then you can be sure that it is 10 blocks wide. Some details got changed during constuction of course, like turns out I didn't need so many storage rooms and I had no need for a Jungle or Corruption biome but other than that everything was built like this. I spent litterally hours collecting sand to make glass to build the thing. It's my home base for my world I made when 1.1 came out. I've been meaning to get pictures together to post it but just haven't gotten around to it.

    I plan on planning out dungeons for this adventure map in the same fashion. Currently I'm working on the layout for one of the later dungeons of the map (the one specific to Iron) because I already had an idea for how I want to do it. I won't start building it till it's time to add that dungeon chronologically but since it's the one dungeon I know for sure how I want to shape it I'm starting with that one's diagram.
  13. Lightningkid

    Lightningkid Cursed Skull

    pretty long explanation...
    hmm I think it is not a really-good dungeon as we can see, that is a castle. more likely a castle not a dungeon. maybe, king's castle?
  14. Zanshlou

    Zanshlou Eskimo Zombie

    Well like I said that diagram is from my home world. It isn't for the adventure map.

    In news related to the map though I have about finished the layout for Iron's dungeon (name pending) and am starting to think about what kind of dungeons would make sense for the other character's character specific dungeons.
  15. Lightningkid

    Lightningkid Cursed Skull

    iron dungeon, copper dungeon, silver dungeon (a random knight), gold dungeon (another random knight), space dungeon, corrupt dungeon, holy dungeon, etc etc. I know I'm bad at name but those are my suggestions :D

    1 question!! is this, set up before AC&I or after AC&I ??
  16. Zanshlou

    Zanshlou Eskimo Zombie

    It takes place before the first one, because after writing King Gold I couldn't NOT have a story follow his character.

    Iron's character specific dungeon actually does kind of have something to do with a random knight, except it's late game and where he gets Adamant armor but you know... that's a story for down the road.
  17. Lightningkid

    Lightningkid Cursed Skull

    aaand if it is the story of the game, don't spoil it. I want to have much surprises from this adventure map ;)
  18. Zanshlou

    Zanshlou Eskimo Zombie

    Oh don't worry about spoilers I'm still figuring out how to tie the whole story together XD
  19. Lightningkid

    Lightningkid Cursed Skull

    *waiting patiently*
  20. Zanshlou

    Zanshlou Eskimo Zombie

    Hello everyone! I'd first like to apologize for the lack of updates. Progress has been slow but there has been progress, no in game building since the first dungeon though. I've been mostly working on the concept end of things, figuring out the layout for the next area (the first town), figuring out item progressions, you know stuff like that.
    I've recently gotten distracted by some other projects. A friend of mine asked me to make a logo for their Youtube series and I've been inspired by a recent animation I came across to start practicing Flash finally (only owned the program for two years now).

    BUT work on this will continue! And as a treat he's a map image of one of the later dungeons. Not quite complete, still need to do some editing here and there and plan out the rooms and how they connect and such, but the overall it's about what the dungeon will be shaped like.
    So who knows what it's based on?[​IMG]

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