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  1. PortalShifter

    PortalShifter Lava Slime

    Here is my first and greatest RPG map, ADVENTURELAND! Version 1.4.


    The world of Adventureland is large and diverse, filled with interesting dungeons and interactive NPCs. This immerive roleplaying map is perfect as an intro to the game, for creating new characters as roleplaying characters, or for people who don't want to waste much time on resource gathering/building. You can jump into the action as quickly as you choose. Map supports up to 7 players.


    * Customized NPCs
    The Hermit (Merchant)
    Village Idiot (Guide)
    Earth Mother (Dryad)
    Tower Keeper (Demolitionist)
    Merfolk Emissary (Guide)
    The Oracle (Nurse)
    Old Rusty (Arms Dealer)

    * Ten full scale custom dungeons including the intimidating

    * Special seven class RPG system with three tiers of advancement per class

    * More than five hours of unique content











    Unique class system:

    Page -> Warrior -> Knight

    These melee fighters aspire to be legendary warlords of great renown. Armed with battle-tested equipment and the highest hit points, Pages are a worthy addition to any adventuring party. Upgrades to Warrior, Knight.

    Bandit -> Rogue -> Swashbuckler

    Mercenaries at heart, Bandits live for the thrill of battle and treasure hunting. Competent thieves and quick with a knife these outlaws gain more special items than other classes, with a knack for treasure hunting. Upgrades to Rogue, Swashbuckler.

    Scout -> Ranger -> Warden

    Scouts are nomadic loners happiest in the wilds. Trained in both bow and sword, they are versatile fighters. As Scouts deepen their communion with nature, they gain greater power. Upgrades to Ranger, Warden.

    Marksman -> Sharpshooter -> Sniper

    Practiced in the art of ranged combat, the Marksman wields firearms with precision. One of the tougher classes, Marksmen are well respected in battle. Upgrades to Sharpshooter, Sniper.

    Neophyte -> Mage -> Wizard

    These arcane spellcasters deal in the powerful language of magic.While physically weaker than other classes, and unable to wear armor, Neophytes are adept at tapping into powerful spell abilities. Upgrades to Mage, Wizard.

    Stalker -> Shadow Master -> Ninja

    Skilled in the arts of deception and subterfugue, Stalkers gain their power from mystical discipline. They have superior mobility and evasion, striking before their opponent can react. Upgrades to Ninja, Shadow Master.

    Shapeshifter -> Shaman -> Druid

    Years of study and living in the forest have granted you some supernatural powers. The sylvan spirits have blessed you with the ability to change into the forms of natural animals: fish and wolf. Upgrades to Shaman, Druid.

    * * * * * * * * * *

    Version 1.0.1

    added Monster Cave dungeon
    added safehouse/spawn point
    added pirana farm
    redesigned guard posts
    changed Hall of Heroes to gold, added appropriate vanity costume items
    added goldfish pond

    v. 1.0.2

    toned down lava traps difficulty in Monster Cave dungeon by adding platforms
    added Cloud Bottle for Neophyte, Bandit classes
    added Life Crystals, more potions in safehouse
    cleaned up Corruption in Initiation dungeon
    added health potions to Hall of Heroes
    added Dungeon Map sign
    cleaned up hanging gardens

    v. 1.0.3

    added Skywalker dungeon
    added Jungle Fever dungeon
    added Skullbreaker dungeon
    added Temple of Enlightenment dungeon
    added PortalShifter signature
    updated Dungeon Map sign
    fixed piranha farm
    added sign for underground jungle
    miscellaneous small edits

    v. 1.0.4

    expanded Initiation dungeon
    adjusted potions, ammo, several chests
    added battle potions for Skullbreaker dungeon
    added sticky glowsticks for Jungle Fever dungeon

    v. 1.1

    added third tier of class system

    added Merfolk Kingdom
    added Goblin Fortress
    added The Hive
    added Crystal Caverns
    added Merrywood Village
    rebuilt Tree of Life
    expanded jungle terrain
    added Hermit NPC
    added Peacekeeper NPC
    added Towerkeeper NPC
    added Merfolk Emissary NPC
    added Oracle NPC
    added Old Rusty NPC
    many general balance changes due to new content/rules for Terraria 1.0.61

    v. 1.2

    Goblin Fortress is now haunted!
    redesigned Skullbreaker dungeon
    adjusted jungle terrain after Jungle Fever dungeon
    added hellbrick signal arrows
    redesigned Temple of Enlightenment
    redesigned Hall of Heroes
    fixed some platforms and signs
    reduced difficulty in some dungeons

    v. 1.3

    hardmode enabled!
    added Shapeshifter class
    complete revamp of class items
    1.1 trap and wire mechanics added to dungeons
    added Serpent's Maw dungeon
    added The Mechanical Fortress dungeon
    more boss battles
    new lighting
    new screenshots

    v. 1.4

    redesigned Serpent's Maw and Skywalker dungeons
    rebalanced general difficulty
    reduced potions and ammo
    various small fixes


    * * * * * * * * * *

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  2. Zakhep

    Zakhep Demon Eye

    Put your map in a .zip file
  3. PortalShifter

    PortalShifter Lava Slime

    Yeah, thanks.
  4. Mokers

    Mokers Cursed Man

    when I extract it winrar says it's corrupt?
  5. PortalShifter

    PortalShifter Lava Slime

    My friend was able to download and play from the posted link. Should be working?
  6. Xefilis

    Xefilis Green Slime

    what mod did you use and this is done wonderfully good job :)
  7. TheNewKid221

    TheNewKid221 Slimed Zombie

    i wouldlove to play this map, but winzip says its corrupt.
  8. Serasi

    Serasi Demon Eye

    The zip file is corrupt. This looks and sounds incredible though.
  9. Rich

    Rich Voodoo Demon

    Worked for me opening it with Winrar, and it looks really great so far :)
  10. Serasi

    Serasi Demon Eye

    Haven't played it yet but i redownloaded it and it is working so far! This will be fun!
  11. Mokers

    Mokers Cursed Man

    maybe try rezipping and reuploading?
  12. Nantes

    Nantes Tim

    Looks very interesting. Might give it a try later.
  13. PortalShifter

    PortalShifter Lava Slime

    Hey guys, sorry about the corrupt file. I re-zipped it and re-uploaded, hopefully it won't be corrupt when you download.

    Also added some higher res screens of the tree house because yeah, it is HUGE. ;)

    Also, Rich said earlier in thread that the map worked for him when he opened with WinRAR. That's what I'm using to make the zip file, so I'd suggest using that to unzip if you have it.
  14. Mokers

    Mokers Cursed Man

    not corrupt :) confirmed
  15. Stewie

    Stewie Green Slime

    Works fine for me. But Im a little unclear as what it is I should do. I still wondering the sky bridge hopping I figure it out.
  16. PortalShifter

    PortalShifter Lava Slime

    Head left from the tree house to find the Hall of Heroes/first dungeon.
  17. TheNewKid221

    TheNewKid221 Slimed Zombie

    I'm still getting the corrupt message, both on winrar and winzip
  18. Scottsta53

    Scottsta53 Green Slime

    Opened fine for me! :)
  19. TheNewKid221

    TheNewKid221 Slimed Zombie

    finally works
  20. Scottsta53

    Scottsta53 Green Slime

    Since I dont want to start a new thread in the support sections. can someone real fast help me out by telling me where to put the map in my files? i looked everywhere and cant find where the maps are stored

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