Pre 1.2 [Adv][RP] The Curse of Terraria

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  1. William0220

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    The Curse of Terraria

    (Update 0.1 : Added some glow sticks at the start)

    This a large adventure map heavily inspired by The Legend of Zelda. It has 5 dungeons spread over the entire map. It's taken over a span of 2 months to make and I'm quite happy with the end result. Give it a try!:)

    You are an experienced adventurer, been travelling the lands for years now. A few days ago you recieve a notice that a king of the nearby kingdom has been cursed and fallen ill. With the promise of a hefty reward you arrive at the castle to investigate.

    - Start a new character
    - Throw away the starting equipment
    - Do not place or break any blocks unless told so
    - The map can be played solo or 2 player

    Easy, medium, hard
    I have no idea anymore, the regenerating health system makes it quite impossible to rate the difficulty. I miss 1.05~:confused:

    Side Quest
    There are many, MANY diamonds located throughout the kingdom. Can you find them all? (If you do I'll be very impressed) Post your results in the comments!​

    Map Info and History
    This is a large map with 5 seperate dungeons, a large main castle with a mine system, and a large mountain pass. There will be some backtracking involved since the dungeons are located quite far from each other and I don't expect you to finish the map in 1 go. I've tried to make the map look as nice as possible so take your time and enjoy.

    This map started out as a standard map where I was just building a castle for fun. The castle would eventually grow into The Castle of Spires ( However I soon ran out of space to expand the castle so I decided to start building elsewhere. After a while I realised that the map would make for a cool adventure map and after a month or so its now a fully fledged adventure map. The entire map was built block by block, however I did use T-edit to reset some events and fill up some patches.

    Version - 0.1
    While I have tested the map, the sheer size and the fact that I've been working on this map periodically over 2 months means there may still be some bugs. Hopefully nothing that breaks the game or anything. However if there is please post them in the comments. Thanks.
    UPDATE 0.1 : Added some glow sticks at the start of the map.

    Water.jpg Sand.jpg Cave.jpg

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  2. Rich

    Rich Voodoo Demon

    This looks really good, downloading now and I'll update with feedback :)

    Edit: Having some trouble with the directioning in the mines, I thought that I was supposed to go up to the castle from them but it's nearly impossible to traverse through the water with only some torches.
  3. MrCreeper123125

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  4. MrCreeper123125

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  5. confuzzledyma

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  6. Joe_Chip

    Joe_Chip Demon Eye

    Oh... yes! Exceptional work! Downloading immediately! Can't wait to explore all of the dungeons.
  7. JamesRaynor

    JamesRaynor Green Slime

    Some issues I see:

    If you happen to get under water without a proper light source (as like early game) you can get stuck under water quite easily. I'd recommend placing some jungle grass blocks somewhere on the underwater areas and place a spore on them or giving the player a couple of glow sticks.

    Also William's room is still lootable even without having to break the glass. Am I supposed to have worm food while not even having full silver? I mean I know he's incredibly easy... but really?

    Why did I find silver before iron?
  8. Moso

    Moso The Groom

    I will update when im done with the map
  9. Altern

    Altern Yellow Slime

    oh god XD
    This is actually really epic!!
    I wasnt expecting something like this O_O
    But i would suggest a spawn in the Hellfire Cathedral, i died at the bottom and almost cried D:
  10. Altern

    Altern Yellow Slime

    I found it lol >.<
    It helps to look around XD
  11. xxXandyXxx

    xxXandyXxx Green Slime

    at the mine you should have some glow stick so you can go thourgh the flooded mine
  12. JamesRaynor

    JamesRaynor Green Slime

    Some other issues:

    Desert Temple:

    One of the jumps is too long to get past by one block unless you use a speed or jump booting equipment and I don't believe that's intended.

    Several of the spikes are skippable because of the lack of knockback and regenerating health, by just tanking the damage.
  13. Altern

    Altern Yellow Slime

    This was incredible man, i just finished it, i know im fast XD
    You have accomplished 2 things:
    1: i now have a fear and hate of spikes XD
    2: An incredible map and look, the temples were beautifully crafted and well designed, accept for a few insanly hard parts.
    This was the bestg map ive played, cant wait to see more :D
  14. Glace

    Glace Eskimo Zombie

    I usually don't like adventure maps, but this one looks very well built. Looks and feels much more grand and natural than some adventure maps.

    The Castle of Spires reminds of something from another game, but I don't know what.
  15. Scorpio0118

    Scorpio0118 Green Slime

    I truly like this adventure map and i mean it. The amount of work done on this map is shown well and i especially like the puzzle maze like aspects of it. However... I do have two gripes.They deal with the ancient temple and the fact that it is considered corruption. Whenever i start at it I am attacked non-stop by devourers. I am unable to even get past the second room due to the amount of devourers spawning. I know that it is not your fault on this part but nevertheless couldn't it be possible to make it so only specific rooms spawn corruption enemies. My second gripe is in the second room in the fact that it appears that you must get hurt on the second jump. I don't know if you can not get hurt on that jump but whenever i jump i either get hit by a devourer into it or i land on it. These are the only problems i see with this map other than these minor annoyances which i just decided to item abuze my way past I have enjoyed this map greatly especially considering that this was the first custom map i decided to try.
  16. UnknownKirbyMan

    UnknownKirbyMan Cursed Man

    I just got started and I noticed that on the third sign, "eratic" should be "erratic".
    Back to playing...

    EDIT: 20 Diamonds found and I'm off to the Water Temple. Nicely made so far.
  17. MerchantDrake

    MerchantDrake The cannibal Heir to the throne

    If anyone needs someone to play it i'll play it with someone.. :)
  18. William0220

    William0220 Mouse

    Thanks for the feedback!
    Did a minor update on adding some glowsticks at the start to make it easier and more clear (There are some glowsticks at the front of Dungeon 1 but I guess it seems a bit strange to go there first).

    Yeah and I just realised how darn difficult it is to update my map considering how large it is. Argh, so easy to miss minor mistakes.

    Also hows everyone finding the difficulty of the map? I was considering making the whole map easier than it is now, but people seemed to find other parkour maps that I find difficult quite easy so I don't know... The regenerating health doesn't help balancing either.
  19. Novate

    Novate Bone Serpent

    Grabbing this version before you make it easier and throwing it onto the todo list for later ;p
  20. Dundor

    Dundor Demon Eye

    Somewhat of a wall of text so I put it in a spoiler.
    Show Spoiler
    Me and a friend just finished the map, and we agreed that the scenery was amazing.
    But... there was a lot of problems we saw. I don't mean to say that the map was bad, it just seemed to have a lot of impossible points. Me and my friend might also just suck at parkour stuff in a game, but this is just what we saw. It was at the desert temple where things started going horribly. There were several impossible jumps, and with enemies spawning we would die while we had to wait for our health to regen. We eventually had to cheat to finish it. Once we got to the jungle temple, we were really confused. The sign said dungeon 4, so we thought we missed something. We also couldn't see how you could get through that dungeon with just a double jump. We also had to cheat by placing blocks to get past it. After that, I thought maybe we had to break into William's room to get grapple hooks, but we found out that's where all the OP stuff is XD. I don't know if you're supposed to go into that room or not, but I kind of assume you're not exactly supposed to. We got through the rest of the map pretty easily since we took the ivy whips, but when I was looking at the hellfire cathedral and the black citadel (I think that's what it was called), and I honestly don't see how you could get past those without grapples. I don't know if we missed grapples or what, but that's just what I saw. I assume you went through the map at least once, but I would suggest maybe going through it again with a new character if you haven't already so you can find those odd spots throughout the map.

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