Pre 1.2 [Adv][RP] The Curse of Terraria

Discussion in 'Released Maps' started by William0220, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Yuzuke

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    Gonna try this out. Thx BTW.
  2. were do i put this file?
  3. dragonfriend

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    this is amazing! I rarely ever get stuck on an adventure map, but due to all your hard work, I'm just not skilful enough to finish it! the castle was amazing - but in the jungle tower, when I went to explore it after I first came to the castle, I went to the third tower but couldn't get back again. eventually I jumped out the door to the far right, and killed myself. you may want to fix this. also, as has been said previously, one of the chests in "Williams room" is loot-able, especially if you have auto-pause on. I like your castle, but I think that some things may be improved. for instance, you should add some piggy banks - they are incredibly useful. but, this may not be what you want, so it's just my idea. also, use some more variety's of chests. I like how you use barrels and trash cans, but use them more - shelf's with chests just look odd. sorry, still just my opinion. also, in the mines, place more ores, and perhaps a building with piles of ores. that to me would make it more mine-like. anyway, amazing.
  4. Novate

    Novate Bone Serpent

    Longest map ever. (playtime roughly 4hrs and alot of death)
    156 diamonds.
    (found final golden room, man there are alot of spawns in there)

    feedback (open)

    Firstly questions:
    Can you take torches/other placeables?
    Can you craft? (don't think I was able to anyway but still ;p)
    Can you buy stuff from the npcs? (was tempted to grab a mining light)
    ok moving on.....

    Thoughts/observations: (i'm kinda tired atm writing this so.... here goes in no particular order as I remember.)

    Chests that shouldn't be reachable at certain stages can be grabbed through walls.
    Mostly in the main hub.
    Right at the start you can grab items through the wall instead of going around through the mine to get to the other side.
    Williams room, golden chest can be jump grabbed.
    A couple of chests requiring cloud in a bottle to reach can be jump grabbed.
    Some others I couldn't be bothered mentioning.
    I do realise some of them were suppose to be grabbed through a wall, but i'm pretty sure some of them are not suppose to be.

    I concepted a way to get to the throne room without cloud in a bottle but I flagged trying since it would require luring some demon eyes and having some sweet arse timing.

    It is possible to get to and complete desert before water dungeon.
    *jumps out jungle tower with 1 cobweb in hand*
    (saying that, it is also possible to skip the obsidian skull and finish the map but I wouldn't try it)

    The central mine entrance is completely hidden, I didn't find it until I was fully geared and ready to move onto the final areas.

    There are holes in the mine you can fall down and can't get out again, some even had chests so I was like uhhh ok...
    Had to reload map a few times to get out again.
    (This happened to me before finding and completing the water dungeon)

    Fix the numbering of your dungeons, I swear I saw dungeon 4 twice.

    Signage sending me on a wild goose chase back and forth between main hub and across the desert.
    desert temple -> goto throne room -> tells me to go back across desert to jungle -> tells me to go back to main hub to find obsidian skin potion and return again...... /argh)

    Bed too far inside desert temple, wasn't paying much attention and fell into a pit of spikes that were inescapable blahhh
    (more desert trips through the undodgeable cacti rawrrr)
    I also felt there could've been another checkpoint bed inside the desert temple.
    The lightning inside the desert area was very low, especially at nighttime. Ended up shooting devourers in the face in the dark based off sound.

    After getting hermes boots starting running across sky bridge platforms only to be interupted by random zombies spawning on them, had to climb all the way back up just to start off momentum again.

    In general I felt the leniance on the platforming/parkour sections were a bit harsh and if this were 1.0.5 terraria I probably would've rage quit the map as there are quite a few near perfect timing jumps.

    The diamond chests I felt were spammed a little too much across the map, most of the challenge was getting out of the pits you stuffed them inside rather than finding them. Some of the chests even required you do the whole section again just to obtain 1 diamond, which felt counterintuitive to the 'oh you found a secret, here have a reward'.
    Silver mountain, some concecutive jumps across wooden platforms, make it to the other side then realise there is a chest just below you, which would cause you to repeat what you just did to obtain, and would take no skill to grab the chest.

    Possibly put in some just in case glowsticks for the final water area in the final castle.
    I was not able to jump past the block right above my head jumps above lava without touching the lava. Fortunately I had health pots a plenty and armour.
    Also i'm pretty sure the checkpoint bed around there will not work if the door is opened in the wrong direction.

    Every other jump I was able to do at least once without damage.
    (tries to forget the amount of deaths)

    After all those trips through the desert I kept the hammer just in case of long return journey cbf's
    After getting through hell and realising i'd have to climb all the way back up because I set my spawn down there I used the hammer trick to remove the bed and then teleport back to the main hub with magic mirror.

    I felt the run between the mine and the desert could've been shortened for convinience, that's alot of undodgable cacti to wade through.
    Also the run between the mine and hell could've been streamlined imo.

    The story itself felt very short but it was stretched out over a long period, having to visit the first 3 dungeons before getting any new info. It did however wrap up nicely and wasn't confusing like some maps out there. Oh and extra dungeon crawling I never say no to, nice surprise hidden in there ;p

    The map in general looked great to me.
    The main hub/jungle/desert/hell/final castle all looked very nice.
    The silver mountain was a nice concept, I felt like there should've been a spelunker potion lying around somewhere to place emphasis on the ooooo shinies, but thats just me.

    Lightinig could have possibly been used to greater effect rather than relying on the player to light the way constantly. You made all these cool things and I can't even see them half the time??

    That's all that comes to mind currently there's probably more I could comment on but need slepp.

    Anyway I enjoyed most of the map, looking forward to seeing if you make another one.

    To all those having devourer troubles, find the musket in the main hub.
    Rule#2 Double tap.
  5. Talon`

    Talon` Green Slime

    I just downloaded this and its pretty fun, except for one complaint I have:

    there several points in which if you decide to go down, you can't get back up. (Unless I'm just terrible) I see a big cavern beneath me on the way to the water temple and decide to drop down. All i find is sand and water, and the walls have nothing for me to stand on to get back up. At least you put water there so i can drown myself to get back up...

    Other than that, it seems pretty sweet so far.
  6. I FOUND A BUG then u jump safely with cloud in botle u land on top of williams house u can reach golden chest with motlen pix harpoons and lotsa stuff i didnt took any but it got me distracted from game :p
  7. Darkstar407

    Darkstar407 Green Slime

    ..i dont know how to get it to work o_o:confused:
  8. Kojack

    Kojack Green Slime

    I found a "bug" involving WILLIAMS room. If you have the game set up to pause when the menu is open, or when you open a chest, you can reach 2 of the chests in that room if you jump and click on them at the top of your jump in just the right places. The chest will open and the game will pause so you stay there and can loot them. And yes I did grab the "hero" costume but that is all.
  9. Kevroar

    Kevroar Green Slime

    Found a little mistake: "The door the the upper castle is locked"
    but nice map
  10. Somnichor

    Somnichor Green Slime

    Challenge accepted.
  11. starcannon

    starcannon Green Slime

    i dunno how to install i download then click on it and press open and it does not reconise the file type?
    help plz :eek:
  12. Dundor

    Dundor Demon Eye

    You have to extract the files from the zip folder and then copy the .wld into your world folder, which is at Documents > My Games > Terraria > Worlds.
  13. Novate

    Novate Bone Serpent

    Good luck, I know I did it in one ;p
  14. iwendy644

    iwendy644 Zombie

    Ended up with 134 diamonds, i know there's more but the map is so large i don't feel like going back to check all the areas XD.
    Anyways, this map was fun, i found myself jumping all over the place finding diamonds. After beating skeletron i headed into the dungeon, just for fun, look around. And i was quite surprised at the golden room haha. ^.^. But as said earlier, there was alot of spawns in that room, luckily i wasn't wearing battle potion so i don't know how worse it can be. ^_^ Enjoyed this map, hope you make more in the future. ^.^
  15. Lambguy

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    Alright, let's do this!
    Now watch as it's too hard and I end up playing w/ endgame char ;)
  16. BlackRose91

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    For some reason I can't load the map. It said "Loading failed. No back up" :confused:
  17. Advice Dog

    Advice Dog Squirrel

    Are we allowed to make potions and stuff if we get the ingredients?

    If not, I think it'd be helpful to have it in the rules.
  18. Novate

    Novate Bone Serpent

    Are you using the current version of terraria
  19. starcannon

    starcannon Green Slime

    ok thx i am playing now its awesome
  20. IvanDonat

    IvanDonat Cave Bat

    I have played this map with my friend. It is really awesome but I think you need to add a little bit more action.

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