Pre 1.2 [Adv][RP] Wizard's Tower Co-Op Adventure Map

Discussion in 'Released Maps' started by PortalShifter, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. PortalShifter

    PortalShifter Lava Slime

    Welcome to my seventh adventure map, WIZARD'S TOWER.


    This map is a co-op adventure map with an RPG setting. You play as an apprentice wizard, learning a magical specialty by undertaking quests inside a gigantic wizard's tower. You choose to study one of four magic specializations, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Map supports 1-4 players. Recommended for 2-3 players.


    * 13 detailed quests with different types of objectives

    * 4 unique mage classes: Invoker, Illusionist, Rune Master, Spirit Guide

    * Comprehensive alchemy system that teaches you how to craft many types of potions

    * Battles in multiple biomes including an intense underwater boss battle and corrupted Hell

    * Discover your true magical power and become a Master Wizard!









    Version 1.1
    * added water candle for all classes (to help with monster spawning)
    * added five vines as an alternate quest objective for the "Secret Ingredient" quest
    * redesigned spawn points, no more sequence breaking
    * Red Wizard now gets Flamelash early game and Flower of Fire late game

    Version 1.2
    * redesigned quests with monster spawners
    * kill 50 quests reduced to kill 10
    * added many new weapons, accessories, and armor from 1.1
    * new boss fights
    * new traps in the corruption, labyrinth, and target range levels
    * new lighting


    And of course, always back up your files before putting anything in your maps folder.

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  2. orrick69

    orrick69 Squirrel

    nice is it me or are u the best rpg map maker for terraria :D
  3. Novate

    Novate Bone Serpent

    I am a terrible wizard this will only end badly, but hopefully the failing will be hilarious!
  4. confuzzledyma

    confuzzledyma Administrator

  5. LordZoma

    LordZoma Piranha

    I thoroughly enjoyed this map. The quests are thought out and fun. Though my favorite part is certainly the very bottom of your tower. I've added parts of the tower to my conglomeration server, and at the moment, the final chamber of your tower is the world's global spawn. Available to play at the link below, or download from the second link.
  6. MasterDude

    MasterDude Green Slime

    Can i play this by myself or do i need other people to play this?
  7. DerpoTheMagnificent

    DerpoTheMagnificent Possessed Armor

    this looks crazy hard! but also really fun at the same time! mmm what the heck, I'l try it.
  8. PortalShifter

    PortalShifter Lava Slime

    Awwww thanks. I appreciate that. I put a lot of time and effort into making maps like these. My girlfriend yells at me sometimes for planning Terra maps while we watch movies :p

    W00t! :cool:

    Well as I said in the OP, I recommend 2-3 players for this map, but you should be able to complete everything in single player if you have some patience. The boss battles may take a few tries. Just remember to keep your potions active, and you should be fine.

    For anyone who wants to play: I will be hosting this map sometime in the next hour. Post here or PM me to join!
  9. Marshalite

    Marshalite Cave Bat

    Can I join?
  10. PortalShifter

    PortalShifter Lava Slime

    Sure I think I'll host in about half an hour now. I'll PM you with server info.
  11. Danorpx

    Danorpx Voodoo Demon

    I want to join, can i?????
  12. PortalShifter

    PortalShifter Lava Slime

    Server is up guys check your inbox.
  13. S'now Face

    S'now Face Green Slime

    darn, REALLY wish i could play with you... :( don't have time though...
    could you add me on steam so we might be able to play some maps together, sometime? (its in sig)
  14. Captain-Awesome

    Captain-Awesome Green Slime

    I just started this map, And I would say it was great if I could play it, I read the first sighn and a harpy managed to get in D=

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  15. Noahtek

    Noahtek Green Slime

    That happened to me too, so i grabbed a random phaseblade, killed it, put the phaseblade back, and then continued my choosing of wizard type.
  16. Kewlan

    Kewlan Demon Eye

    No thanks, not my type of game.
  17. veggieboy1

    veggieboy1 Green Slime

    Does anyone want to play it with me in a half an hour?
  18. orrick69

    orrick69 Squirrel

  19. veggieboy1

    veggieboy1 Green Slime

    What's your Steam username? I'll message you when I'm ready, and join my hamachi network

    Network ID: yaywizard
    Pass: yay
  20. orrick69

    orrick69 Squirrel

    hamchi then i can't join sry D:

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