Pre 1.2 [Adv] Terrarivania - Exploration-based Adventure Map

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  1. El Dorado.png The Elysium.png The Crater.png The Devil's Forehead.png The Well.png The Lunar Shrine.png Terrarivania1.png Terrarivania2.png Corruption.png Hell.png

    *Update* Check out the sequel/prequel to Terrarivania! Note that it's still in BETA:

    Version 1.4 (the final version) is released! Download it here:

    READ - Version 1.4 has been released, which fixes loose ends that still lingered with version 1.3. This is intended to be the final version. I also included a bonus ending for those who are able to find it, it should help tie the gap between Terrarivania I and Terrarivania: Concerto of Harmony. With the sequel map already out there and a host of side projects I'm working on, I think it is finally time to move on from the original. I give a big, warm thank you to everyone who has helped make this map one of the most popular custom maps available here on TerrariaOnline!

    Notes for version 1.4:
    - Fixed "loose ends" that lingered after 1.3's release.
    - Music Boxes have been applied liberally throughout the map to help keep the musical experience consistent.
    - The custom soundtrack has been filled up, there should no longer be any "silence" when you enter any hallowed biomes in your own maps.
    - Bonus ending has been added in order to smooth out the transition between Terrarivania I and Terrarivania: Concerto of Harmony.

    Notes for version 1.3:
    - Terraria 1.1 reduced the vertical size of existing maps, which ruined certain areas of the map. This version has those areas fixed.
    - Added a side passage in the Magma Towers that allows you to skip "the hard part" after you have the Nightmare Pickaxe.
    - Custom soundtrack has been updated to meet the new requirements for 1.1. It's still roughly the same soundtrack, but one additional song was added because the new "underground corruption" biome is inadvertently present in the map.

    Here's the additions list for 1.2:
    - An actual story! The biggest complaint for the map I've received is the lack of a story, so I'm rectifying that in this version. See an excerpt from the Prelude short story below.
    - A custom soundtrack will be included with the download that will help give the map more of a personality.
    - Rebalancing of all chests in the game (Expect far less potions this time around).
    - Four bonus levels on top of the already massive map to explore, each featuring a different aspect of Terraria mapmaking: Parkour, Labyrinth, Biosphere, and Custom Biome. Each are only accessible after the map's conclusion.
    - Additional save points in places that desperately needed it (Curse you, Magma Towers!).
    - More direction in where to go thanks to the inclusion of a story.
    - Sets the stage for future sequel maps (and there definitely will be...).

    Excerpt from Terrarivania: A Prelude

    The legends tell of an ancient evil so fearsome that men all across the land would tremble at the mere mention of the creature's name. It has taken on many forms and names throughout the history of the universe, every time becoming more powerful and dangerous. Some have known him as a Devil, some have called him Dracula, and some know him only as the embodiment of true sin. What inspires true fear about this creature is his unpredictability, for nobody knows the true scope of his powers. Some say he commands an undead army larger than the population of the world, and others say that his powers are more subtle, such as through mind control or persuasion. The existence of such a creature has been sometimes been attributed to the fluke of a higher power, but the world records show no true origins. He's existed for as long as the world has existed, yet his actions always have an unexplainable pattern. He only seems to strike every hundred years, bringing torment and misery to the planet he coexists with.
    Surely the world should never have survived such a creature's influence, and yet here we stand today. Legends also tell of a line of heroes eternally destined to fend him off and blessed with powers beyond those around them. Nobody knows the names of these heroes, only that they exist to defend the world from this great evil. Every time this creature would return, these heroes would be there to fight him off and keep the world safe, at least for the next century. Rumors have circulated that the last of this line has died off, and that there is no way for the world to defend itself from this great evil any longer as the end of the current century of peace is almost over. But you and I know better, my child. We know better.


    LPs are starting to pop up for the map! Check them out:
    The Vonk Bros:
    JustLetsPlays [German]:

    What started out as an experiment to see if a Castlevania/Metroid style adventure map would work became a full fledged project. The final product has significant length to it, totaling to about 3 hours if played through fast and much longer if you take the time to explore. The results from the map have been much better than expected, so future maps attempting the same style have unlimited potential.

    Single-player and Two Player Co-op Only!
    New characters only!
    Deposit starting equipment in first chest.
    No pickaxes, hammers, or axes allowed. (Pickaxes found in the map are used as keys, and can only be used when allowed.)
    No explosives (bombs, dynamite).
    No cobwebs.
    No crafting.
    No picking up torches/glowsticks or using them in your inventory.
    No buying anything but Health Potions, Wooden Arrows, Shurikens, and the Mining Helmet from the merchant.
    The first 10 slots of a chest are for Player 1, and the other 10 slots are for Player 2, do not take any items from slots belonging to the other player. Single Players should not take anything from the last 10 slots at all.
    Bosses must be fought in order to take the contents of their chest.
    Most importantly, have fun!

    Everything needed to progress should be available without having to suicide.
    Please don't cross the spiked wall behind the town until after you obtain the final reward in the map (*cough* Rocket Boots *cough*).
    Obsidian anywhere on the map is breakable, whether or not it is marked. This is the only material you are allowed to break on sight.
    The Multiplayer arenas are not the focus of the map, so they are likely not up to the quality of other dedicated maps for PvP.
    With update 1.2, single-player is canon for the story, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the map with another player!
    No, there is no castle in the map. But there are plenty of temples, dungeons, and a variety of different areas in the style of Metroidvanias to help elicit the feeling of being a genuine Metroidvania, which was the entire goal of the map.
    And just to clear this up, the name Terrarivania is a play on the name of the gaming genre Metroidvania, which itself is an amalgamation of the names of the two most popular franchises in the genre: Metroid and Castlevania.
    I don't recommend playing on a difficulty any higher than softcore. Mediumcore you'll just lose everything, and Hardcore defeats the purpose of save points.
    Yeah, this is actually one of the oldest adventure maps made for Terraria, I had started working on it about a week after Terraria was released, and finished it and uploaded it on May 31, 2011. Boy, the game come a long way, hasn't it?

    El Dorado.png

    The Crater.png

    The Lunar Shrine.png

    The Devil's Forehead.png

    The Elysium.png

    *Note* If none of these are working, try the CurseForge link at the bottom of this post.
    Download Version 1.4:
    Download Version 1.4 (Mirror):
    Download Version 1.3:
    Download Version 1.2:
    Download Version 1.1:
    Download Version 1.1 Complete World Map (SPOILERS!):
    Download Version 1.0:
    Download Version 1.0 Complete World Map (SPOILERS!):

    CurseForge Page:
  2. Questions and comments are welcome. If you come across any bugs, PLEASE let me know so I can fix them in an update. If this map receives a good enough reception, I might consider implementing two-player co-op.
  3. Larthrux

    Larthrux Green Slime

    Looks cool, I will try this out right now.
  4. Larthrux

    Larthrux Green Slime

    You should give people a magic mirror at the start, because to get out of the first cave I came across (to the right) I had to kill myeslf :(
  5. Tus

    Tus Green Slime

    I just started playing this map - That first cave to the right does have an exit that you can find if you do some exploring, and pick up the items from the chests. I was able to leave it without killing myself. :p
  6. Oops. There shouldn't be an issue since I provided everything needed for a low level character to progress. I had to decide against giving the magic mirror too early to the player to avoid having them reach areas too advanced too early. Did you go all the way down and find the Cloud in a Bottle? And if so, did you try double jumping out in the far right corner of the big chamber where there was water? I'll have to make this spot more obvious in the next version.
  7. Tus

    Tus Green Slime

    Don't make it more obvious, It doesn't hurt to make people do some exploring. That's how I found the cloud in the bottle. I wanted to check every part of that cave that I could. :p There was a spot that was hard to jump up though - I forget where it was at, but its towards the exit of the cave. I had to jump on a worm to get the extra boost needed + cloud in a bottle in order to reach it.
  8. Larthrux

    Larthrux Green Slime

    Yep, I found it. In the dungeon and hell world now ^_^
    BTW, that meteor area looked pretty natural, nice job :D
  9. Triforce

    Triforce Frankenstein

    This is genius! I'm liking this already!
    Azure likes this.
  10. Larthrux

    Larthrux Green Slime

    Just finished this map, and somehow I got 2 pieces of cobalt just in the jungle place. I got the legs and plate, I was like :confused:
  11. ReCoder2

    ReCoder2 Green Slime

  12. YamiB

    YamiB Green Slime

    Hey there, enjoying the map. Sent you a PM because I'm curious as if to this was the proper way to get a chest.
  13. ReCoder2

    ReCoder2 Green Slime

    proper way to get a chest, what do you mean?
  14. aescapist

    aescapist Green Slime

    Was I suppose to find the necro armor in 10 minutes?
  15. Not without the grappling hook. Haha, sounds like I'm going to have to ban the usage of cobwebs as well, as it seems to have given an unfair advantage on obtaining some items.
  16. dabest2500

    dabest2500 Green Slime

    This is very very fun, great job!
  17. DaBlaze

    DaBlaze Green Slime

    I really like this map, however, I do have a few gripes.

    1st one's a nitpick, so feel free to just say I'm too picky with this one, but I think you should rename this to Terrarioid instead of Terrarivania, unless this is still a work in progress and you plan on eventually making a castle.

    2nd, as much as I like how you were able to string together, I didn't like how linear it got when I got the dungeon in erms of environmental progression and once you find that magic mirror, you're done, you get out.

    3rd, it's quite obvious that most of the time, you just relied on the map's pre-generated content and added in you own content to make it seem cohesive, it's fun, but so is Terraria, so how bout adding a bit of that "user-generated flair" to it? =)

    That's basically it, take this for what you will, I like this map either way, but you can make this map a LOT better if you take my criticisms into consideration. ;)
  18. Kevlamin

    Kevlamin Squirrel

    This Was Excellent In my opinion didnt find everything, not even close but i beat it in 1hr30min :p
    the necro armour was waaay too easy to find which was a big downfall for it in fact I found it before i Found Full Iron, I think for uniques they should be spread out eg not whole set in one box, also i killed EoW on my first night x.x which also happened to be a blood moon Personally I think the EoW challenge should be initiated later into the game as it doesnt Desapwn like the eye i killed it with Full copper and a Enchanted boomerang after which I was running arround with shadow helm and copper armour till i found necro armour
  19. Thanks for the comments everyone!
    @DaBlaze, I named it Terrarivania because it was the Castlevania series that inspired this project, even though it ended up bearing more resemblance to Metroid. One of my least favorite parts when designing the map was the Underworld, and I tried to have some additional branching paths off of it, but it is true that the main part is completely linear. I'll probably switch some things around and add additional areas in the next version to make this section less boring. As for the third criticism, I agree that I needed more "hand-created" stuff in the map, but this started out as just a project so I really wasn't thinking about that. One of the places that I've seriously considered expanding was the Wind Temple where you "fight" the Eye of Cthulhu, and I might just do so in the next version.
    @Kevlamin, That seems to be a common criticism of the map that the Necro Armor is too easy to find, so I'll probably end up relocating it in the next update. Remember that ultimately all the bosses were optional. I did, however, plan that the Eater of Worlds would be the first boss, so you fought him around the time I was expecting. Since it's optional, it only makes sense that you get a nice reward from it, so you get a shadow piece early. I'll consider moving the encounter into King Erlos' Tomb if this was too early.
  20. Ket

    Ket Green Slime

    I think you should put in the rules not to use any torches(from merchant or walls), without them navigating the snake tunnels to reach the necro armor would be skipped until they got the ball of light from the beach, which is somewhat far into the map as you can get a ton of other good items by then

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