Pre 1.2 [Adv] The Corruption of a World

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  1. Rich

    Rich Voodoo Demon

    This is an adventure map spawning across three maps in which you fight in search of the source of corruption, in hopes of stopping it before it engulfs your entire village and threatens your family. You play as a protagonist that is following in the footsteps of his grandfather, who was able to stop the corruption many years ago. Along the way you will pass through various villages and shrines that will help you by providing new items and give you options of whether to get extra items earlier, or later on in the story.

    Updated for Terraria 1.1!
    Download v2.0:

    Version 2.0 Change Log (open)
    Map 1:

    -Added in warrior/sorcerer/ranger stones for players to choose from at start
    -Jump puzzle in copper shrine is now timed jumps, RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT
    -Added "trap" when entering for treasure on floating island
    -Added some switches/traps into the mine shaft
    -Added traps and secret passages to cave under church
    -Added more than just a chest to secret passage in the mine shaft, it is an area with a small sidequest

    Map 2:

    -Added flashing lights in a house at first village
    -Added in a switch puzzle in the underground corruption cave
    -Added some switch puzzles to the obsidian shrine jump section
    --Changed checkpoint in obsidian shrine jump section

    Map 3:

    -Added in some wire works for hidden chests

    Note: Not many new items were added because most of them are high leveled and do not fit the difficulty level of this map.
    I am in the planning stage of a sequel to this map which will have been created specifically with Terraria 1.1 in mind.

    This Map supports up to 4 player co-op, but the amount of weapons given is limited so you will need to share your items.



    1. Download and open the file with Winrar or another program that can unzip it.
    2. Backup your current worlds into a different folder.
    3. Drag all of the .wld files into your My Games -> Terraria -> Worlds folder.
    4. Create a new character.
    5. Start up Terraria and select the first map.
    6. Use the same character for every chapter.

    Videos of v2.0:
    Pedguin part 1: (open)


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  2. jo brandon

    jo brandon Piranha

    looks cool im going to play it in a few minutes

  3. ShadowSoul

    ShadowSoul Lava Slime

    Where do you go once it says you can mine clay?
  4. Rich

    Rich Voodoo Demon

    Keep going through the cave, there's a bunch of clay that you can mine through in order to break through the bottom of the lake. Then, with the boots, you can get over the mountain.
  5. Aesgard

    Aesgard Cursed Man

    I must say that was awesome. Never thought about three maps linked one to each other by an amazing historyline; the progression was very well measured, and the chambers where you can choose the equipment a pretty good dilema. In overall i give it a 9 over 10 Good work there.

    By the way I had found 54 diamonds. How good is that?
  6. roacho764

    roacho764 Squirrel

    This is a great map!:) I recommend you try it out!

    And I found 73 diamonds through my "Explorer Run", searched every spot and found possibly (I'm just saying that since I might of missed a few.) every one of the diamonds out of all three maps.
  7. Rich

    Rich Voodoo Demon

    I never actually counted how many diamonds there are :eek: Just put them around whenever I saw fit. So far we can base it off of roacho's 73 though so 54 isn't bad :)
  8. shipoopie

    shipoopie Cursed Skull

    looks cool.
  9. Elder Merch

    Elder Merch Cursed Skull

    I have a question. I went up the first temple thing, and did not get a hammer in the map. I cannot pass the 2nd map as, the mansion requires a hammer to enter. Was I suppost to get a hammer somewhere.

    I also, cheated, sorry, and noticed the old man said the corruption was holding back the jungle. I went to the first map, went past the window and noticed the jungle and corruption were kinda mixed together. Coincidence?
  10. Aesgard

    Aesgard Cursed Man

    For what I remember the wizard in the town with the church (first map) gives you a task to dig the clay in front of the church. If you keep exploring you eill find something that tells you that you have completed the task. you return using the magic mirror and then open a golden chest where there is a iron hammer
  11. Elder Merch

    Elder Merch Cursed Skull

    I found out when I fell I pressed forward and went over the church.
  12. Rich

    Rich Voodoo Demon

    Yeah you were supposed to jump in the other direction off of the floating island to get back onto the mountain, then go down to the village there.
  13. Aesgard

    Aesgard Cursed Man

    I was going to say that.
  14. Rich

    Rich Voodoo Demon

    If anyone has tried this map with co-op I could really use some feedback on how balanced the progression of hearts/items is.
  15. jo brandon

    jo brandon Piranha

    i played it with a friend, and we got enough items, he left me in the 3rd chapter though, and then i felt overpowered-.-

    PS: the battle with the eye of chtulu was way too hard because we have a very low amount of arrows, we wanted the most golden keys possible, but that didn't happen because we got almost no ranged weapons against the eye.
  16. Rich

    Rich Voodoo Demon

    OK I'll add more arrows to the chests in chapter 1/early chapter 2 on next release, thanks.
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  17. Aesgard

    Aesgard Cursed Man

    Yeah. I had the same problem. I died because of the black of arrows an then I had to kill a buncho of Jungle slimes in order to buy a ton of shurikens form the merchant.
  18. Crocodile

    Crocodile Slimed Zombie

    Pictures please. Or point them out to me because I am a mindless fuck.
  19. Aesgard

    Aesgard Cursed Man

    Pictures of what?
  20. Rich

    Rich Voodoo Demon

    There are two pictures in the first post...

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