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  1. Rebelyrocks

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    I'm not new to the forums. Just new to the community! I am showing you guys two of my houses.

    This is my Singleplayer house.

    This is my Multiplayer house I play on with my younger brother.

    - We play legit

    Never Enough Mods - MiraiMai -
    The Furniture/Decoration Pack and Wallpaper Pack - Eikester -

    Let me know what you guys think! I would love some input on what to change or add!
  2. PuLSe

    PuLSe Cactus King

    Wow... a whole week, just over 60 views and no comments. Not much of a welcome to our community, sad to say. A year ago this thread would have been descended upon. It's quiet out there. So sad.:(

    Anyway, OT I'm just gonna blurt out observations and thoughts in no particular order and you can do what you want with it...

    -Looks like your materials are hand gathered and crafted ingame. I'll confine discussion to match.

    -I'd like to know the general map location of the structures - are they close to each other? Will they become part of the same structure or complex or village?

    -I like the goldfish picture. Is that a mod?

    -Right now, what you're building looks very much man-made as evidenced by right angles, rowed lighting, smooth tunnels, symmetry...

    -The heavy crafting equipment is at the top. Usually, these rooms IRL are in the garage or basement or shed or outside - but nearly always at ground level, or even below - out of the living space.

    -No bed or beds?

    -Is the spawn nearby? Do you know about Orior Gates? Check out Maplestrip's thread if not...

    -Love the roofs underground... odd that the only true rooms roofs you have are underground...

    -Garden seems like a logical step soon.

    -Odd that you post a link to house decorations and yet include so few. Perhaps goldfish pic, pumpkins, clock?, and dresser came from there? If there truly are 'never enough mods' and you're into that kind of thing, I wouldn't mind seeing you use more of it so I could check it out, though I have no idea of the material requirements.

    -Hit F11 before taking pics to hide the HUD.

    Thanks for the post. Be sure to update your progress and feel free to ignore any or all of the above.:)
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  3. Rebelyrocks

    Rebelyrocks Cursed Man

    Should I just update the original post or post down here?

    Cuz I got a weekly update for you guys!
  4. PuLSe

    PuLSe Cactus King

    Post down here - it's easier for the comments to follow along with the pics.
  5. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    I really like that second building. I'm a sucker for flags, and some how you took a simple design and made it look original. I would say the coolness of the first pic is all in the mod though. Looking forward to more updates though.
  6. Rebelyrocks

    Rebelyrocks Cursed Man

    Alright Ladies and Gents.
    I am sad to say that I have abandoned the first two worlds shown above and used the resources I've gathered to create a new singleplayer world!

    A Whole New Wooooorrlllddd

    I started off in a Snow Biome. So I thought I would embrace the idea. So I built an Igloo!
    Show Spoiler


    Than far later on I built something that took me forever to make for some reason. If you haven't noticed it yet. I made a god damn Storage Room! (equipped with lighting)
    Show Spoiler

    And here is the wiring if you were wondering.
    You pull the lever once for off. And you pull it twice for on.

    Next we have...(insert drumroll)
    The Floating Guide House! (located to the left of the igloo across a small lake)
    Show Spoiler

    This took a lot of terraforming. And using the Never Enough Devices Mod, I was able to rig up a lunar panel that only sends out a pulse at night to light up the Blinktubes located at the bottom of the Island. and also I am planing to expand into that cliff side

    Now if you follow the cliff and keep heading left. I decided to take PuLse's advice and make a
    Show Spoiler

    This baby took me way too long to build, but it fortunately has a great yield rate and I think using the iron beam background and glass I created a real cool support effect.
    Also the damn thing made me raid all my 3 maps for switches and gold chests. But it is finally done and I hope you guys love it as much as I do!

    Hope you guys like my updates!
    Tell your friends and give me a like if you like it!
    Also as the Post is named Advice, I am ALWAYS open to any suggestions you guys may have and I am looking forward to your input!

    <3 Rebelyrocks
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  7. Anomaly0.01

    Anomaly0.01 Dungeon Guardian

    I absolutely love that floating guide house. Whatever mod you're using for the roofing blocks is really nifty; makes things look very cozy. Also, the greenhouse is very well made; good organization overall.

    Keep up the great work! I hope to see more of your stuff in the future! :D
  8. jjo

    jjo Squirrel

    make the pumpkin a light source
  9. MantasX12

    MantasX12 Hell Bat

    Do you got mod or something because I see pumpkins :D ?
  10. Rebelyrocks

    Rebelyrocks Cursed Man

    If you go up to my first post you guys can see the two mods I use for the roofs and lighting. I will keep you guys updated with anything I add.

    (Far Cry 3 has kept me pretty busy)
  11. wizardsleeeve

    wizardsleeeve Zombie

    ur a good bro

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