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Discussion in 'Working in Progress Mods' started by Akujialex, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. Akujialex

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    I am currently working on a small little content pack which will hopefully extend the game and make the game a little bit more interesting. I am currently focusing on the world before you enter Hardmode. Till now i only got one armor set which is actually some kind of upgraded version of hellstone. Hopefully you will like what i have created.


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  2. Yoraiz0r

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    cute items.
    for criticism& advice
    - I'd say I'm tired of seeing the armor making tutorial's textures being used in mods
    - And that the video you show your mod with should be made in day , and a little quicker introduction would be better.
    - Your armor needs the hasArms property , to show the front armor hand cover for the player...
    - You should add the description of 'no knockback' on the torso , it was not shown in the vid.
    - For the obsidian skin effect , I suggest rewrite that into 'grants lava immunity'.
  3. Akujialex

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    Can somebody say me how to change the title of the post?
  4. Akujialex

    Akujialex Bunny

    I am actually some kind of busy right now and because of that i did not continue my work on this mod. Hope that i find some time in the near future so that I can finally release version 0.5

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