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Discussion in 'Dedicated Servers' started by DarkVigilante, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. daystalker Green Slime

    omg the server is back up YAY!
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  2. TheStereo84 Herpling

    I registered/logged in yesterday, I never got any notice :/
  3. FireMage Snow Flinx

    I have one question, can someone use the same account if there brother and sister?
  4. DarkVigilante Eskimo Zombie

    Yes they can.
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  5. Jagai123 Doctor Bones


    I cannot connect to the server.
  6. zach209 The Groom

    Yes but if they mess up like I don't know Grief or something it is on your account and you will be banned MAYBE you will be unbanned but who knows I'll tell you who anyone with admin powers

    Oh and Server is Down atm
  7. FireMage Snow Flinx

    Server down...
  8. zach209 The Groom

    I just said that............. kids these days don't like reading do they
  9. Jagai123 Doctor Bones

    When will the server be up again?
  10. FireMage Snow Flinx

    I said that over an hour ago.Saying it again wont hurt.Also in your sig for pvp server,change the ip.If you don't want to give them false info.
  11. Jagai123 Doctor Bones

    What's the current IP for the server?
  12. DarkVigilante Eskimo Zombie

    Ah ISP changed my IP without telling me. Try
  13. FireMage Snow Flinx

    Oh I'll be on right now.
    Thhhhhhaaaannnnkkkk you Dark!!
    But I have one question, what if someone is spamming and you dont want to ban them for spamming?Do you think we could get mute or kick or kill.
  14. Jagai123 Doctor Bones

    Your picture looks fancy, good day sir.
  15. Azure Dark Caster

    JaynePVP.us.to I made that IP..
    IP: JaynePVP.us.to
    Takes you to THIS server.
  16. bobbykilla95 Eskimo Zombie

    y u be mean to me?
  17. TheStereo84 Herpling

    Wow, can you please not do that again, Ghost -_-
    I was watching on Fire's screen, and you had trouble unbanning me.
  18. zach209 The Groom

    Sorry I Was a bit rusty Promiss It won't happen again but dark did say I unbanned you somehow withought it telling me
  19. FireMage Snow Flinx

    Sgt ghost is abusing his power.He is kicking people for no reason.Banning people for no reason.Plus the bans are for a dumb reason.Such as "you will be unbanned before you read this.
    Server down..
    Oh and do you think we can get kick?
  20. zach209 The Groom

    Banned one person thought I could unban (Dark said I was able to ) And I only kicked Dragan Once

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