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  1. lkmking123

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    ///Version: Alpha 0.0.2\\\

    Welcone My My First Mod Thread.
    I Will Be Showing My Mod That Has Only 16 Items Now, But Dont Worry, This Is Only Alpha, Expect A Lot Of Items In The Future!

    Current Items In The Mod:

    Blood Fury:[​IMG]
    A Sword That Does Around 59 Damage.
    Crafted With:1 Adamantite Sword, 10 Adamantite Bars And 10 Souls Of Night.
    Crafted At: Mythril Anvil

    Clockwork Assault Rifle Mk.2:[​IMG]
    A Gun That Does Around 29 Damage Each Shot
    Crafted With: 1 Clockwork Assault Rifle, 1 Illegal Gun Part, 10 Souls Of Light
    Crafted At:-

    Dark/Fire/Jungle Muramasa:[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Swords That Are Upgraded Versions Of The Muramasa Do 26/28 Damage.
    Crafted With:Fire=Muramasa, 10 Hellstone Bar. Dark=Muramasa,10 Soul Of Night. Jungle= Muramasa,20 Jungle Spores,20 Vines.
    Crafted At:-

    Phantom Bow:[​IMG]
    A Bow That Does 57 Damage, But Has Very Slow Speed.Doesnt Use Arrows.
    Crafted With:1 Wooden Bow,1 Copper Bow,1 Iron Bow,1 Silver Bow,1 Gold Bow,10 Soul of Sight
    Crafted At:-

    Elite Phantom Bow:[​IMG]
    A Bow That Does 8 Damage, But Has Insane Speed.Doesnt Use Arrows.
    Crafted With:1 Phantom Bow,250 Wooden Arrow,10 Soul of Night
    Crafted At:-

    Diamond Staff:[​IMG]
    A Magic Staff That Makes Particles That Deal 43 Damage.
    Crafted With:250 Wood,50 Diamond,80 Cobalt Bar,80 Mythril Bar,40 Adamantite Bar,25 Crystal Shard
    Crafted At:-

    A Upgraded Version Of The Starfury. Deals 64 Damage.
    Crafted With:1 Starfury,10 Soul of Fright,10 Soul of Might,10 Soul of Sight,10 Soul of Flight,50 Soul of Light
    Crafted At:-

    Adamantite War Axe:[​IMG]
    A War Axe Made Out Of Adamantite
    Crafted With:15 Adamantite Bars

    Magic Wand:[​IMG]
    Can Be Enchanted
    Crafted With:5 Wood, 2 Black Dye, 2 Snow Blocks

    Fire/Water/Water 2 And More To Come!
    Crafted With: Fire= 1 Magic Wand,1 Flower of Fire,10 Cursed Flame
    Water=1 Magic Wand,1 Water Bucket,1 Water Bolt
    Water 2=1 Wand Of Water,1 Aqua Scepter

    Upgraded Vilethorn
    Crafted With:1 Vilethorn, 15 Hellstone Bars

    Shiny Drill:[​IMG]
    The Ultimate Drill. Has 250% Mining Power
    Crafted With:1 Adamantite Drill,1 Mythril Drill,1 Cobalt Drill,1 Hamdrax


    Normal Version:Here

    If You See Any Bugs, Please Report Them!

    0.0.1=Initial Release. 9 Items

    0.0.2=Added Wands,Adamantite War axe,Firethorn,Shiny Drill.
    Slowed Down Elite Phantom Bow.
    Made Muramasas Use The "Hold To Swing"

    0.0.3= ???

    Planned Updates:
    More Guns
    Colored Chests

    See You Guys Later!
  2. Hassulol

    Hassulol Cursed Man

    i like it!
  3. mitchellex

    mitchellex Piranha

    Id be glad to help with anything if you need it. Coding and spriting and whatnot.
  4. Moga

    Moga Green Slime

    I'm decent at spriting, great at modding, need a second hand come to me. ;)
    Good luck!
  5. lkmking123

    lkmking123 Cursed Man

    I Am Ready For The 0.0.2 Release, But I Dont Have A NPC, And I Dont Understand How They Work, So If Anyone Can Make A Npc, PM Me. I Will Add It In The 0.0.3 Update
  6. raxielz

    raxielz Green Slime

    you should tell us what the mining speed on that "Shiny Drill" is, and the fact that it's made out of the HAMDRAX but doesn't hammer, or axe makes it a lot less viable and judging from the looks, looks like it has ultimately a lot shorter range
  7. Rusty1996

    Rusty1996 Snatcher

    if you need help i have spare time
  8. Hipstito

    Hipstito Green Slime

    When the next update will come?
  9. lkmking123

    lkmking123 Cursed Man

  10. General_Milky

    General_Milky Pigron

    Review time on your items.

    This sword feels like it's too powerful to be obtained without fighting a hardmode boss. It dwarves even excalibur in raw strength, so it could use a recipe adjustment.

    I liked this. Clockwork assualt rifle is cool, and so is this upgrade. Except, all three shots in the burst expend ammo. Why?

    I didn't use these, but they're cool ideas as long as they have partical effects and autoswing like the original.

    This is pretty awesome. Infinite ammo and high damage, but slooooow. Made me want it, and didn't turn out overpowered. Nice!

    Elite, huh? Is that why it does 1 damage on everything I try it on except slimes?

    What? 50 diamonds? You serious? I haven't found half as many as that in my whole Terraria lifetime!

    That said, I cheated and got the diamonds anyway to see what the big deal is about. Turns out, nothing, this weapon has no range and ends up pretty subpar. Owns Destroyer, but FIFTY DIAMONDS. CHANGE THAT.

    This... was awesome. A hardmode Starfury. You have made one of my dreams come true.

    Didn't even see this in the game. Was it removed/not put in yet?

    These were fun upgrades to underated weapons. However, they need better sprites. They look ugly.

    Did I mention that you made one of my dreams come true with the starfury upgrade? You made another a reality with this. This weapon never left my hotbar. It wasn't particularly strong come hardmode, but very useful. Just as it should be.

    Nice concept, but when actually in use it looks like an adamantite drill, which is somewhat offputting. It's also expensive to make, but I guess it has the excuse to be.[/quote][/quote]
  11. Swanper

    Swanper Green Slime

    Hello. this mod is dead??when will be the next update?
    and the 1 damage from elite phantom bow is just ridiculos.... make it better men....
  12. JHoliness

    JHoliness Squirrel

    Hey, just wait, he said he would release an update soon...assume it's dead if it's been about a month with no activity. Also, constructive criticism would be helpful rather than just telling the modder to make a particular item better.

    Anyway, there is a good collection of weapons there. Except the Blood Fury needs nerfing or needs the recipe made more expensive and the Elite Phantom Bow needs to have its damage increased, as to be honest, the bow a tier before it is actually the better bow.

    But overall nice mod and I hope to see some of the other ideas you have!
  13. Swanper

    Swanper Green Slime

    yeah, i hope that this mod become better :D, because i like it very much!
    But fix elite phantom bow because i love this bow!
  14. Trace Kern

    Trace Kern Green Slime

    Has there been any progress on this mod, or has the OP abandoned work on this?
    I ask because I would really love to try out the items in here, however the .obj file in the download is very out of date.

    I would recommend that if you have time, please either update the .obj and re-post the download, or else post the source for the mod so we poor users can update the .obj ourselves.
  15. FreyModder

    FreyModder Yellow Slime

    Pretty cool dude :)
  16. Titot

    Titot Slimed Zombie

    mirror not working
  17. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    Can I ask that if we are going to necro threads, we do so with meaningful new information?

    There is no necro rule, but necros with no substantial content are likely to be treated as LoC.

  18. Titot

    Titot Slimed Zombie


    does have any actual mod with a better version of the starfury?

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