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  1. eliure

    eliure Green Slime

    these files are alternate colours for the wood chest

    to get them to work unzip them straight into the terraria images folder
    they will replace the normal ones.
    i advise backing up the originals

    only one set/colour at a time will work with these.

    you can swap out the files if you have that urge
    have a green tile and a red item or a blue tile and green item

    yes you can use my files for your mods if you like

    chest colors is my mod version

    it has the same color chests as the defaults, plus a purple version
    both the installer and the source are below

    i used tconfig 23.3
    i made tconfig 24 versions of the plexiglass and chests mods

    chest colors set2
    has an orange chest and lighter versions of all my chests.

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  2. ProsaurusRex

    ProsaurusRex Undead Viking

    Cool! It might be better to out all of the chests in one zip folder, but it doesn't really matter. Are you planning to do something like this with anything else?
  3. eliure

    eliure Green Slime

    like what?
    my next thought was beds or vases
  4. eliure

    eliure Green Slime

    more options for the pink vase

    works just like the default chest ones.

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  5. eliure

    eliure Green Slime

    bomb proof glass
    tinted yellow

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  6. Pyleah

    Pyleah Giant Worm

    Hey; loving this multi colored chest; one of my friends has been wanting to color code chest! Any chance you would be doing even more color chest? Like rustick orange, purple, white; or any lighter/pastle shades? My friend also wanted me to add to my question; if you had thought about remaking or redesiging the look of chests.
  7. Classikly

    Classikly Vampire

    Not trying to promote myself here, just trying to help you out and redirect you to Pickaxe+.
  8. Pyleah

    Pyleah Giant Worm

    Not sure if I have seen that one; will take a look. I don't mind more mods at all; lol.
  9. eliure

    eliure Green Slime

    there's already a purple one included:)
    as for orange, i think so.
    not so sure of white
    as for the others i'll see what i can come up with

    and as for the massive ad
    that was the kind of thing I kept looking for.
    i made this chest mod because i couldn't find one.
  10. Pyleah

    Pyleah Giant Worm

    Cool; thanks, keep up the good work.
  11. GrtAndPwrflTrtl

    GrtAndPwrflTrtl Eskimo Zombie

    since dungeon is set to true, will monsters spawn in my secure plexiglass house if i use the backwalls? Will enough plexiglass blocks attract dungeon critters underground?
  12. eliure

    eliure Green Slime

    i have no idea. to be honest
    i've had no problems using them so far

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