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Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by Electroflux, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. Electroflux

    Electroflux Cursed Skull

    I'm trying to find an alternative to spriting the sprite's movement sheets.

    Right now, I'm literally re-drawing every single animation (with some copy paste from previous movements).

    It's become exhausting and very inaccurate. It's hard to depict exactly where pieces of the armor should be on the next movement slot and it creates many errors (although, you can't REALLY tell in-game, but it's annoying otherwise).

    Is there anyway I can make it so, for example, the body movement sheet should act accordingly to how the player moves without actually having to re-draw the entire sheet every time you create new armor?
  2. Electroflux

    Electroflux Cursed Skull

  3. Empio

    Empio Blazing Wheel

    I'm not sure what you mean exactly. Can't you just make armor sprites using the same format that Terraria uses?

    If your problem is that the whole spritesheet draws when you only want one frame, you need to use a source rectangle in the draw function to only draw that section of the spritesheet.
  4. Electroflux

    Electroflux Cursed Skull

    No, I mean, I have to draw every single frame everytime I create a new armor.

    The body movement sheet, arms, head (although easy) and legs. Everytime I create a new armor, I have to re-draw every single frame. I'm looking for a quicker alternative so I can avoid spending hours precisely drawing each frame everytime I create something new.
  5. Empio

    Empio Blazing Wheel

    You can return false for the player's PreDraw method, then draw your own sprites. The player class should have locations set, like Player.headPosition that you can use.
  6. Berserker66

    Berserker66 Umbrella Slime

    One person is talking about the sprite sheets as image files and the other one throws around code details that have no meaning for this problem. Brilliant.
    No, there is no alternative to using sprite sheets, other than storing each frame as separate texture, which does not help you.
  7. Electroflux

    Electroflux Cursed Skull

    I could do that and draw my own sprites but that wouldn't alleviate the agony of re-drawing every frame.

    Either way, I'm still re-drawing every frame, for example, a body armor piece. I have to draw the first still frame, then the arm swinging frame, then the walking frames. You get what I mean? I wish there was just a magical way the code would expect a still image of the body armor to re-draw accordingly based on what the default movement sheet looked like and it would just be like BAM, re-drawn without having to actually sprite it manually.
  8. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Hell Bat

    Use the same trick the base game uses. If you look at the armor sprites(specifically easy to see on hallowed armor) the chest piece never changes, just the arms do. So sprite the arms, sprite a body, copy it to each frame, then copy the arms spritesheet over the body one. If you're making an armor with no arm sprites, take the default arms, colour them solid magenta(or any other colour you're not using), copy them over your armor sprite, and then erase all of that colour so its transparent. That way the default arms will show through.

    The head is the easiest, just copy it to each frame. 6 of the frames are up a single pixel though(which also means when making your hat, it can't use the top row of pixels or those 6 will be cut off)

    For legs though, you're basically screwed. Gotta do each frame ^-^;;
  9. Electroflux

    Electroflux Cursed Skull

    Alright, I'll try that. I was making it more agonizing by drawing the body before anything.
  10. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Hell Bat

    Oh and, forgot to mention, for the body, the same 6 frames that the head is a pixel up, so is the body, so you need to add an extra row to the bottom of the armor. Generally just copy and modify from the defaults as a base until you get used to them ^-^;;
  11. Electroflux

    Electroflux Cursed Skull

    Yeah, I use the blank image and copy over it. The whole arms thing will help out, though. I used to do it that way a long time ago but I kind of forgot everything again. I'll get the hang of it.
  12. qvatra

    qvatra Green Slime

    Why you did not tried spritesheet making programs to do that?
    for example Anatmy or Anime Studio?
    see this tutorial on youtube

    good luck

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