Among Giants [Adventure: Solo and MP]

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  1. Tel

    Tel Clinger

    You have searched for the knowledge for your entire life - searched for the missing parts to the tattered scroll your grandfather left you. Now you finally have it, the incantation that will take you and whoever you choose to bring to the land of giants, home of fabled treasures. Will you choose to take friends? Or will you go alone, risking more in the hopes of greater reward? Even more important, will you survive your stay among giants?

    Among Giants
    Map type: Adventure (Single player and 1-4 player multiplayer options)
    Length: Short
    Difficulty: Probably easy - this patch actually made it easier.

    This adventure is quite short - it is a concept map as much as an adventure map. Due to the scale of the build the time spent was far out of proportion to the length of the adventure and I suspect that any longer map of this type would have to be a community build. Still, it was a lot of fun to make and hopefully a fun little story to play through. Feedback is, as always, appreciated!

    Challenge mode: Use no buff potions.
    Cheat mode: Find the cheater's chest.

    Trailer (Thanks to Matthew Dryden!):




    LP by BlackKhonshu (open)


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  2. Novate

    Novate Bone Serpent

    Finished playing this map after doing a little extra work.

    It was a little overwhelming at first but I love the thought behind the map and detail put into it.
    I decided to explore the entire map and found a few surprises as well.

    Not to mention I manged to achieve(without cheating) what i've decided is one of the secret endings for the map =)
    Do not click if you have not played the map (open)

    All the gold is mine!!

    Played the map in challenge mode and it is just as completeable as normal mode.
    I would recommend however sticking to normal mode on your playthroughs to enjoy the map properly.

    All in all a nice map and i'm glad I stopped by to play it.
  3. Justin17

    Justin17 Piranha

    Grappling hook glitch xD I got in to :D

    Good map, but it was really short :/ Unless there were other endings? How did the cheater chest require cheating? You gave us a grappling hook xD
  4. Novate

    Novate Bone Serpent

    apart from
    Show Spoiler
    saving the npcs trapped on the other side of the starting giant stump
  5. Tel

    Tel Clinger

    Nope. Like I said in the OP, the build time on this map was extremely high for the amount of ground covered. I had more plans for it, but in the end it was just too large of a project and I wrapped it up where you see. I was also running into issues with making things recognizable without having to have a sign to tell you "This is a bed" "This is a workbench"

    So instead of making this drawn out even farther I just ended it after the one room in the giant's house and called it good.
  6. Justin17

    Justin17 Piranha

    Nuuuu D: I deleted my char and world already before reading this... Oh well :p

    Oh... They're just in a box lol.
  7. Tel

    Tel Clinger

    Trailer in the first post now, thanks to Matthew Dryden for that :)

    RUSHWAYC Squirrel

    Can I make Let's Play episode(s)???
  9. Tel

    Tel Clinger

    That is always allowed with my maps.

    RUSHWAYC Squirrel

    I made it, but even when i shrunk the video it wont upload. So nothing from the LP episodes...
  11. Dragoxz

    Dragoxz Demon Eye

    how do u install maps?
  12. Tel

    Tel Clinger

    There's a nice guide for that at the top of this forum, but basically you just put the file in your My Documents> My Games > Terraria > Worlds. If you have more than five worlds only the top five will show, but since this map starts with an A it should turn up at the top.
  13. confuzzledyma

    confuzzledyma Administrator

  14. Tel

    Tel Clinger

  15. Chewbacca

    Chewbacca Green Slime

    Thank you for making this for us, It was very well made but a little short, could I maybe add to this map to make it longer (I will not take credit. Also meant for you to post.) and you could call it like v2.0?
  16. Richard Ma

    Richard Ma Snatcher

    the part at the heater room wood? to block the entrance? how do we get back out lol?
  17. Tel

    Tel Clinger

    You'll notice there's a workbench in that room, maybe you can make something out of the wood ;)
  18. Richard Ma

    Richard Ma Snatcher

    za funk o_o (did not notice)
  19. ahamling27

    ahamling27 Map Expert/Admin Staff Member

    Love the idea. So original and well put together. I would love to see you take this further, but I understand the limitations of the size of the map, and the scale to which you made it. I will 2nd Chewbacca's request for a 2.o map. ;)
  20. Cho-Ran

    Cho-Ran Demon Eye

    nice map. I didn't notice the chest containing the potion ingredients the first time and made my way through the heater without them at first due to not having a torch out. ^^;
    Love the prize at the end, I have one hidden in one of my chests in my vault world I created. Your world is also a nice source of blinkroots if you grapple past the stump. and I got a tattered cloth to boot! :cool:

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