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  1. Anorthia

    Anorthia Green Slime

    Nothing too impressive yet, as I"m generally pretty new to the game, but I wanted to share my NPC homes in my own thread.

    Guide's Cabin in the Woods (open)

    Guide's Home.jpg

    Merchant's Home/Shop (open)

    Merchant's Home.jpg

    Nurse's Hospital and Quarters (open)

    Nurse's Home.jpg

    Dryad's Tree Home (open)

    Dryad's Home.jpg

    Demolitionist's Bomb Home (open)

    Demolitionist's Home.jpg

    Arms Dealer's Uzi Home (open)
    Inspired by Dafish's creation but made different by me. Here's a link to his:
    Arms Dealer's Home.jpg

    New Oldstyle Sawmill (open)

    Based loosely around the sawmill in King's Landing, NB, Canada
    Oldstyle Sawmill.jpg

    Mayan Inspired Temple (open)

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  2. Anomaly0.01

    Anomaly0.01 Dungeon Guardian

    These are really cozy. I like both the treehouse and the bomb-house quite a bit; the small tree statue under the former is cute and the explosives lining the floors in the latter are amusingly decorative despite their inherent, er, instability. ;)

    I also really like the sawmill. I also couldn't help but notice that it's "based loosely around the sawmill in King's Landing, NB, Canada." Would you happen to be from New Brunswick by any chance? I ask because I hail from Fredericton myself, and I must admit I love visiting King's Landing. Gorgeous place. :D

    That aside, keep up the good work! Your stuff is pretty awesome!
  3. Anorthia

    Anorthia Green Slime

    Thanks so much :) I was surprised to NOT find anyone had done a bomb home before, I looked all over the forums to see other people's takes on NPC homes but mostly they live in little rectangles haha.

    Yes I am from New Brunswick, more specifically Rothesay. I used to love visiting King's Landing as a kid, I thought it was pretty awesome.
  4. Anorthia

    Anorthia Green Slime

    Not sure if week late....or if memes was pushed back a week.... Anorthia CC Entry.jpg
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  5. Anomaly0.01

    Anomaly0.01 Dungeon Guardian

    Ah. Never been to Rothesay myself. Closest I've been is Saint John. Either way, it's pretty cool to find someone else on the web from NB. Can't say I meet many.

    As for NPC houses, most people simply try to make them look like houses. I've seen a gun house for the arms dealer done before, and I think I once say a gigantic crystral heart done for the nurse. Rectangles can be a little boring, though. I just try to work several houses into a larger, themed build. I've never really done the individual themes thing. It is cool, though, and you do it well. :)

    Nice meme, btw.
  6. Anorthia

    Anorthia Green Slime

    Rothesay is less than 15 minutes away from SJ, pretty much the same place but SJ is dirtier hahaha. I didn't think I'd find anyone else on the forums from NB though I know a couple of other player in person.

    I just found that rectangles were so boring, I wanted something a bit more exciting for my world. I have to say I envy Enzym's creations a lot, I've ripped off a couple in my world cause they were so amazing. :p

    And thanks about the meme.
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  7. Rebelyrocks

    Rebelyrocks Cursed Man

    Omg Canadians <3
    Hey guys! Thinking of flying our flag over my base.
    Any ideas?
  8. PinkeShy

    PinkeShy Eskimo Zombie

    My God, these are so cute :3

    You have talent, woman/man/duck! Be proud of it.
  9. Galdelonian

    Galdelonian Slimed Zombie

    I really like the last two. Especially the glass/planked wall look at the sawmill. The trees for the temple are a very nice touch as well. Good job.
  10. Anorthia

    Anorthia Green Slime

    Thanks for the compliments everyone :) I'll keep posting then haha I'm working on a Dante's Inferno project right now in a blank slate world in tEdit putting my own spin on his 9 circles of hell. I'll post pictures when i'm done. Trying to make a Heaven and Hell split world on a massive scale.

    As for the Canadian flag, here's an idea:
    Canadian Flag.jpg
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  11. Rebelyrocks

    Rebelyrocks Cursed Man

    Awesome leaf! I probably will use it but have less waves in my flag.
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