any free non download games like terraria?

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by sonicrider3, Apr 24, 2012.

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  1. sonicrider3 Eskimo Zombie

    I really want to play something other then terraria but i dont have money and i cant download anything (terraria was for christmas but tht passed and i cant get anything else) so are there any other games like terraria non download and free?
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  2. ImAwesome Green Slime

    King Arthurs Gold
  3. sonicrider3 Eskimo Zombie

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  4. XTripleJaxX Dark Caster

    You have to download Terraria to play it...
  5. Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    Since I've learnt to read OPs before posting, I'll say what you're asking for is pretty difficult.

    If you have Steam, you could play Realm of the Mad God. It downloads something, yes, but it's a very small download involved. The game's not to my liking, but it seems to be popular enough.

    There's also Puzzle Pirates. Some small download involved, but can be played for free for as long as you want.

    Downloading is only an issue with a slow connection speed, or not enough disk space. Other than "free to pay" boring text-based games which are as entertaining as watching dry paint dry, or even worse, Facebook games, there's few choices when it comes to "non download," really.
  6. sonicrider3 Eskimo Zombie

    i said i got it for christmas and only tht.....
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  7. ImAwesome Green Slime

    Sorry misread,although kag is only 23 mb
  8. sonicrider3 Eskimo Zombie

    requesting lock since i dont really care anymore :p ill just look for 1 myself
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  9. ImAwesome Green Slime

    Why cant you download games???
    kag takes up hardly anything
    (23 mb!!)
  10. Minifrij Cave Bat

  11. sonicrider3 Eskimo Zombie

    parents dont rlly trust me
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  12. sonicrider3 Eskimo Zombie

    wow this seems cool thanks mini!
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  13. Minifrij Cave Bat

    No problem mate :)
  14. SKELETRON_PRIME Green Slime

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  15. sonicrider3 Eskimo Zombie

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  16. ImAwesome Green Slime

    They should.
  17. sonicrider3 Eskimo Zombie

    ya ikr
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  18. IDK. I'm not really sure about some games. But there are some that require something in order to play.
    There's not much options out there, sorry if I couldn't help as much. And usually the "good" games are downloaded or download only. Realm of The Mad God's on kongregate, there's Runescape (idk how it fits in but it's free and non download, provided your java is updated), and not much else.
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