Any good no-download f-2-p games?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Holylifestar, May 5, 2011.

  1. Holylifestar Fire Imp

    Anyone know of any no download free to play games?
  2. Nighthawk Green Slime

    I know quite a few no-good download games.
    But not many good no-download games.

    Most good games must be downloaded.

    You can always play Runescape. (But that is a no-good no-download game.)
  3. Tybirion Blazing Wheel

    realm of the mad god!!! :D
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  4. Nighthawk Green Slime

    Don't you have to pay real money to be able to buy from shops?
  5. Tybirion Blazing Wheel

    well its good if you go MLG like me in that game...just go lerroy jenkins out there and farm in the god lands XD....until i die and rage quit
  6. KXI System Green Slime

    I play Uberstrike, its f2p and just install a simple plugin. The forums even have a whole bunch of stuff to get you free pay to get credits. Theres some balancing issues at the moment but its an awesome FPS game to play in browser, even on Facebook!
  7. blackwing1996 Green Slime

    you could try quake live (not that good), realm of the mad god, orange fps, uberstrike, fallen empire legion, minecraft lol
  8. 440Music Green Slime

    See signature. The Apple or PlayR links.
  9. Maksago Dark Caster

    The only good F2P game that I know, you have to download. It's called Battlefield Play4Free and it's about a 1GB download, but it has Bad Company 1 graphics, and it's fantastic considering it's free.
  10. Bashley Green Slime

    Runescape.. Yes I'm being serious.
  11. Ballistic Green Slime

    Lol, I second Battlefield Play4free, I was closed beta tester. It's awesome.
  12. blackwing1996 Green Slime

    umm... are you high?
  13. FlareHD Green Slime

    Same here its really good :D
  14. Dreacus Green Slime


    Fuck yeah.
  15. Le Supremacy Green Slime

    No-download? Try Monopoly.
  16. SeventhSette Green Slime

    Spiral Knights, definitely. Think something along the lines of Diablo meets Zelda: Four Swords Adventure.

    Fatigue-based, but you can buy Fatigue for ingame cash from a player-based market at pretty decent rates.
  17. Teanji Blazing Wheel

    Try Soul of the Ultimate Nation, entirely quest-based (at least till Level 90 at this point).
  18. Dreacus Green Slime

    What part of 'no-download' do you guys not understand?

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