Anyone for a fresh Replay?

Discussion in 'Quick Hook Up' started by Shaun, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Shaun

    Shaun Dark Caster

    Title says it all, I can host if need be. New characters (doesn't have to be hardcore), with a rush towards end game.
  2. Sinxar

    Sinxar Squirrel

    Sure. I don't use Skype tho. And port forwarded server only. I have a private server but it can get laggy because its on our home network with lots of downloading and netflix.

    To recap:
    No Skype - use real voice coms if any at all (Have Vent server available).
    Port forwarded server only.

    Tshock is fine if you go that route but I like to use explosives and its a pain in the ass to get somebody to fix it so it doesn't rollback blocks when used.

    Send me a PM if you wanna hook up. I'm a decent player and have lots of free time.
  3. springpeeper98

    springpeeper98 Green Slime

    hey, i would love to be in this if it's not too late, my skype is deadlypenguin98 contact me if interested

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