Anyone know how to make wire?

Discussion in 'Update Discussion' started by MrSplodez, Dec 1, 2011.

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  1. MrSplodez

    MrSplodez Green Slime

    I seen a video on youtube and the guy used wire to do some .. cool stuff anyone know how to make it?
  2. Berserker66

    Berserker66 Umbrella Slime

    Yes, I do.
  3. Feadraudin

    Feadraudin Green Slime

    Apparently, only with a wrench. I think you get it when you rescue the Red Head NPC.
  4. Tiamou

    Tiamou Green Slime

    Yeah you can buy the wire from the NPC you find in the dungeon, she also sells the wrench and pliers, aswell as switches, levers and pressure plates.
  5. Sparkzy241

    Sparkzy241 Green Slime

    You have to go into the dungeon (complete it i guess) find the mechanic NPC and free her. Once you've done that she acts like a normal NPC and moves into a room/house you've built. Then you can buy a wrench and wire cutters for 2g each and wire for 5s/pc.
  6. apollyon

    apollyon Green Slime

    i defeated skelly, i found her (at least her upper half) yet she doesn't show in my housing list, do i need to do something more?
  7. apollyon

    apollyon Green Slime

    never mind i found out had turn autopause off
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