Anyone love zelda as much as i do?

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  1. Ryouichi

    Ryouichi Green Slime

    then prove it >:3 <-- fixed music volumes

    tis the Zelda sound pack
    has custom background music and ingame sounds

    now mind you i do love the original sounds of terraria. but eh nice to try new things c: was a fun project to. SO

    most the music is from majoras mask..they just suceeded in the music department more then OOT but the gameplay in OOT is better eh not gonna get into that c: download. replace files. and enjoy

    i will not stress this enough. PLEASE make a back up of the original files o.e

    ALSO for a fan and better fixed music here ya go
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  2. yDieHappy

    yDieHappy Slimed Zombie

    if u r talking about the character then yes :p
    but not a fan of the game
  3. Ryouichi

    Ryouichi Green Slime

    well then youll still like the sound pack o.o cause it has link voices in such in it x3 tis awesome
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  4. Xylord

    Xylord Green Slime

    Just to know, what are the exact songs you used for each biome?
  5. Mistress Rarity

    Mistress Rarity Nightmarity

    Moving this to player creations ♥
  6. Ryouichi

    Ryouichi Green Slime

    sorry didint know where to put it
    uhhhhhh k hold on

    Underground- stone tower temple
    Daytime - termina field
    Nighttime - Last hours of 3rd day
    Evil - Ghost attacking the ranch
    COrruption - Sharps Curse
    INtro - Intro to OOT/fairys fountain
    forest - Southern Swamp
    Boss- Majoras mask boss fight

    also @ xylord i need to fix the sound its WAY to low

  7. Sedmun

    Sedmun Demon Eye

  8. Ryouichi

    Ryouichi Green Slime

    :confused:..........what was?
  9. Sedmun

    Sedmun Demon Eye

    Those sounds... just like playing Zelda
    Nice job.
  10. Ryouichi

    Ryouichi Green Slime

    yea but still wanna do more to it. increase the sound of the boss music..make female sounds with zelda...ect ect...and really
    terraria = updated zelda 2 :x
  11. Jessica.T

    Jessica.T Green Slime

    I <3 Zelda! Thanks alot for this!
  12. Ryouichi

    Ryouichi Green Slime

    np i play to make a zelda adventure map based on alot of zelda games too..i plan to do alot more also <3 ur sig
  13. CaptHook

    CaptHook Green Slime

    I really like this!, I would only advise turning down the Link attacking sound it can get repetitive
  14. Ryouichi

    Ryouichi Green Slime

    itcan but like. you should have the original files ;3 change if necessary
  15. I actually would've loved this if you had used The Lost Woods for Jungle/Underground Jungle.
    I mean, who doesn't love that awesome song?
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  16. Ryouichi

    Ryouichi Green Slime

    you mean sarahs song *_* hurr. anyways i was thinking about it. but..its too peaceful for how damned dangerous the jungle is XD
  17. *zeldagasm* That's Saria's Song to you! *zeldagasm*

    Ok, I see your point, but nonetheless, I think it would still fit the jungle overground.
  18. Ryouichi

    Ryouichi Green Slime

    well i can change it if ya want gotta mess with the music anyways. also ill spell thinsg how i want XD love zelda but i do alot? i dont feel liek backspacing to fix things

    ok so im trying to upload the file now it has louder boss music and fixed volumes and has sarahs song happy? ya zelda nerd <3 connection is a real twat so like atm i have a 700 ping so ur gonn ahave to wait a few DAYS for the upload
  19. Minnan1

    Minnan1 Cursed Man

    The files are gone D:
  20. Voyager

    Voyager Face Monster

    This is from 2011.

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