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  1. Terr4rIA

    Terr4rIA Green Slime

    I saw that Copper and Iron items are very worthless even for a new player because of it can be easily found on ground and very easy to find when mining. I personally get all copper,iron tools and armor easily when I decide to create a new character. They need more useful things to craft so I decided to create a thread about this armor. This armor set is even better than silver but set bonus is not defense. I am not good at making images so there are no images for armors.

    Ancient Helmet
    4 defense.
    Crafted using [​IMG] (20) [​IMG] (20) [​IMG] (50) [​IMG] (100)

    Ancient Chainmail
    4 defense.
    Crafted using [​IMG] (25) [​IMG] (25) [​IMG] (60) [​IMG] (120)

    Ancient Greaves
    4 defense.

    Crafted using [​IMG] (15) [​IMG] (15) [​IMG] (40) [​IMG] (80)

    Set bonus: %50 less fall damage. +%5 melee damage.
    1.Changed amounts of sand,copper and iron.
    2."Bad" armor image.
    Sorry for bad grammar. I would like people to comment and vote.
  2. Ivy

    Ivy Green Slime

    I think you should include more and elaborate on some parts. Also lower the amount of bars, thats and extreme amount, even if I am an amazing player, it would be hard and unfair.
  3. Amatsu57

    Amatsu57 Yellow Slime

    Copper and iron are ok imo... But idea is good. :)
  4. Terr4rIA

    Terr4rIA Green Slime

    Made a bad armor picture.
  5. AnonTheMouse

    AnonTheMouse Floaty Gross

    Huh...how is it ancient, if you just made it? If there were an armour set you could get from underground chests, that would be pretty ancient, but making it at your anvil? Not so much.

    Aside from that, the idea of an armour made from multiple materials appeals to me. Though the materials you've chosen seem a little odd. Is that dirt? Sand? If it's clay, I've put an idea for a clay and gem armour in the megathread that you might want to look at. Which is another thing...

    A straight 4def for each piece? That's pretty strong, especially for all common materials, and doesn't match the pattern that other armours have. When I did my Terracotta armour, I picked a high defence rating, but gave each piece rare materials in the recipe as well as clay, and then added drawbacks to the set besides. This, though, leaves no reason to ever make copper or iron armour in the first place, as it is stronger, easy to make, and gives a double set bonus (mine did too, but one of the effects was highly situational, and it needed two to make up for all its drawbacks).

    What about a slight change? The base armour might be very weak, but giving a much higher set bonus to armour to bring it up to a point between silver and gold. I know you want to have a non-defence set bonus, but what you've got seems like too much for too little, and it would be out of place on such an early acquirable armour, to be honest.
  6. Terr4rIA

    Terr4rIA Green Slime

    60 iron and 60 copper. It is as hard as getting 75 silver bars. Silver is very common when you go underground. Maybe it is a little easier but it also needs stone and sand. Less defense but other abilities as set bonus. I didn't want it to match the pattern of armors otherwise how could I make it different from other armors? Yes making it can be little strange but anvils are actually ancient too. Furnace doesn't seem like normal furnace and made from rocks so it is ancient too.

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