Arms dealer not arriving

Discussion in 'PC' started by cobalte, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. cobalte

    cobalte Green Slime

    Hey guys, I acquired a musket a while ago and since have had multiple unoccupied rooms. It has been over a week in Terraria days . . . will the Arms Dealer arrive?

    Picture including the musket and my house with open rooms:

  2. Npatterson10

    Npatterson10 Cursed Skull

    Try getting another musket and some more ammo or if that doesn't work make a new world.
  3. TheStereo84

    TheStereo84 Herpling

    It is either:

    1. The world somehow glitched. If it did, just make a new world, get whatever you need from the Arms dealer and go back to the original world.


    2. The house is a bit, "demented" if you will. Sometimes if its like this, you can have small problems like if one block is missing or if one room doesn't have walls. With a perfectly straight house it's easy to recognize. With these more creative houses, it's a bit harder to tell. For example, I think the top room doesn't have walls, if I'm not mistaken. And if I'm seeing this correctly, there are only 5 valid rooms, with 5 NPCs. Trying making a perfectly straight room with all of the requirements and see if he comes. Or all of the rooms are perfectly fine and I'm just completely stupid.
  4. cobalte

    cobalte Green Slime

    Thanks for the posts. After I started to venture out, I got the message "A meteor has landed!" and also, at the same time, "Tyrone the Arms Dealer has arrived!". He now occupies one of the houses in the picture above.
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  5. ScottyDoesKnow

    ScottyDoesKnow Green Slime

    Glad you worked it out. If you have a problem again, remember there's a tool to check if rooms are suitable.

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