Pre 1.2 [Art][Base] Biome Castle: An Homage to All Things Terraria

Discussion in 'Released Maps' started by Percival, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. lilgamerx13

    lilgamerx13 Green Slime

    Umm when will you poot the update 2 up? mediafire has update 1 and megaupload doesnt work.
  2. Tidu2

    Tidu2 Green Slime

    Can someone send me the file i can,t upload it
  3. SaTiVa

    SaTiVa Green Slime

    Amazing looking. Downloading now.
  4. Phasuul

    Phasuul Green Slime

    does anyone have the copy of the update 2 that they can upload? the one posted here is down (megaupload) and the mediafire one links to the 1st update
  5. Grassguy

    Grassguy Angel Statue

    Hey, can you add an obsidian farm? I really need it (plus I'm too lazy to make one myself :p). For building, of course.

    PK Annoy Ω!PK Annoy Ω!PK Annoy Ω!No.
  6. daleksax

    daleksax Bone Lee

    Well the owner of the map hasn't been on TO for almost a year so and the last comment on this thread was from almost a year ago so I don't believe you will be getting an obsidian farm any time soon.
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  7. Sniper-on-Roof

    Sniper-on-Roof Green Slime

    BEST MAP EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. daroshi

    daroshi Cursed Man

    my god, absolutely amazing map. so much to see, even with the pre-1.2, I am loving this to bits.
    will you marry me?
  9. Odiin46

    Odiin46 Green Slime

    thats a nice world you have there shame if it blew up from a tnt loving dwarf
  10. Father Blightborn

    Father Blightborn Cursed Man

    I totally forgot my brother and I built this place. Its been so long since then! the only reason I checked this was because I got an email saying you posted on here xD
  11. Odiin46

    Odiin46 Green Slime

    my god i can't believe you didn't get that reference i saw your graveyard congrats for being a yognaught
  12. Father Blightborn

    Father Blightborn Cursed Man

    the Yogscast reference? I got it but I was just in shock i forgot about biome castle lol
  13. Odiin46

    Odiin46 Green Slime

    ok :)
  14. xzon

    xzon Green Slime

    Shark farm doesn't seem to be killing any of the sea creatures

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