Pre 1.2 [Art] Terraria Worlds 1: The Compendium

Discussion in 'Work in Progress Maps' started by pionoplayer, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. pionoplayer Giant Worm

    Many years in the future...
    Terraria has been civilized, and many of its worlds have been overrun with cities, towns, and grand structures. There is no room for heroes anymore. There is no adventure here. Just a map to explore, and maybe modify, with your friends. Go around and collect stuff, and look at the things. There is no story-line here. I'm not very good at adventure maps. I tried and it sucked too much to post on forums. You CAN make stuff out of this map. Don't post it online without doing this.
    (1) tell me, and give me a download in comments.
    (2) let me give it the okay.
    (3) I'll post a link to any good ones in a section.
    I put that there (even though it sounds conceited) because I'm going to be working on it for a long time. So I don't want to forget to put this here when I need it.
    coins are called by different names. Here's the list.
    copper: pennies
    silver: heads
    gold: marks
    platinum: crowns

    required mods: YYY Final Cheat Menu.
    don't use it to spawn items, it is for spawning enemies and changing the time of day.
    this link is here
  2. Stackerzgame Dungeon Spirit

    Why don't you post some pics of the towns?
  3. pionoplayer Giant Worm

    I've just got started on it, I think I'm gonna postpone the left side of the map due to the @^%#$%^#$% huge size of Yggdrasil and the fact that I need to make sure I don't put towns where the trunk will be on top of it. I'll work on that. I'm not giving pics of half-finished scenes. Wait. I can add a pic of Fred's bar and snacks.
  4. Stackerzgame Dungeon Spirit

    Yes, you can.
  5. pionoplayer Giant Worm

    yes, and I did.
  6. Stackerzgame Dungeon Spirit

    It's not bad. I don't really have much to say about it. Except maybe put in some better torches. Lighting is important for mood.
  7. NyanTarts Flying Fish

    Also, remove any of that tree-stumps and fill out any unnecessary holes, it makes it less pretty having it there.
  8. pionoplayer Giant Worm

    okay. I'll get right to that.
  9. Astroflux Slimed Zombie

    Some ideas:
    - Don't make random brick "stairs" going through a map, it really gets rid of the natural beauty of Terraria. Also, try not to use the shiny silver/gold blocks. Sticking to wood and stone usually works just fine. Keep the precious blocks for the really important buildings, and don't event use that much. Also, try to keep the bridges as straight as possible. If you have to break through some hills that's fine. Tunnels look much better than stairs. I also agree with NyanTarts points. You have to get rid of those gaps, or at least double block.
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  10. pionoplayer Giant Worm

    I apologize people. I'm restarting this project due to difficulties with Edit. I will post pictures when part of the map is ready for play. and actually, that starting area WAS important, it was the spawning shrine, I'll be fixing it and making it bigger in the actual release.

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