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Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by articuno64fan, Mar 9, 2012.


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  1. articuno64fan

    articuno64fan Blazing Wheel

    Hello this is my first mod.Its a WIP,it includes alot of new items.

    Adamantite- Pickaxe ,Axe ,
    Mythril- Pickaxe ,Axe ,Bow
    Cobalt- Pickaxe ,Axe ,Gun ,Bow
    Hallowed- Pickaxe

    Star's Bane
    Cobalt Shot
    Sword base
    Holy Powder
    Healing arrow

    Download Link Below
    V 1.0

    V 1.1 ---- Works for Tconfig!


    V1.3 ---- Compatible with Tconfig 0.23.1

    Download Tconfig here


    The Team
    SamothUpaw -sprites
    Articuno64fan -some coding
    tvolk131 -semi-basic coding

    Special Thanks to

    SamothUpaw-Most of the sprites



    1.1-added poison arrow and fixed a old man bug.

    1.2-Removed Poison arrow
    +Healing arrow(pvp)
  2. tvolk131

    tvolk131 Demon Eye

    Is it done? Or is it a work in progress?
  3. Klokinator

    Klokinator Angry Nimbus

    If you add screenshots, I'll add you to the mod database.
  4. articuno64fan

    articuno64fan Blazing Wheel

    Edit: Done
  5. tvolk131

    tvolk131 Demon Eye

    If all the items you're adding are the ones you listed at the top, I could help you build the whole mod. That don't seem too difficult. But if you don't want/need help that's cool too...
  6. articuno64fan

    articuno64fan Blazing Wheel

    you could help me make the mod.also the items listed are the ones currently in the mod
  7. tvolk131

    tvolk131 Demon Eye

    ok, yea i would be willing to help with some spriting and semi-basic-ish coding
  8. articuno64fan

    articuno64fan Blazing Wheel

  9. SamothUpaw

    SamothUpaw Face Monster

    Hey Articuno, any sprites you want me to remake? Some of the sprites don't have any shading.
  10. articuno64fan

    articuno64fan Blazing Wheel

    you could remake any if you want,
  11. articuno64fan

    articuno64fan Blazing Wheel

    Version 1.1 released check changelog to see what is new just some bug fixes and 1 new item.

    -posion arrow sometimes does not poison enemies.
    -star's bane does not shoot fallen stars correctly.

    EDIT: sorry for double post important update.
  12. Danksa

    Danksa Green Slime

    Hey^^ I LOVE your mod :D (The Dual Shark is AWESOME :3) But please fix the texture from teh dualshark :/ because it has some white pixels and they dont look good :/ so i hope you fi that.^^
  13. articuno64fan

    articuno64fan Blazing Wheel

    Will do,And Thanks!
  14. Trace Kern

    Trace Kern Green Slime

    Just curious, but did you ever get any new development on this mod since May? Was interested in playing around with the items in here, so would it be possible to release the source?
  15. articuno64fan

    articuno64fan Blazing Wheel

    Yes I am making a big update,about 10 items
  16. Trace Kern

    Trace Kern Green Slime

    Cool, nice to see this isn't dead after all. I'd recommend also posting the source to the mod, because it looks like there's a couple items here that don't work right, namely the healing arrow and the star's bane. It could help to allow other modders to be able to see your code, one of them might be able to help get your items working right.
  17. FreyModder

    FreyModder Yellow Slime

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