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  1. markiee Green Slime

    Hey! just wanted to let you know if anyone wanted there own avatar e.g certain armor which you haven't got, different back ground + certain blocks around them like floors and stuff like that :D if you want one let me know!! ;)
    - Mark

    only has to be 200 by 200 pixels (Avatar length)

    I can not change the hair style!!! sorry :)
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  2. AustinHiggs Green Slime

    If you are still taking requests, Could you do a Wizard Hat, full robes, on a gold brick floor, with sky as background?
  3. oblivious12123 Green Slime

    I would like a fire imp on some pink bricks with some pink walls. May be tough. GL
  4. markiee Green Slime

    wont be able to do that :D only own chars ;)
  5. markiee Green Slime

    ill give it a goo thoo :D
    just for you ;)
  6. markiee Green Slime

    sure!! what kind of robes thoo?? dont get it
  7. markiee Green Slime

    there you go ;) if you want it in proving just ask :D

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  8. AustinHiggs Green Slime

    Thanks, man!
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  9. zelonod Squirrel

    Could you do full silver armor standing on grass with trees in the background?
  10. markiee Green Slime

    yes :D
  11. Infraynor Cursed Skull

  12. icebrrg1245 Green Slime

    do you think you could do demonite armour on corrupted grass with corrupted sky background? of so thx
  13. markiee Green Slime

  14. markiee Green Slime

    here it is :D

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  15. markiee Green Slime

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  16. zelonod Squirrel

    Awesome, thanks man.
  17. icebrrg1245 Green Slime

    sweet, love it thx
  18. markiee Green Slime

    np!!, thanks for your signature!!! :D ;)
  19. thenub4 Green Slime

    can you make a guy falling thru the sky in a tuxedo and sunglasses, maybe even add some rocket boots if possible :]
  20. martynas Green Slime

    can you make me with a tuxedo and a jungle rose in punk hair(like the one that stands up and is blue) on silver bricks with golden background

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