Awesome Terraria Glitches!! MUST SEE!!

Discussion in 'PC' started by AeroxLink, Sep 9, 2011.

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  1. AeroxLink

    AeroxLink Green Slime

    Well i must say this game has come a long way and i love it, after an hour or so of playing i noticed why people say its not anything like mine craft, although the game does work close together but let me get to my point.

    This game is awesome, i love the glitches and i absolutely love the boss fights, farming the eater of worlds if more of a hobbie than a job which is important when your farming in any game!

    I have found glitches like invincibility, unlimited money, speed glitches, how to walk through walls, heart crystal glitches which gives me unlimited, and many more, all of which you can see in video (very interesting) at

    all of these glitches im showing you in the link generally make the game more fun so i recommend that you click on the link if your having a bored time currently....

    well thanks for reading my little forum, i greatly appreciate it and i hope you like the glitches i have found!​
  2. flamedance58

    flamedance58 Cursed Skull

    So you've hacked in item and now you're handing them out for Likes and Favorites on Youtube?
    Not only is this against the rules but it's ridiculously stupid to post this on the OFFICIAL FORUMS where the ADMINS and DEVELOPERS post...
  3. Darkas-Pony

    Darkas-Pony Crimera

    You made the same post twice with a different account.

    Both threads will be locked.

    Thread locked.
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