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Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by Megaman1988, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. Megaman1988

    Megaman1988 Squirrel

    Hey everyone,

    So after not playing Terraria for a good while, I got the sudden urge to play again (but with mods!). I recently had a computer crash and lost all my files (including my Terraria folder which had all the mods I've been using).

    So which mods do you guys recommend me using? I just want a whole lot of large content added to the game so I don't get bored after getting to the end game.

    Thanks in advanced!
  2. MashiroSora

    MashiroSora Snow Flinx

    hmm.. i would suggest omnir, w1k, and (after it got updated) obsidian's. for some fun you could also add dualwield.. or try the enchanted biomes.. you could also just roam through the mods section and look for yourself if there is something that looks appealing to you, after all everyone got their own tastes
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  3. Jojiro

    Jojiro Hornet

    See page 7 of New & Enhanced Biomes for the latest release of our modpack: two new biomes and an upgraded look to the grassland and ocean.
    We're testing outbalance at the moment, so your feedback would actually contribute to the mod being built better.

    The swamp biome sometimes looks a bit weird. Screenshots and feedback would be appreciated.
  4. Megaman1988

    Megaman1988 Squirrel

    I'll look into those, will these mods however work with the mod ''N Terraria Mod''?
  5. Shockah

    Shockah Grandson of the Wizard

    "Listen,this ISN'T a TCONFIG mod." - no.
  6. Megaman1988

    Megaman1988 Squirrel

    That's too bad.
  7. MashiroSora

    MashiroSora Snow Flinx

    yep.. but.. n terraria is fine either way.. adds plenty of stuff to do.. xD
  8. General_Milky

    General_Milky Pigron

    The answer to this question really depends on how much you care about balance and a consistent feel to the game.

    Omnir's and W1k's mods are absolutely fantastic, but they also clash with the core experience. Dualwielding is fun, but you'll find yourself to be an unstoppable god as soon as you get two good weapons. Never Enough Mods mods are interesting, but also OP as crap.

    The mods I think are absoultely essential NO MATTER WHAT are Shockah's acheivements and Draykon's Endgame. Those add Steam style achievements and a proper, good final boss respectively.

    After that, I personally suggest Avalon and some of the Kjulo DLC packs. Both add consistent content to the game, very little of it clashes with the normal style and balance of the game (although the DLCs can, I simply fixed that by making all of The Lost Mage, Divine, and Dark side DLC's mythril anvil, except the lost mage armor. As for DLCs NOT to use, ditch Queen Bee and that other god mode black-green one)

    Some good choices are also the W1k position saver, Surfpup's portals, Shockah's Health Up, Dynamic Difficulty, and Fireball.
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  9. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    Could also go for Holowires and Holotailor for conveniences.....
    Holowires makes wiring easier , better , and faster , if you're into that , and Holotailor simply adds some dressup convenience by letting you change your character's default colors , I found it to be absolutely essential with all the armors content-pack mods add. (I like seeing my char's face , so changing the colors to fit the colors of the armor is fun :D)

    Other then what Milky said and Enhanced biomes , that's all I can think of...
    edit : oh , and if you don't care about balance , go for holoraces too!
  10. Empio

    Empio Blazing Wheel

    Shameless self promotion.
  11. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    ^ if you mean me , yup.
    Seriously though , everything else has been mentioned , I don't think there's a single person around here who will not mention Omnir's mod if its not already mentioned by someone , is there a point to repeat things after they've been said?

    I mean , my assumption is that the OP would inspect a mod after someone wrote about it , and take it if they like it.
    Suppose another person mentions the mod to the OP , the OP already inspected the said mod so there's no point in re-thinking the latter.

    I don't use many mods , but when I do its usually my balance breakers and Omnir's mod / Never enough Accessories.
  12. Empio

    Empio Blazing Wheel

    The more people that reference a specific mod in their suggestions, the more likely the op is to think that the mod is a good choice.
  13. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    Would self promote myself, but people already did.

    Love ya Milky.
    Kiss me.
    No wait, nevermind.
  14. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    I guess its true for a portion of the crowd , however when looking for things to play with the latter heavily depends on the certainty and preferences of the mod selector rather then what everyone says is good (see value : Reborn mod opinions , lol)

    Back to topic and in accordance to the comments from Empio , I'd recommend
    Omnir's Nostalgia mod + weapons / Dark souls mod by Tim Hjersted. <--- biggest fine content mods around
    More Decorations for your house by Eikester. <- remarkable design content in mass amounts
    W1k's Modpacks - focused on the food bar thingy. <- W1k makes NPCz
    Scooter's metroid pack if you're into that. <- nothing much to say , never played it.
    Never enough mods - focused on Never Enough Accessories class items , by MiraiMai. <-she's awesome.
    Shockah's.........everything , Love dat guy.
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  15. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

  16. Sgt. Bob

    Sgt. Bob Hell Bat

    As Yoraiz0r said, the OP likely looks at the mod after it has been suggested. If they like the mod they test it, if they don't they don't use it (most likely). I doubt this would change because people keep saying it's good.

    Edit: Aww, didn't refresh the page to see if there were any new posts after I was reading it. Oh well, Yoraiz0r beat me here.

    Edit 2: I don't think anyone mentioned Classikly's Pickaxe+ Mod, in my opinion it's worth trying.
  17. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Hell Bat

    Shameless self promotion, you say? :rolleyes:

    For my mods, you can click my signature, but for some quick info, if you want more content...
    -Never Enough Accessories: Might as well be "Never Enough Classes" right now, adds 6 playable classes that are handled with upgradable accessories. Each class has an active skill that is triggered by middle clicking with your mouse. These are very strong however, and will make the game quite a bit easier, so I suggest you either use a difficulty increasing mod(I believe w1k has one) or a difficult content pack.
    -Never Enough Devices: My biggest mod, this one adds to the wiring system and has other fun items, including 4 boot alternatives designed for better mining as opposed to running, and a few fun boomerangs. If you're not much for wiring though, this may not be for you. My most popular mod (based on download numbers, anyways)
    -Never Enough Headgear: This one is tied for second most popular of my mods with Accessories. It adds some headgear that works even in the vanity slot, allowing you to get fancy effects as well as keep your armor set bonuses. These can be seen as being "OP" because of this, however they are quite expensive for their effects.
    -Never Enough Magic: The name says it all. It adds a bunch more magic that can be used throughout the game, although some of the spells are more geared towards multiplayer, still a fun little addition.
    -Never Enough Vanity: This one badly needs an update. It adds more vanity choices to the game, however it has a few bugs.
    -Never Enough Weaponry: Adds a bunch of new weapons to the game, most of which end-game material. Nice if you want more toys for using with bosses in mods.
    -mainSlot-0 : My personal proudest mod, this is my take on dual wielding. It's for the people who want more balance, as like Milky said, Yorai's Dual Wielding can get ridiculous fast, allowing you to use two weapons at once. Mine allows you to use your "0" item with right click, but you can still only use one item at a time. Great for keeping a weapon on hand at all times.
    -Legend of Terraria: Rupee Mod : If you're a Zelda fan, this one is just nice to have. Changes coins to Rupees and adds 2 rare drops to all mobs, Gold and Black Rupees, which will eventually be trade items, but can just be sold for extra money.

    For other peoples mods:
    -If you don't mind the imbalance, Yoraiz0r easily has some of the coolest mods available.
    -Shockah has been adding a lot of simple but needed mods, such as the Boss HP Bar, extra Accessory slots, Achievements, and for the wire people, note blocks.
    -RussLeeIV has quite a few good mods, my favourite of which being Bag Slots, allowing you to expand your inventory space.
    -ScooterBoot's Metroid mod wrecks havok on the balance of the game, but has a few very fun additions (such as the morph ball, originally coded by Yorai).
    -There's a bunch of other big modpacks you can try out. I don't think anyone can say enough about W1k's, Kjulo's, Omnir's, Zoodle's, and other big developers mods. They don't all work well together, but they all have plenty of content to choose from.

    Also, curious, single player or multiplayer? There's a big difference in mod suggestions depending which way you go :p
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  18. Megaman1988

    Megaman1988 Squirrel

    Wow, several new post after I've got my ZzZzZZ's xD, yeah I've downloaded some of the mods you guys recommended, but I'm afraid i download too many it will interfere with each other.
  19. General_Milky

    General_Milky Pigron

    You definitely do want to not get too many. Play them in sets instead, only a few should be on at all times.

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