BaggeN's Terraria EU 24/7 Public Server

Discussion in 'Server Archive' started by BaggeN, May 16, 2011.

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  1. BaggeN Green Slime

    Hello all! I created a Terraria server on my dedicated machine. Its open 24/7 and its public.


    NO password.

    If you can't connect its because the server is probably full. Try again later ^_^

    Have fun and enjoy.
  2. BaggeN Green Slime

    Bump. Currently full. Try later if you can't login
  3. BaggeN Green Slime

    3 Slots open right now.
  4. BaggeN Green Slime

    Server had a crash for 20 seconds but its back up again. Sorry.
  5. Ashen Green Slime

    Just got in, can't wait to play :D
  6. marc Green Slime

    wait how do you talk
  7. marc Green Slime

    how do you talk in tereria
  8. BaggeN Green Slime

    Press enter and chat :). Btw leave reviews here about the lag of the server if you will. Thanks in advance
  9. Brennan Cursed Man

    Can't connect.
  10. BaggeN Green Slime

    You can't connect because the server is full. Try later.

    PS: Devs need to release a patch to allow more than 8 players : (
  11. Mordekaiser Green Slime

    Blargh, I really enjoy this server, too bad its full almost all the time xD
  12. BaggeN Green Slime

    Yeah, they really need to allow more players ingame.
  13. Dsc Clinger

    It'll happen within the next couple weeks luckily.
  14. BaggeN Green Slime

    1 slot open.
  15. KevinC Green Slime

    any open?
  16. BaggeN Green Slime

    4 slots open
  17. Raxious Green Slime

    server seems full again
  18. Xravira Green Slime

    No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.
    Whats the problem?
  19. BaggeN Green Slime

    Means that the server is full :\. Try again later mate. Sorry.
  20. AvasT^ Green Slime

    It's ON atm? Yes? No?
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