Pre 1.2 [Base][Farm] Home Sweet Hallowed Sky

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  1. Tel

    Tel Clinger

    The latest in the Home Sweet Home series, this time climb to new heights and make this hallowed isle your home. As always this map features a ready to explore world, a home to call your own, NPCs to share it with you, and more fun than three barrels of monkeys!

    • All NPCs
    • Herb Farm
    • Statue Farms (gel, glowsticks, goldfish, pirahna, and bunny for bloodmoons)
    • Cactus Farm
    • Glowing Mushroom Farm
    • Finished, lighted hellivator
    • Supplies of all Pre-1.1 materials
    • Dungeon fort
    • Santa's Workshop
    EoC: Defeated
    Skeletron: Defeated
    Wall of Flesh: Defeated

    Map Size: Medium

    An overview of the base created using Terrafirma.

    Your main base, this is where all but one of your NPCs live. Forever snowy, forever hallowed, it features storage with indicators for all earth and ore blocks.

    The base of the tower. The world spawn is located to the left, your home lies above, and your farms below. Warning - the jumps to the doors in the tower sides are the only jumps that cannot be made without accessories or a grapple. Fill the moats with lava for added protection!

    The first set of farms - cactus, herbs, gel, glowsticks, goldfish, piranha, and bunnies for those bloodmoon nights when you feel like trying to get a bunny hat.

    Your glowing mushroom farm with automated harvesting and the start of the hellivator.

    Situated just above hell level this custom home is perfect for setting your spawn and going spelunking or to fight the wall of flesh. The water pool provides a safe landing to all your friends without a lucky horseshoe to call their own. To return to the surface after setting your spawn simply break the bed and place it in a chest for future use!

    In addition find Santa's workshop, camp out at the dungeon fort, find the easter egg chest, and explore Terraria 1.1.1 to your heart's content.

    Terraria 1.1.1 is required. If you try to load this world with a client that is not up to date you will receive an error message saying that no backup was found. Please make sure Steam is set to update your games!

    Newbies beware! This world has the wall of flesh defeated and is already in hardmode! The second link below ( provides a version of the map with no items and without hardmode activated. The only hallow on that map is the tiny bit around the base which cannot spread without you creating a path for it and will not spawn mobs due to the proximity of the NPCs.

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  2. Fovlsbane

    Fovlsbane Green Slime

    Awesome ^_^
  3. Mr.Prince85

    Mr.Prince85 Green Slime

    Wow. Good. Nice... EPIC! :D
  4. oakleynut9

    oakleynut9 Green Slime

    I have to say, this is an amazing map. Great job!
  5. DarkOmegaMK2

    DarkOmegaMK2 Slimed Zombie

    Great map. To add to it, you could add a crystal shard farm.
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  6. CB54

    CB54 Eskimo Zombie

    Nice, but the hardmode ore and bar number is sorta lacking (one ore and one bar each) Rather, multiple things are just one of them.
  7. Tel

    Tel Clinger

    I've been playing with this a bit. I haven't really found an effective way to farm crystals - I have a farm built down by the hellivator, but its been running a few hours and has only spawned one crystal.

    I didn't add multiples of the hardmode items, just single placeholders. ;) I have an item world if you want to fill the chests, but I figured I'd leave something for people to do. The wall of flesh is dead, but I have not smashed any demon alters so you will have to kill it to get a hammer and smash them yourselves. There's a voodoo doll in the chest at the bottom of the hellivator so you can summon WoF. I basically provided a world that had all the resources that a person who had played up until just before 1.1 came out would have.
  8. CB54

    CB54 Eskimo Zombie

    Ahhh... Well that's helpful I guess. And I already have the all items base anyways.
  9. WatcherCCG

    WatcherCCG Penguin

    No wyvern troubles? The house seems pretty high.
  10. Tel

    Tel Clinger

    I have not seen a wyvern at all :)

    Haven't been in the house during a bloodmoon though, might want to stay down and try to get a bunny hat then!

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  11. WatcherCCG

    WatcherCCG Penguin

    Well thanks for this map, Tel. Your works are Terrarian masterpieces and this does not disappoint.
  12. CycloneX5

    CycloneX5 Demon Eye

    Using it now as my old world with a floating island was corrupted and lost.

    Thanks! :D
  13. Nekro

    Nekro Cursed Man

    Fix the santa spawn bug please
  14. DarkOmegaMK2

    DarkOmegaMK2 Slimed Zombie

    It's not a bug.

    Santa is programed to die after christmas.
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  15. SaintTRB

    SaintTRB Green Slime

    Very very good job, can't imagine how much time had gone in to this .
  16. Cloud1UP

    Cloud1UP Green Slime

    Really nice. I'm making a Terraria comic on deviantART, and I wanna have a base a little like this.
  17. cooldude1128

    cooldude1128 Devourer

    You CAN set your computer's date back to before jan 1st if you want santa to spawn.

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