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Discussion in 'Released Maps' started by Tristyn, Jun 24, 2011.


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  1. Tristyn

    Tristyn Penguin in Progress - Download Available

    This is my all items map. It will be updated on every Terraria update. It has every single item plus lots of each! If you see that something is missing please leave a comment and tell me. Please if you can like the topic and/or use the Adf.ly link please it helps me.

    You may not use this map in a YouTube video or anything else without giving credit to me.
    Check out my Blogger account for Terraria updates and news!
    All Items

    Obsidian Generator and Material Farm.
    Ady.ly Link - MediaFire
    ShareCash Link
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    ShareCash Link
    Take 5 minutes to support!

    Server - on [off]
    IP =
    Pass = allitems
    Port = 7777


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  2. Tristyn

    Tristyn Penguin

    This is updated for 1.0.5.
  3. howsitgoin

    howsitgoin Green Slime

    Cool thanks, This is perfect for the lazy person like me.
  4. Zheto

    Zheto Green Slime

    Very cool map! =D Nice to find out about a lot of items I didn't know existed! :)
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  5. kuulness

    kuulness Green Slime

    Cool beans
  6. Tristyn

    Tristyn Penguin

    Thank you.
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  7. Blaze959

    Blaze959 Eskimo Zombie

    YES! Now I'll have stuff to do when I get on tomorrow! :D
  8. Tristyn

    Tristyn Penguin

    Lol have fun and thanks for liking my post.
  9. Mvhnexus

    Mvhnexus Piranha

    great map, but i see its missing a few potions
  10. Blaze959

    Blaze959 Eskimo Zombie

    I will, and your post deserves the likes.
  11. Fjeld

    Fjeld Green Slime

    You are missing a few potions
  12. jaz9611

    jaz9611 Zombie

    SWEET! thanks alot!
  13. Tristyn

    Tristyn Penguin

    Which One?
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  14. HaveDave

    HaveDave Giant Worm

    oh wow, i broke out To the right , Then was looking for a floating island , Surprisingly, i found 2 beside each other :confused: , you have some nice map m8
  15. Pandaz

    Pandaz Green Slime

  16. HaveDave

    HaveDave Giant Worm

    oh Btw you missed some potions :
    1-Get a bottle
    2- fill it with water
    3- give it to the guide (Crafting)
    4- Missing's
  17. Tristyn

    Tristyn Penguin

    Thanks ;)
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  18. Tristyn

    Tristyn Penguin

    I know I heard I missed a few can you tell me the names of them?
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  19. Persious

    Persious Demon Eye

    You used INVEdit, I'm sure.
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  20. Tristyn

    Tristyn Penguin

    Thanks Mr. obvious

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