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Discussion in 'Released Maps' started by Tristyn, Jun 24, 2011.


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  1. Tristyn

    Tristyn Penguin

    3rd chest 1st floor
  2. HornyToadVR

    HornyToadVR Green Slime

    How do i use the map... i downloaded it but how do i play on it?? :D BTW looks great and im sure it is!!
  3. Twomper

    Twomper Green Slime

    I still love this map. Maybe a bump, but never shameless.
  4. Firedog118

    Firedog118 Squirrel

    Thanks for the upload, ever grateful =)

    Just to let you know, I realised that Wooden Chairs and Wooden Table are in both the 1st and 3rd chest on the 2nd floor (for us English, 3rd floor for any Americans)

    EDIT: The Bottle is also in both chests.
  5. Tristyn

    Tristyn Penguin

    You open up your documents. Go to my games. Click terraria. Worlds and drop the download in their.
  6. Firedog118

    Firedog118 Squirrel

    But make sure it's not called the same as one of your pre-existing saves (ie. world5)
    Because it will overwrite it. Just rename either this item world, or your own world first.
  7. Tristyn

    Tristyn Penguin

    Your welcome.
  8. SFJake

    SFJake Dark Caster

    This topic proves a point I was trying to make. The close mindedness of the community toward editors. I remember all the outcries.

    Then you release this, which is EXACTLY the same as an inventory editor, just less useful, but I'm sure plenty of people suddenly feel "legit" using this instead of an editor. For no reasons whatsoever.

    All of a sudden, people use it, nobody cares about the impact it has or whatever. I've seen no whining in this topic whatsoever.

    The next time an inventory editor is posted here and is deleted, this topic will be a proof of the hypocrisy of this forum's rules.
  9. TheKrustyKP

    TheKrustyKP Green Slime

    Where is the Dark Lance, I can't for the life of me find it...
  10. DJCris

    DJCris Cursed Man

    Thank you :)
  11. Tristyn

    Tristyn Penguin

    Floor 1 probally 4th chest
  12. bboyafu

    bboyafu Green Slime

    will the invedit items (like the hacked 250stacks) crash my other worlds after the next update if i transfer them over?
  13. xx3dgxx

    xx3dgxx Piranha

  14. TheKrustyKP

    TheKrustyKP Green Slime

    Jesus, thing blends in so much with the background blocks, thanks dude
  15. Tristyn

    Tristyn Penguin

  16. Tristyn

    Tristyn Penguin

    And Welcome
  17. qaz8999

    qaz8999 Demon Eye

    and all npcs DUBBLE RAINBOW ALL THE WAY :D
  18. Tristyn

    Tristyn Penguin

    Nice spelling... Dubble lol
  19. Tristyn

    Tristyn Penguin

    But this is kinda limited and I only would use it for fun, to mess around.
  20. qaz8999

    qaz8999 Demon Eye


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