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Discussion in 'PC' started by NeonVolcom, May 23, 2011.

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  1. NeonVolcom

    NeonVolcom Green Slime

    Best Items/Equipment/Armor In-Game
    I compiled a list of the best (or what I believe to be) items, equipment, and armor in game.
    Please Comment if you have other views, add to the thread! Post magical/rare items that we don't knowabout!
    (This will be Updated accordingly.)




    Defensive Armor: Molton Armor|Why: With the full set you get a +10 bonus to your defense. With a max total of around 9-10 Defense, not counting the set bonus. This armor set is definitely defensive/tanking. It is made from mining, and combining, hell block and obsidian to make hellstone bar.

    Offensive Armor: Shadow Armor|Why: This armor set has 6-7 defensive points, but with the set bonus of +15% melee points, which is a great bonus for frontline, offensive players.

    Mana Armor: Cobalt Armor|Why: Cobalt Armor is an armor set found in the Underground Jungle. Each Piece is a rare drop from Hornets and Man Eaters. It is an improved version of the Meteor Armor, giving the same mana regeneration and set bonus (mana costs reduced by 25%) with higher defense (19 total). When wearing the complete set, the player emits particles similar to a shadow orb and leaves a motion blur as they move. Also, when wearing the set, the player gains an unlisted attack speed bonus similar to that of Shadow Armor.

    Guns: Phoenix Blaster|Why: For more offensive players, this handgun-type ranged weapon provides very fast damage with a high damage pointage of +28. (I Realize The Star Blaster Is More effective, but it's not nearly as practical as the Pheonix Blaster.)

    Ranged Weapon: Molten Fury|Why: It has a +29 damage hit points, not to mention the bonus of setting wooden arrows on fire. It only has an average speed to it, which may be a slight drawback depending on your character.

    Melee Weapon: Sunfury|Why: With a great range to it, the sunfury provides +40 damage points. It is a type of a ball-on-a-chain type weapon.

    Hammer/Axe: Molten Hamaxe [​IMG]|Why:The Molten Hamaxe is a direct upgrade from the Meteor Hamaxe. It requires 35 Hellstone Bars to be crafted. Being a Hamaxe, this toolcan function as a hammer and as an axe. The stats aren't dramatically higher, but just enough to warrant an upgrade from theMeteor Hamaxe if you had any spare Hellstone Bars . Although, if this is not accessable, Demonite ore tools is the next best options, not including the Meteor tools.

    Pick: Molten Pickaxe[​IMG] | Why: It has 100% Pickaxe Power, which can mine everything in one swing with the exception of Ebonstone, Dungeon bricks, Meteorite and Hellstone which take two. It is capable of mining all blocks, does 18 damage and hits at average speed, which is a great addition to your tool set.

  2. MysticFate

    MysticFate Green Slime

    cobalt armor is better than shadow armor, it gives a melee speed boost aswell as reduced mana cost and mana regen, its just that they didnt list the melee speed boost on the armor
  3. Rip

    Rip Angry Nimbus

    Best armor for mana users is cobalt, with extra mana boosting add-ons. Also, sunfury doesn't count as melee.

    You should have the best of these classes:
    Armor (Offensive, defensive, and mana)
    Ranged (Bows/arrows)
    Tools(Picks, axes, hammers)
    + some more things that come to mind.
  4. Miauw62

    Miauw62 Green Slime

    My favorite melee weapon is a Phaseblade.
    21 damage is quite neat! (yet its still hard to survive the underground jungle my base is built above.)
  5. MysticFate

    MysticFate Green Slime

    i dont use mana but since i found out about its melee speed boost im gonna use cobalt from now on, its the best of both mana users and none mana users i think
  6. Patchumz

    Patchumz Dark Caster

    Also note the Molten set effect is broken atm. (and yes, cobalt is a much better alternative to shadow)
  7. Necrose

    Necrose Green Slime

    Mana Armor: Cobalt
    Defense Armor: Molten
    Offense Armor: Necro
    Ranged Weapon: Star Cannon
    Melee Weapon: Muramasa
  8. bunney

    bunney Green Slime

    uhh.. starcannon actually is the best range weapon i last recalled but that is if u can afford the ammo which i can :p
  9. Darkscholar

    Darkscholar Bunny

    Why is Necro a good offensive? you just move faster.

    Also the best ranged is phoenix or Molten fury, star cannon isn't practical
  10. bunney

    bunney Green Slime

    i have over 500 stars after a night of farming it :p practical for those who can afford it mate
  11. Necrose

    Necrose Green Slime

    Necro is the best offence because it moves faster, yeah... I've never seen an offensive player moving like a slug :D
    The Star Cannon is only the best if the player have ammo for it, wich is my case :p
    bunney likes this.
  12. Darkscholar

    Darkscholar Bunny

    Yes, farming; that's your play style. When determining the practical use of a weapon you must also put it from the perspective of an average joe player.

    Necrose; how does moving faster help offensively? Shadowscale gives +15% attack speed and has the same armor!
  13. Necrose

    Necrose Green Slime

    moving faster = dodge more attacks, retrieve for potions, or maybe just jump around like a crazy bunny shooting star cannons at people ;)
  14. Xen

    Xen Green Slime

    You might want to check your math there when talking about the defense of the sets.

    As for melee weapons i'd say the hellstone sword with 4 feral claws is pretty damn good.
  15. Sinner

    Sinner Green Slime

    Star Cannon is more effective, Phoenix Blaster is more practical.

    It takes maybe 15-20 minutes to mine a meteorite, get around 40-50 bars, and make 4000-5000 Meteor Shot(maybe longer if your meteorite doesn't land right away). It's even easier to just buy regular ammo from the NPC. Compare that to spending an entire "night of farming" for only 500 stars.
  16. Patchumz

    Patchumz Dark Caster

    Cobalt is the best offensive set all around, Necro is quite worthless with no offensive bonus stats.
  17. Aerowind

    Aerowind Green Slime

    Eh, Necro is way better as an offensive set if you're an archer/sniper. Or hell, even using Sunfury.
  18. Caldera3

    Caldera3 Green Slime

    This :D!!!
  19. Patchumz

    Patchumz Dark Caster

    I prefer flying over moving fast, you avoid damage much easier in the air.
  20. NeonVolcom

    NeonVolcom Green Slime

    Will Do, I just Didn't Have Time to finish it up Atm. Thanks for Suggestions though.
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