Best way to farm lenses?

Discussion in 'PC' started by jokomul, May 24, 2011.

  1. jokomul

    jokomul Green Slime

    So I'm getting to the point where I'm almost ready to summon the big eye, but I don't have enough lenses. And I'm going to assume I'll need to try more than once, so I'd like to have a good 30-50 lenses stockpiled. That way I have several chances and can farm him too.

    What's the best way to acquire the lenses? I have several NPCs in my base, so Demon Eyes never spawn near it, and when I venture out into the wilderness, all I find is zombies.

    Also, what weapon should I use?
  2. Soulz

    Soulz Green Slime

    I use a blade of fire, and the best way ive found is just to run back and forth across the map. Although on average I only get around 8 lenses a night
  3. Necrose

    Necrose Green Slime

    depending on your gear, you should use a gun or the starfury
    atleast thats what works best for me
  4. Banana Split

    Banana Split Demon Eye

    Do you seriously expect someone who probably never fought the Eye to have sunfury and other very high tier items ?

    Just stay out and throw some shurikens in their face.

    The best way to do it is to start a server with your map and go on it. You'll have 2 times more mobs and so finding demon eyes shouldn't be that hard
  5. Necrose

    Necrose Green Slime

    thats why I wrote "depending on your gear" ;)
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  6. I'm amazed you don't have enough lenses, I get so many of these things I'm vendoring them or just throwing them on the ground to make room for other thing. :p
  7. .:Ninja:.

    .:Ninja:. Green Slime

    The best place is to depending on your items staying by a closed door at night and when zombies come kill them.
    This is my favorite way to farm lenses + it makes nights seen shorter.
    You also don't get hit as much if you stand still and keep pressing attack.
  8. .:Ninja:.

    .:Ninja:. Green Slime

    If that doesn't work just carry on with what you want on Terraria and eventually you will get them.
  9. Darkas-Pony

    Darkas-Pony Crimera

    Wait until Red moon and the kick some eyes asses.
  10. Gigglebyte

    Gigglebyte Green Slime

    Have a Water Candle on you at night. If Bloodmoon comes out stand in an area and attack.
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  11. Probably the best post in this thread so far. You can even get one without killing Skeletron since there is usually a water candle in the top area of the dungeon that you can get to without dying.
  12. jokomul

    jokomul Green Slime

    Thanks for all the replies everyone. I think I'll go exploring and find the dungeon for one of those candles then.
  13. Xen

    Xen Green Slime

    Make a hollow square out of wood , then remove the left or right part so that when you stand at the bottom they come to attack you and then can't just run away. They'll hit the wall near you then ceiling and you can hit them until they die.
  14. The_ShadoW

    The_ShadoW Doctor Bones

    I LOL'ed here.
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  15. Aerowind

    Aerowind Green Slime

    Er, why? There's nothing really funny about that post.
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  16. The_ShadoW

    The_ShadoW Doctor Bones

    An attempt to kill the hardest boss to get an item that will help farming items to summon the easiest one is not funny?

    That said, even if there will be a candle in the top area, travelling to the dungeon through corruption isn't any easier than fighting the Eye.
  17. Aerowind

    Aerowind Green Slime realize you can get about 10 blue candles and never even see Skeletron right?
  18. The_ShadoW

    The_ShadoW Doctor Bones

    Never noticed that. Still, the issue of travel dangers stands.
  19. jokomul

    jokomul Green Slime

    It was stated in a previous post that Skeletron doesn't need to be defeated in order to obtain a candle. And as far as the corruption goes, I just started playing the game so I had no idea just traversing through said corruption would be difficult.

    I'll check the wiki now to see if I'll be able to do it.
  20. Aerowind

    Aerowind Green Slime

    You'll be fine. I made a new character on a new small world and picked up a few no problem. You can even get a Waterbolt if you're lucky enough.

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