Best weapon in Terraria?

Discussion in 'PC' started by aerocool, May 19, 2011.

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  1. aerocool Green Slime

    Your choice and why.

    I think the best weapon is the Sunfury, goblin invasions don't even stand a chance against it, and if you know how to use it you can 1-2hit strong monsters.
  2. Esthin Green Slime

    Never had Sunfury because it's so rare, but right now I love the Muramasa and the Flamarang.
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  3. Xendhaius Piranha

    Sun Fury and Phoenix Blaster in all their OP goodness.
  4. Stefan Malone Green Slime

    Sunfury, Muramasa, and Phoenix Blaster. The Sunfury for pure murder, the Muramasa for ranged defense, and the Phoenix for bossing.
  5. pleborian Green Slime

    didnt really like the phoenix blaster, starfury is pretty good but my fave is definatly the great fire swrod, mainly because it goes with my molten armor lol
  6. Daeron Green Slime

    Best sword: Muramasa
    Best flail: Sunfury
    Best ranged: Phoenix blaster/Flamarang
    Best mage: Starfury/Flower of fire (I <3 Mario)

    Im killing skeletron and Eye with Phoenix blaster/Flamarang with support of Starfury in Cobalt armor; Eater of worlds in Shadow scale armor with 4 Feral claws and cobalt shield with Muramasa- its freaking genocide :D
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  7. Oswald Dark Caster

    Muramasa for flying enemies or a big cluster of then, sunfury for almost everything, Phoenix blaster for bosses (except EoW)
  8. K7avenger Zombie

    Muramasa. The "don't kill your mouse by clicking it to death" thing it has going on pretty much guarantees I'll always use it.
  9. Mendoza231 Cursed Skull

    i think sunfury is the best but what is phoenix blaster?
  10. Oswald Dark Caster

    A handgun mixed up with 20 meteorite bars, insane damage if you use meteorite bullets.
  11. countchocula86 Dark Caster

    Starfury is a pink sword that makes pink stars fall. How is that not the best weapon of all time, let alone terraria
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  12. chicken6531 Green Slime

    The 2 best are Blade of Grass and Starfury. Starfury is better because its pink.:p
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  13. Lord Ashwind Green Slime

    Starcannon, pew pew.
  14. Alchemyst Green Slime

    I swear I came in this topic to post this exact post.
  15. Makoto Shishio Green Slime

    You realize there's no point in having more than 2 feral claws if you're using shadowscale/cobalt armor, right? The melee attack speed increase is capped at +35%.

    10% from each claw = 20%
    15% from armor = 35%

    On topic though, I love my sunfury. Been using it almost exclusively since I got in. I sometimes use muramasa or phoenix blaster, depending on the circumstance and what I feel like. But in general, <3 sunfury.
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  16. Eater of Worlds Green Slime

    Pheonix Blaster is the best.I also like the Aqua Scepter,Water Bolt,and the Flamelash.
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  17. Newkirk Green Slime

    Blade of Grass, because it's green. :)
    Muramasa + Shadow Scale set + 2 Feral Claws for lazyness. :p
    Sunfury for mass destruction. :D
    Phoenix Blaster + Meteor Shots for quick kills from afar and for locating floating islands. ;)
  18. ArchXEno Green Slime

    Is there any enemy in the game that can combat someone with a sunfury and win?
  19. Servasus Green Slime

    It depends on what you need the weapon for. The sunfury is probably the best weapon against the Eater of Worlds, while I find the Phoenix Blaster with meteor shots to be extremely useful against both skeletron and c'thulu. For regular enemies such as goblin armies, slimes, or hornets, the muramasa is amazing.

    Though, I don't think anyone could argue that in almost every situation (minus perhaps eater of worlds) the star cannon is unmatched in power. :p
  20. Wisemanism Green Slime

    Muramasa, Sunfury, Phoenix Blaster seem to be the best.

    Minishark is the most awesome weapon though :D
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